A0740: What was the so-called Sphinx in Egypt built for? – Part 3

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When the Anunnaki began to convince the people of the Mediterranean that the Anunnaki represented the local deities, the people still knew what the pyramid on the Giza plateau was for and they also knew that one day they would be redeemed, because all this could be seen in the inscriptions in the small buildings around the pyramid. These buildings were a thorn in the side of the Anunnaki, so the priestly cult that was now to be established was to gradually reinterpret these buildings so that the actual information was first transfigured and then it was easy to replace these buildings with something else. When the Anunnaki wanted something to happen in society, they always provided a good reason for it and when the information in the buildings no longer revealed what they were meant for, the Anunnaki could arrange for these buildings to be replaced by something that would reveal the apparently correct information. So it was that all the smaller structures disappeared so that Enki could have something built there to symbolise the Anunnaki and that was the small pyramid that stands next to the two larger pyramids of Giza. This pyramid is not just a few thousand years old, as is supposedly the case, but 21,000 years ago the inhabitants of the Mediterranean built this pyramid so that the story of the Anunnaki could be found there. Everything you have discovered about it so far does not reflect the true history. When this pyramid, which is also very impressive, was built, many smaller structures were also built to represent everything as the Anunnaki imagined it. This happened over 20,000 years ago, so a great deal has still happened up to your present time, which we will go into in more depth in a later entry when we look at the cultural history of the Mediterranean. The Anunnaki built the small pyramid next to the great pyramid over 20,000 years ago. The smaller buildings around the small pyramid were very impressively designed, but only very few buildings have survived the test of time, because one day the pharaohs also began to claim these buildings for themselves. We mean to say that many buildings were not only redesigned, but also reinterpreted. Enki was the sole supreme god of the earthly people at the time of the Anunnaki, but no matter where a person lived, the local culture was not entirely remodelled, but the old rites and customs were kept so that people could get used to them, because then the new information about the Anunnaki could slowly be incorporated into the cultures. After centuries, when they had reached the point where the culture offered what the Anunnaki needed to extract the gold of the area over a long period of time, only then did Enki also appear as the local chief god and all the people were more than impressed by his appearance. Seth had the task of preparing the local groups of an area so that Enki could appear there at the end of the preparations to present himself and to give the starting signal to plunder the gold reserves in that area. From that moment on, the rate of extraction was increased and increased, so that the cultural development on your planet was always related to the gold deposits, which was decisive in determining whether an advanced civilisation arose there or not. All the gold that has been mined by you for your own consumption since your history was written is almost not worth mentioning if we put it in relation to the amount of gold that was mined on Earth in the times of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki had time because they usually lived for several tens of thousands of years. They could also live to be over one hundred thousand years old, but even for an Anunnaki that is an age they themselves never want to reach. When the Anunnaki are several tens of thousands of years old, they look like thirty-year-olds to earthly people, but then they no longer want to live and usually put themselves to sleep in the circle of their family. If you earthly people could live to be six hundred years old, what meaning do a few decades still have for you if you have spent them doing something meaningful. If you could live to be six thousand years old, what are several centuries that you have spent meaningfully. If you could live 30,000 to 60,000 years, what is a few thousand years well spent. The Anunnaki need gold, but not to save their planet, but to save themselves. But they have so much gold mined that they don’t have to suffer any hardship themselves. They exist in absolute abundance and to ensure that this does not change, they plunder the gold deposits of the planets on many worlds, because gold can be interpreted as an elixir of survival for the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are an artificial species that evolved from a human race. However, the Anunnaki cannot expand as a race because the number of living Anunnaki is limited and the Anunnaki cannot change that. We have brought the background to this to you in great detail. They accumulate vast amounts of gold, but they can never consume it faster than they extract it, so they know no haste or need. The ego and pride of an Anunnaki, however, drive him to attain ever higher status among the Anunnaki, so that a great war strategist or gold miner is very highly regarded. All Anunnaki aspire to enter the Anunnaki history books and Enki was such a person, he had almost made it but the clash with the earthly humans foiled his plan because the earthly humans mercilessly fought the Anunnaki on earth and that was Enki’s fault. Enki carries a shame that was imposed on him by the earthly humans because he did not foresee that the earthly humans could be so terribly brutal against the Anunnaki, nor did he care to end this dispute peacefully, so Enki is the sole culprit for this shame, which then spread to every Anunnaki. Nearly 12,000 years ago a war raged on the Mediterranean which the Anunnaki lost because the people of the Mediterranean rose up against their oppressors as they were more than dissatisfied with the gods. They could no longer bear the unacceptable conditions, so this human resistance cost the Anunnaki a great many of their lives. The life of a single Anunnaki is extremely precious to the Anunnaki culture, so the high losses of the Anunnaki on Earth were very surprising to the Anunnaki culture. Since an underdeveloped people were responsible for these losses, the sole blame for this lay with the great war strategist Enki and this shame still clings to Enki today, so that his wish to become the greatest Anunnaki to enter the Anunnaki history books has failed for the time being. We will reveal on the Anunnaki blog exactly what Enki still intends to do with the earthly humans in order to come out victorious after all. The great pyramid received the small pyramid through the Anunnaki and in the course of time, large and small pyramids were built, but they never came close to the perfection of the great pyramid. When the Anunnaki saw to it that the outbuildings were erected for the earthly record of history, they had a great lion carved out of the stone at the base of the great pyramid so that the lion’s gaze would look where the home planet could be seen at that time on the winter solstice. The lion’s head was very impressive and since the head was carved out of the stone to match the rest of the body by the people of that time, even a pharaoh could arrange to have the head of a pharaoh carved out of the lion’s head instead of the lion’s head. By the time this happened, there were no more Anunnaki on the surface of the earth, and everything that the Anunnaki held dear, they had long ago gathered up and taken away. If you still wish to find remnants of the Anunnaki, you must find the secret chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Everything you find there has been altered by the Anunnaki, so the relics will reveal a false history to you. The Anunnaki knew full well that one day the official first contact with an intelligent alien species would also reveal the secret chambers to you, as these secret chambers are to be interpreted as influenced spaces. The pyramid provides the energy for the influenced spaces to exist. If the energy dries up because the so-called matrix is weakened more and more during the official first contact, then there will also be a day when the energy for the influenced spaces is no longer sufficient and they will then become existent in the rock of the pyramid. We have written much about influenced spaces and when the day comes that official first contact is made, you will be amazed to find that almost all extraterrestrial species use influenced spaces and you will quickly discover the spaces in the pyramids. Be advised, the information within has been manipulated by the Anunnaki and does not reflect your Earth history.

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