A0742: Why does body awareness determine your behaviour? – Part 1

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If we are to tell you about the body consciousness, we must first describe the body consciousness before we can reveal more details about it. The body consciousness is a neutral consciousness because it has no personality. Body consciousness is a being that comes from your world and every human being whose mother has an earthly origin will receive exactly the same being as body consciousness. There is no exception to this because a body consciousness is a partial consciousness of a soul. Every body consciousness that has been separated from this soul has a task and this task is to inhabit a physical body that has quite characteristic features that are unique to the earth. Another inhabited planet is inhabited by another soul and the circumstances on the planets always differ a little, so that all people on all planets are basically the blueprint of the human species, but they have different characteristics that come about through the environment on the planet. Earthly humans might be less able to live on another planet where a different race of humans lives, because over the millions of years the race has evolved on one planet so that the specific characteristics could be worked out that are only of particular importance for that planet. Earthly humans have also developed very specific characteristics and because you are several human races on planet Earth, you have also received extraterrestrial characteristics, which we will address in another series one day. You on Earth are very special indeed, and there is no other combination of you in your Universe. If the body consciousness originates from a soul, what does it mean for you humans, we ask? First of all, it does not belong to you and you have entered into a symbiosis for human life. Because you have entered into a symbiosis, you will perceive yourselves as one being. This symbiosis will end with death and everything you have experienced up to that point will then also have been experienced by the soul of the earth. The symbiosis with the partial consciousness of the earthly soul will benefit the soul of the earth, because it grows through the experiences of human beings and has done so for millions of years, so that the soul of the earth receives more and more power, which allows it to ascend, so to speak. No, a clear no to those people who still think that the earth will ascend into any dimension and then take the believing people with it. The earth will do a lot to express the power it has gained, but it will not ascend into the 4th or 5th dimension, because these announced dimensions do not exist in this way. Something will happen that can be interpreted as a mental ascension of the Earth, but just as you humans would not ascend anywhere, the planet Earth will remain exactly as it has been. We told you that planet Earth exists across many planes of existence and that many bizarre creatures inhabit other planes of existence on Earth, so strictly speaking the planet also has no possibility of disappearing anywhere. The soul receives additional power with each life lived, just as the soul of your incarnation is rewarded with additional power during its incarnational cycle with each life lived by one of its incarnations. Each incarnation will usually live only one life in the flesh because it does not want to do that again either, so the soul of your incarnation usually receives an increase in power for six to twelve lives in the flesh. Just think how many lives have already been lived on earth and then you can guess how high the increase in power of the earthly soul must be. The soul of the earth, however, does not receive the same increase in power for a life lived as the soul of your incarnation, but even if it were only 25% of that, the difference in power between the earthly soul and the soul of your incarnation would be so enormous that we can hardly depict this difference figuratively. If you want to compare the energy of your universe with the energy of All That Is, then this difference could be used for this comparison. You are the smallest light on the cake and the soul of Earth illuminates the Universe like the sun of your star system. There are countless souls that were released from the energy complex of All That Is at that time, but only a few of them are so powerful that they would be able to inhabit a planet or star. By being so powerful, they can also split off so many body consciousnesses for each life form, because every ant and every tree is given an associated body consciousness by the soul of Earth, which applies equally to a species everywhere on Earth. When the Soul of Earth feels that the time is right to make an evolutionary leap, the planet sends out frequencies that cause the body consciousness of a life form to initiate the next evolutionary step in its blueprint. The body consciousness has no personality because it has been given a special task by the soul of Earth and the task has to do solely with the biological body because the biological body is controlled by the partial consciousness of the Earth soul. Imagine a complicated car of the present time and imagine that you have just passed your driving licence and receive such a car as a gift. It is crammed with technology that is supposed to make it easier for you to steer the vehicle in traffic, and please also think of the countless technical assistants in the car that are supposed to make this vehicle safer for the occupants. If you had to understand all the technology because you are supposed to operate and monitor it constantly while driving, you wouldn’t get very far at all because you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what was going on in the traffic. Now it gets even hairier because you are visiting a foreign world where the vehicles not only look different, but they are operated differently. Isn’t it nice when you get vehicles that always have a steering wheel and pedals that can move the vehicle and everything else is controlled and monitored by the technology in the vehicle. That is roughly how you can imagine a human body, and if we are honest, alien beings that are not human are also just body vehicles that are operated by a consciousness, and that consciousness receives information through an interface that it can also understand. You will never inhabit an animal or a plant because you always inhabit higher life forms and never lower. You will never incarnate into a plant or an ant because completely different consciousnesses are present there. The body consciousness controls all the survival essentials in a body that the body needs to exist on the planet. You are the personality consciousness of your incarnation and with the other sub-consciousnesses of the incarnation you direct this human body. But because you are not just driving the car, but you are merged with your vehicle, it also feels at first as if you are the body, but this is not real, because you are only the consciousness that steers this complicated biological body over the surface of the earth. This biological body could exist without your consciousness, but then it would hardly do anything because it lacks the curiosity to do anything. A biological body always needs a body consciousness so that it is able to survive at all and it needs a consciousness so that it can also be directed in a manner appropriate to its species. You are the consciousness that directs this body and you have also animated the flesh of this body with your spark of life so that the body could also develop. If you were to finally sever the symbiosis with the body consciousness, and we are assuming a young and healthy body for this example, then this body would remain senseless where you left it and the vital functions would not be unusual, but the body would die because it cannot be directed by itself. The body consciousness would not be able to direct the body in such a way that nourishment would be supplied to the body, therefore the body would starve to death at best, exactly where you have left it forever. What about animals and plants, we ask? Most animals, belonging to their species, not only receive body consciousness from the earthly soul, but the earthly soul also provides mass consciousness for each lower life form, which then allows the animal instincts of the species to act out. It is similar with plants, although the partial consciousness for this is very small. Cats and a few other animals are an exception because cats will actually develop a personality. Cats have already been thematised by us and we will certainly deepen the knowledge about them one day. When a lower life form dies, the consciousness of the life form will return to the collective of the species in the consciousness of the earthly soul to then inhabit the next life. With human beings it is different because for the time of human life you have entered into a symbiosis with the body consciousness of the earthly soul. The body consciousness returns to the earthly soul as a partial consciousness with all the impressions it experienced together with you on earth and you return to the spiritual world as the new incarnation. You will also take with you all the experiences from life on earth, but you will receive a change of being, which we have already mentioned many times, because you are now no longer in symbiosis with the body consciousness, which has dictated many ways of behaving, as the life form as a species dictates, because the blueprint of a species dictates how a life form of this species has to behave. The body consciousness of the earthly soul knows very well how to implement these guidelines on earth and it does so without you being aware of it. Many behaviour patterns do not come from you, but the body consciousness directs these behaviour patterns with you. The behaviours are quite specific to your species at first, but as most humans think they are the body and everything they do is of their own free will, they will take these foreign behaviours of the body consciousness as their own and expand and nurture them so that you develop something that becomes more and more inhuman. When you first thought of why you were reacting in such an inhumane way, it was not you that was reacting, it was the body consciousness that was acting out this behaviour with you. But you are not this body, you are only using it and therefore conscious people can come to the conclusion that it is not they who are acting so inhumanly, but the body, which is indeed the case. In the next part we will go deeper into this aspect so that you understand how the symbiosis with the body consciousness changes your reality and controls your behaviour. We are already saying that your subconscious is non-existent because it is your ego consciousness that deep within you is doing much to control your behaviour and the ego consciousness is part of the body consciousness, so it can be said that egoists are remotely controlled by an foreign power. We will go into this assertion in the next part of this series so that you understand what the ego actually does and what it was meant for.

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