A0741: How are the hemispheres of the brain connected to the perception of the spiritual and mundane world?

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We start by telling you that the hemispheres of the brain say nothing at all about whether you can experience the spiritual world or not. The cerebral hemispheres are like an engine that can be constantly operated. However, the motor is not always set up in such a way that all connected parts of the body are constantly driven with the fullest attention, but the brain can be trained to pay special attention to certain parts of the body. When you think of a body part, the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness will gather there and you will become more aware of that body part. The brain will have the task of acting as the motor for the flow of data. If you concentrate on one finger of your hand, the fractals of your personality consciousness, which are evenly distributed around your body, will be directed to that finger. Not all of the consciousness fractals will leave their position in the energy field, so your strength of concentration is responsible for how many consciousness fractals you can gather around the finger. The consciousness fractals will then receive a lot of information related to that finger, so you will be able to feel better into your finger. What is the brain doing, we ask? The brain is processing this information because the consciousness fractals are collecting information but it still needs to be decoded so that the solar plexus main energy node will transmit all the information to all the energy bodies. The personality consciousness fractals belong to the sixth energy body and the information collected flows as data packets through the sixth energy body energy node. In the sixth energy node, these data packets are pre-filtered and transferred to the solar plexus main energy node, where they are then passed on to the other energy bodies. The brain is responsible for allowing these information packets to flow, so the engine runs many pumps that keep the information flowing in a body control circuit. When you are having an ordinary day, the brain hardly regulates at all because the control circuit has a default setting, so to speak. When you concentrate on a finger, the control circuit of the information packets is redefined, so that the concentration of you ensures that one control circuit now receives greater attention and the amount of data transferred there increases. Since it is a control circuit, the other parts of the body are dampened, by which we mean the following: The default setting of the brain will ensure that the amount of transfer remains the same, but there are different parts of the body that deliver a different amount of information than other parts of the body. If the brain always provides the same total transfer of information, then increasing the transfer of one part of the body will result in the remaining parts of the body being allowed to deliver fewer packets of information than before. If this is so, then the gathered consciousness fractals around one finger will ensure that the transfer capacity of the sixth energy body is increased and the other body parts will now be able to transfer less information. You will become more aware of your finger as your concentration increases, but you will lose the sense of the rest of your body as your concentration increases. This process is natural because the fractals of consciousness that have gathered will make you more aware of your own energy field. Your body deposits in this energy field the information that concerns the body and the better you can perceive this energy field, the better you can perceive the body because the biological processes guide the body but the energy field of the body provides all the information that the body generates. When the information packets from all the energy bodies arrive in the main solar plexus energy node, they are distributed to all the other energy bodies so that each energy body receives the information from the other energy bodies to generate the energy field of the partial consciousness. Each energy body contains a partial consciousness of the incarnation and this partial consciousness, in conjunction with the particular astral plane it inhabits, generates a particular energy field of your body. All seven sub-consciousnesses together make up the total energy field of a person, which you also call the aura. In this total energy field of a being all the information corresponding to the body is contained and your consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are evenly distributed in this total energy field around your body, so that your consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are aware of this total energy field of your body and since all the information is deposited there, you are aware of your body because you have constant access to this information. Now that you have gathered your consciousness fractals around a finger, you will be more aware of the information about that area of your body and your brain will ensure that the area of your body is now allowed to provide more information than before. Your body consciousness controls this process so that the gathering of the personality consciousness fractals around your finger has brought the body consciousness on the scene and this body consciousness is now causing the brain to provide more information to the body part where the personality consciousness fractals have gathered. This increased flood of data finds its way into the overall energy field and the personality consciousness fractals will perceive this information in great detail. What has all this to do with the two hemispheres of the human brain, we ask? Nothing, because although the brain controls certain sub-areas, in total the hemispheres of the brain do not differ. If you can locate certain functions in certain areas of the brain via your EEG’s, then this is completely normal, but the brain can reorganise itself should sub-areas be damaged in an accident. A person who has lost a part of their brain in an accident can still do exactly what they did before in a limited way and in time the lost part of the brain will also be replaced in such a way that the rest of the brain can take over these functions. The nature of the person is not changed, only the information of the body does not reach the total energy field so well, so that the person receives fewer sensory impressions and can no longer control the body in such a fine-grained way. All information is transferred through the brain and if this motor can no longer be operated at 100% without restriction, then this will become noticeable. One half of the brain has usually taken over certain tasks, but each person can train his or her brain hemispheres, which would then also make them work differently. If usually the left hemisphere of the brain is given over to rational thinking, the right hemisphere of the brain is supposed to be given over to irrational thinking, and indeed it is supposed to be, but if you are religious or spiritual it does not automatically mean that you have unlocked your right hemisphere of the brain, but both hemispheres of the brain always work equally, so that a very rational-thinking person often works with his left hemisphere of the brain and constantly trains that hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere of the brain neither does less, nor is it neglected, but works quite normally. Now, if a rational-thinking person gets the idea of becoming a painter, then this person will start to train his right brain more. Neither is anything suppressed nor released, but always trained. If a realist, who can rather be called a head person, starts to occupy himself with meditations and thereby experiences a change of nature, then he has not become a heart person, but he has trained his right brain and thereby gained new insights that have changed him, but he usually remains a realist and only the brain areas are stimulated differently. If the information of your body is deposited in your total energy field, then you can not only perceive this information much better when you gather your consciousness fractals in one part of the body through concentration, but you also perceive the sixth astral plane better there. If you could focus all the fractals of your personality consciousness in one place, you would instantly experience an astral plane, just as you are currently experiencing the mundane plane. You would not be there only partially conscious, nor would this state be perceived as in a meditation, but exactly as you perceive yourself now while reading this text. When you then give up the focus and your consciousness fractals are again evenly distributed around your body, you would suddenly be fully conscious again on the earthly plane. You make a reality leap because you are present in all realities at the same time, but you are usually only aware of the mundane reality, so very few people on Earth will ever be able to do this. When you meditate you will usually first concentrate on one area of the body and depending on which area of the body it is you will slowly become more aware of the energy field there. The information there is revealed and most people feel that area of the body better. Then when you perceive something in your mind’s eye, you become aware of it on an astral level. An example should clarify the matter. A person is meditating and depending on where they put their focus, they will perceive the overall energy field there better. If the person focuses on the shoulder or the foot, the person will also become more aware on the sixth astral plane because the sixth astral plane is a superposition of all the other astral planes. If the person sees something in the mind’s eye during meditation, he sees his three-dimensional space on the astral plane because all realities occupy the same space. The sixth astral plane has a lot to offer, so we would advise any person to travel only to that plane because all the other planes are doing a certain task and if an astral traveller does not know the tasks of the astral planes, then the person would experience things there that they would find difficult to relate to or interpret correctly. If you concentrate directly on the sixth energy node on your forehead, you will reach the sixth astral plane very quickly. The shoulder houses all the information about itself in the total energy field, so when you gather your consciousness fractals there in meditation, you will perceive this information first. If this information does not distract you, you will become more and more aware on the sixth astral plane and you will then be able to perceive in your mind’s eye images or scenes that we first present to you. The brain will now reorganise the transfer of information so that you can better perceive the information of the energy field. As you become more able to perceive the astral plane, you release more and more fractals of consciousness from your body so that you do not lose focus, but the accumulation of fractals of consciousness is less and less on the body so that your brain begins to redirect the capacities again. Once you have released your consciousness fractals you experience the astral planes, where you can now perceive all the astral planes simultaneously. This overlay offers you the total picture of all the astral planes. If you have concentrated on a particular energy node at the beginning of your meditation, you become aware of its astral plane and what you can experience there would disturb you if you did not have the knowledge of its purpose. If you can visualise very well, then you can see very well the astral space in front of you, which is on the sixth astral plane, and if you manifest something there and focus very strongly, then you could also spontaneously take an astral journey. The hemispheres of the brain play a subordinate role in this, because consciousness is not located in the brain, – but adheres to your outer body shell.

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