A0744: Why does body awareness determine your behaviour? – Part 3

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The ego consciousness is strongly present in you when you show little humanity and it is hardly noticeable when you act as the incarnation within you would. How then do you actually know when the ego consciousness has taken control, we ask? Not at all, because the ego consciousness is involved in every decision and it has to be, otherwise you could hardly exist in your world. A person who acts only out of humanity will very quickly be a social outcast, because your society does not promote humanity, only inhuman behaviour. You will hardly find a human person on a board of directors and your politics are so saturated with egoists because your form of society provides for it and no one who shows humanity will have any decision-making power. Society is structured in such a way that you have to act egoistically, otherwise you will no longer belong to this society. A person who discovers humanity within himself will inevitably become more and more human, but this only goes as far as social norms allow. But if the human being wants to act even more humanly, he must leave this form of society in order to found his own form of society that is built humanly. What would such a form of society look like, we ask? Such a more human society would have the following characteristics.

  1. The well-being of each individual would be taken care of, so that there would be no obligations that an individual has to fulfil.
  2. No individual has to work, but each individual is free to practise any activity he or she wishes to practise. 
  3. If an individual needs something, it is provided to the individual. There are no commodities that are traded, but all the utensils needed are provided by the society. 
  4. Since everything is available and there is no need to provide anything in return, there is also no means of payment, as each individual receives everything they need. 
  5. Each individual can do anything he or she wishes. Since every individual receives everything that other individuals in the society receive, the individual will also want to do something that other individuals do, so there should be little progress in this society, but since the society will automatically develop into an exploratory society, a great many individuals will pursue the exploration of things because their curiosity will drive them to do so. By the time society has reached that point, humanity will be very strong in the individuals and society will have to find another outlet in which it can progress. If we take an earthly person and look at his behaviour, we immediately recognise the egoism that every person lives out every day. If the person were suddenly to act much more humanly, he would hardly be able to fulfil his social obligations, so that egoism is extremely important for your society. Now, if a society no longer promotes egoism because egoism is deprived of its breeding ground, then the body consciousness must be rebalanced.

How are you currently balanced, we ask? You have to survive, and since your social and physical struggle for survival depends on how egoistic you are, the body consciousness will give more or less potential to the ego consciousness. Now if you were to grow up in a society where you hardly need an ego consciousness because your welfare is taken care of in that society, then the body consciousness does not have to provide much more potential for the ego consciousness and since that potential has to be used somehow, it benefits parts of the personality consciousness which, among other things, ensures that your curiosity becomes more and more developed. When your curiosity is strengthened, you want to understand things that are hardly relevant in your present time. You will then spend your whole life exploring the things that you do not yet understand, and in doing so you will hardly develop your ego consciousness, because no one in the new form of society will be driven to strengthen their social status, which will constantly lead to discord among you. If you explore things without mutating into an egoist, then you can live out your humanity, because as an incarnation you are already supremely human. How does that fit together when incarnations want to develop their humanity, we ask? Not at all, because at the moment incarnations are incarnating on Earth that already have enough humanity and if, after the official first contact, your form of society is constantly being rebuilt because you no longer need egoism, then only incarnations will incarnate whose main task is not to expand their humanity but to satisfy their curiosity. Today, there are already isolated incarnations of these people living on Earth, but only after the official first contact will incarnations incarnate who want to expand their curiosity further and further. There are many worlds in your universe or in another universe where incarnations can expand their humanity, but each incarnation is already very human in its behaviour, so that a life on Earth will make this humanity more multi-faceted. There are no inhuman incarnations in the spiritual world and even the beings to whom you ascribe the greatest mischief on earth are more human than a human being could ever be and that is always due to how the body consciousness of a creature is shaped. You, as earthly humans, are truly by far the most inhumane creatures in your universe and that is solely because you can have such a tremendous ego consciousness and only those who are able to withhold their potential from the ego consciousness will act humanly. All other people who think they are acting humanly because they pay into the collection or give donations are only acting out of ego consciousness. Most of the good deeds you do are only because you hope to gain an advantage from them, and you cannot do otherwise, because we always attribute a lot of potential to the ego consciousness, so that one day you will realise that you yourself do not want to continue this inhuman behaviour. When you get there, you have exactly two options that will determine your course.

Option 1
You only act humanly because you think that it cannot be otherwise, then you no longer belong to society and become an outsider who is only smiled at by most people. Many of these people then choose a path that leads to seclusion and we also think that many monasteries or similar institutions are inhabited by this kind of people. They then mix humanity with some religion or rite that allows them to live a life that provides the security they need to survive outside the norms of society. These persons have dedicated themselves to a new task in which they put their ego consciousness on the siding, but this is usually a fallacy, because in the system in which they now live there are also hierarchies, so that these persons also live out their duality and they are in a competitive struggle with each other there. These people are often torn, so that their faith can put them in their place, because they themselves now have more potential at their disposal than was the case in the previous social order. Their task involves neither research per se nor questioning their faith, so they will waste their potential. They try to be a benefit to society, but they suppress their inner desire of curiosity, which in fact is not a virtue. These people need to develop faith because otherwise they would not be able to live in this new form of society as they must.

Option 2
These persons have also realised that they no longer want to act so inhumanely, but unlike the first group, they will not leave the current form of society, but they integrate their humanity into their everyday lives, so that they do act more humanly, but only to the extent that the prevailing social norms still just allow. These people infiltrate the current society and they act so skilfully that the humanity is not immediately apparent. They are the teachers who will train you to recognise that you are acting inhumanely. When they very individually bring humanity to you in small as well as large groups, they plant something in the minds of these people that can start a wildfire. These people are known to you because they are outstanding personalities who can hold up a mirror to you. They need not be spiritual or religious, but even comedians who are able to reveal your inhuman behaviour to you in an interesting way belong to this group of people. Even if an abstruse joke can help you to question this inhuman behaviour, the seed is sown and you will learn more and more about it because curiosity drives you to it and if you think that a joke cannot accomplish such a thing, then we say to you, entire empires have perished because of a well-placed joke, and you often see in your media that a sarcastically placed remark can cause personalities great and small to step down from the public stage because the joke revealed how inhumane the behaviour of these egotists is. We categorise the people in option 2 according to different criteria, so that these people are also trained to different degrees so that they can also understand what constitutes humanity. In the next and last part of this series, we will reveal something about body consciousness, which we have hardly addressed up to now.

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