A0745: Why does body awareness determine your behaviour? – Part 4

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Today, to conclude this series, we want to discuss some important things that will be of burning interest to you. When we talked about the body consciousness, we told you that this consciousness has no personality, but we did not say that such a consciousness has no being of its own, and now we come to a point where we have to look more closely at this consciousness. We have already explained to you what constitutes a partial consciousness and we have also said that no matter how big and powerful a partial consciousness is, it is always the same in essence, so that it can also be said that two partial consciousnesses of the same size are identical beings. Multiple personalities are something else, because no matter what the partial consciousnesses are supposed to do, they always react in the same way. They always choose the same approach to a solution and they always come to the same result. If one of the two subconsciousnesses were to be given a certain task, then this subconsciousness would react differently from the subconsciousness without a task, but the subconsciousnesses would be similar in essence. What do we learn from this, we ask? The body consciousness has a nucleus of being that corresponds to the soul of the earth and if the soul of the earth develops further, then the partial consciousnesses of the earthly soul will also develop further. This means that 100 years ago or 500 years ago the body consciousnesses in the living beings of the earth reacted differently than they do today. 500 years ago the body consciousnesses worked differently than they do today. 1000 years ago the social situations were to be interpreted differently than today, so that 1000 years ago different conditions prevailed on earth. The body consciousness also represents your ego consciousness and if people acted differently 100, 500 or 1000 years ago, it was largely the soul of the earth that dictated this behaviour of living beings. When the soul evolves, the living beings of the earth also evolve and especially these changes in behaviour can be observed in the intelligent indigenous species because their bodies react differently to certain situations. Most people go through life quite unconsciously for most of their lives, so that the personality consciousness together with the body consciousness and the ego consciousness determine the behaviour of the human being. If there were people 1000 years ago who walked through life more consciously, then they reacted differently to certain situations than conscious people of today who are faced with the same situations, because in 1000 years the soul of the earth could evolve very far through its inhabitants. Every consciousness will at some point make a leap of consciousness, because the accumulated potential will one day be sufficient for the fractal of consciousness to reform itself and thus be able to use more potent types of energy. This leap of consciousness will soon be accomplished by the soul of the earth and you humans on earth will experience this leap of consciousness and experience it with your own bodies, so to speak. The leap of consciousness of the earthly soul will change the fractal of consciousness to such an extent that this fractal of consciousness can now do more work on the astral planes with the same effort, because the now changed fractal of consciousness of the earthly soul allows it. This change of the fractal of consciousness is always accompanied by a change of being, so that this leap of consciousness leads to the people of Earth in particular experiencing a change of being, because most people are still driven by the body and ego consciousness. A change of mind then occurs because the body consciousness first receives this change of mind and since a leap of consciousness always leads to the being becoming more conscious, the body consciousness also becomes more conscious and it reduces the ego consciousness because it is less and less necessary. If you suddenly awaken one day and your ego consciousness is much smaller than before, you will automatically react in a much more human way because now the personality consciousness is given that potential. Instead of constantly giving potential to the ego consciousness, it is automatically diverted to the personality consciousness. Also, since the ego consciousness can no longer grow to the point of dictating your actions, your actions will be taken over more and more by the personality consciousness, so that you will be more and more yourself and less and less your body. The body consciousness is only waiting for the soul of Earth to experience this leap in consciousness, so that the task of the body consciousness will also change. It will still control all the functions of the body, but differently than before, because now other tasks are given to the body consciousness. The physical change will be initiated when the first gigantic spaceships can already be glimpsed in the firmament in really near future, because then not only the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species will start, but people will then experience a leap in consciousness that will first be triggered by the body. The soul of the Earth has been ready for a long time, but so far it has never been quite right, so that we can announce that the pacification of the earthly people can no longer be stopped. The leap of consciousness will come soon, because this process cannot be stopped and when the leap of consciousness begins, your body will ensure that you can be more and more yourselves and this will automatically let you act more and more humanly, because with the leap of consciousness the ego consciousness is also always reduced. You will then also react more and more humanly, which is also conducive to the pacification of humanity. The gigantic spaceships will appear almost simultaneously with the leap in consciousness, because only then will you be ready for them. If the spaceships were to appear before you had experienced the change of heart through the consciousness leap, then the result could be worse, so that this overdue consciousness leap has been expected for a long time, but time has not guaranteed the best result of an official first contact until now. Today, this official first contact is unstoppable, so there is no question if it will happen at all, but only when it will happen. We have been telling you for some years that by the end of your present decade the official first contact will be accomplished and we do not change this statement either, because the execution of such a first contact is planned down to the smallest detail and the leap of consciousness of the earthly soul is part of it, but it will not happen spontaneously but will be initiated, exactly when all the preconditions on earth are fulfilled. The preconditions have already been fulfilled, so that this leap of consciousness has also already been initiated. The soul of Earth is already in this process and if one day you awaken and you notice a change in your behaviour without having worked hard on your behaviour beforehand, then it was the Earthly soul that experienced its leap of consciousness. All extraterrestrial visitors are only waiting for this day, because then in a few weeks the official first contact will also start. You will step out into the open on that day and you will be much calmer and more relaxed, because now the humanity within you will emerge more and more. The gigantic spaceships in the firmament will hardly panic you, because the curiosity in you has now been strengthened. Egoism must now give way to curiosity and humanity can emerge more and more, so that the little glittering dots in the firmament make your curiosity soar and you listen spellbound to the news. Because egoism has been permanently reduced within a day, you will no longer be driven by the media, because before ego-consciousness always made you see danger in everything the media reported. Now you are much more relaxed and the ego-consciousness has little to report, so the media’s bad news will have little impact – more than that, your humanity will reveal to you that the news is only an attempt to steer you in a certain direction. However, you only want to know about these initially still small glittering dots in the firmament, and since the media can neither plausibly explain to you what these spaceships are, nor what the intention behind the appearance of the gigantic spaceships is, you will neither believe the politicians nor the media much, but you will discuss it among yourselves, and since the humanity in you is becoming more and more apparent, really every person can discuss it with every other person without restriction. You are experiencing a change of heart due to the leap in consciousness of the earthly soul, because the task of the body consciousness is now different and this also means that the biological processes in your body are experiencing a change. You are becoming healthier and also more enterprising because health and curiosity have been strengthened. There is still much that will happen as the official first contact is experienced by you humans, but this detailed information will be revealed at a later date. The body consciousness is already doing some additional tasks that are solely aimed at you awakening soon with a change of heart, because then everything will really change. By the time official first contact is made, every human being will have changed to such an extent that you cannot even estimate today how you will behave in a few years. You will not only be calmer and calmer but you will also have a great deal of humanity so that you will be pacified as an entire race on planet Earth and it all started with the Earth soul making a leap of consciousness that is long overdue and this leap of consciousness of the Earth soul will be perceived by every human being on the surface of the Earth and the body consciousnesses will be given a new task, which will lead to an immediate change of mind in every human being, because the body consciousnesses of human beings represent partial consciousnesses of the earthly soul and the leap of consciousness as mental entanglement will immediately lead to a change of behaviour in every single body consciousness. 

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