A0743: Why does body awareness determine your behaviour? – Part 2

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The body consciousness has a peculiarity that we will introduce briefly. Whenever you rest, the body consciousness begins to want to influence you, because a person who rests does nothing. Why does the body consciousness do this, we ask? The body consciousness has taken on a task and the task demands that the human being will always do something. If you just sit around and do nothing at all, then that could be a disadvantage to the biological body because the person could decide to just wait until they die. This sounds unbelievable to most persons, but if you didn’t have this inner drive that makes you do something all the time, you would just sit there and wait to die. The body consciousness will urge you to do something and this is done through the ego consciousness. You assume there is a consciousness behind it that you call the subconscious, but the subconscious does not exist in that form, but the ego consciousness also takes on that role and for that it was separated from the body consciousness when you all entered into symbiosis together. The ego consciousness does not belong to you and you can see it as a kind of computer program because it always acts in a similar way when the body or the status of the person appears to be at risk. The ego consciousness is involved in every decision, but because the ego consciousness has very little potential, its view of things is hardly observed because all the other subconsciousnesses have much more potential. If you were to observe the ego consciousness, the ego consciousness always wants to put the person first when making a decision, and it wants to do so in such a way that the human needs are always satisfied first. It is not only the physical needs, but the social needs are also placed very high, so that the pride of a being actually arises from the ego consciousness. All your social dogmas arise solely out of ego consciousness. No egoist will do anything out of humanity, but every action always has to do with strengthening and satisfying the body or status of the person. The ego consciousness has a great many programs for this purpose, which deal with every kind of situation, and since every earthly body receives the same kind of body consciousness, the ego consciousnesses in every human being are constructed in the same way, so that real egoists are also alike in their actions. Why does a person become an egoist, we ask? There are several reasons and we will list the most important ones.

  1. The person has constantly experienced a deficit and the ego consciousness had to be constantly strengthened so that the physical and/or social needs could be satisfied. Children are selfish first because children are constantly exposed to moments of deficiency. In order for this deficiency to be satisfied, children will increase their ego consciousness until the deficiency moment has ended.  
  2. People develop into egoists when they want to fulfil a task single-mindedly. The task must be very important so that the ego consciousness is strengthened to the point that all other concerns are put aside to work solely towards the goal.
  3. People degenerate in their behaviour so that social values are thrown overboard. When sex addicts pursue their sex addiction, the sex life has degenerated and the person has adopted beliefs and automatisms that were not intended at all. In order to satisfy the addiction, the ego consciousness has to be strengthened more and more so that it can override the social principles, because now the personality consciousness and the other subconsciousnesses of the incarnation do not have enough potential to counteract these egoistic decisions. These egoists are not themselves and this is indeed so because now the body consciousness in conjunction with the ego consciousness determines how the person behaves. Whenever the ego consciousness is strengthened, programs will direct the person’s courses of action. The personality consciousness can hardly assert itself and this is to be judged as a battle that is constantly being fought. Voluntarily, the ego consciousness will not relinquish its potential and if it does, it is just waiting to take control again. It has a task and all actions are virtually already predetermined because they are already contained as programs in the ego consciousness.
  4. People who are facing a mortal danger. If a person abandons his friends because together they have faced a mortal danger, it is not the person who has abandoned the friends, but an automatism in the person will initiate two things in the face of sudden mortal danger – hide or flee. If the person lingers as if in rigidity, then the person’s ego consciousness has caused this to happen because it considers this the best way to save the body from greater damage. If the person flees as if out of his mind, again the ego consciousness has decided it so, so that the body is saved from greater damage. The sudden danger will suddenly and violently strengthen the ego consciousness, so that the ego consciousness decides how the body will behave. The personality consciousness can hardly counteract this, unless automatisms have been trained to react to such a danger, because then the automatism can override the ego consciousness. No matter what happens, the ego consciousness is strengthened first and only when the trained automatism is strong enough will the person neither hide nor flee, but react on the basis of the trained automatism. The person who abandoned his friends did not actually do it, but the ego consciousness took control. If you keep this in mind, you will notice many situations where your ego consciousness has taken control and you are still pondering why you acted so inhumanly in certain situations. 

Not every human being is a real egoist and not every human being has occasional egoistic behaviour, so there must be something that somehow controls all this and that is us, the remaining partial consciousnesses of the person. You are the personality consciousness and you are made up of a number of consciousness fractals, but that number can be temporarily changed, – always as we see fit. We are the ones who strengthen the ego consciousness, by that we mean the following: Imagine the following situation and let us assume it is you who are to represent this person from the example. You have had a hard day at work and now you are on your way home. You are driving a car and on a deserted country road you see a broken down car. Next to the car is a person who is looking rather perplexed. How will you behave, we ask? First we have to describe your mood so that you can then decide what you are going to do. You are relaxed and you are looking forward to going home. If you think you are going to stop and ask if you can help, then it was you who made that decision. If you think you don’t have time or it’s not worth the effort, then the ego consciousness has made the decision. Why can we determine this so clearly and what do we have to do with it, we ask? You have a core personality, much of which you inherited from your incarnation, and any human being who would make the decision with only the core personality – whether to stop to offer the person help or to drive on – will always choose to help the person because the core personality always includes humanity first in its consideration, so it must have been the ego consciousness that urged you to drive on. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, whenever you are not acting humanly, the ego consciousness has been involved in the decision making and the ego consciousness has had a great deal of potential that we have allowed it to have so that humanity does not take over. The sixth subconsciousness of the incarnation has taken on the task of controlling the potential of the total consciousness of the human being, so that this subconsciousness grants potential to the ego consciousness when it feels that you should not act too humanly. Why does it do this when the goal of a life is humanity, which you should develop more and more, we ask? Exactly because of that! You, as a personality consciousness, should overcome yourselves to act more humanly, that is, we urge you to act egoistically in certain situations and you yourself should fight against it in order to act more humanly. If you are already only acting humanly because we never leave enough potential to the ego consciousness, then you will not continue to develop the humanity in you, but the humanity will remain as the incarnation of you has already lived it. You will be pushed by the situations to choose a side. Either you choose the human side and you will strengthen many frequency patterns because you will have to fight against the egoism within you, or you choose the egoistic side and you will not change anything. It does not matter whether you make this decision spontaneously or after careful consideration, it always comes down to the same thing. In the next part we will reflect on the reasons for this, so that you really understand what the remaining subconsciousnesses have to do in your life.

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