A0739: What was the so-called Sphinx in Egypt built for? – Part 2

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When the pyramid in Giza was built, smaller structures were also erected to symbolise what this pyramid is for. The purpose of the great pyramid is to generate the global energetic hemisphere and in this hemisphere there are special frequency patterns that influence every human being on the surface, without exception, because that is also the purpose of every energetic bubble. Every life form is influenced by this and every life form generates its own energetic hemisphere around its body, which you commonly refer to as the energy field of a life form. This energy field will usually shield you from foreign frequencies if your energy field has enough potential. If there is an energy field with more potential, the frequency patterns will be taken over by the stronger energy field. If you can create an energy field around your body that has more potential than your so-called matrix, then you will no longer be influenced by this so-called matrix and since the New Lemurians from the underground cities have ensured that you are hardly aware of the astral worlds, your strengthened energy field could, among other things, ensure that you are very aware of the astral world when you are awake. If you are able to do this, you can also handle the energy forms on the astral planes and, as if from nowhere, program a crystal in such a way that it acts as an electricity generator, eternally drawing energy from the so-called Ether. Such an electricity generator would cover the electricity needs of a small town. If humans could create such a thing, they would soon be handling amounts of energy that could cause great destruction, and since the New Lemurians consider Earth their home planet, they have prevailed upon the solar council of your star system to prevent the modern humans of the surface from becoming too powerful too quickly. It was decided that modern humans should reach a stage of development without gaining access to the astral planes and then, with official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, be ready for the so-called matrix to be deactivated so that humans can experience the astral planes naturally. An official first contact will always lead to the pacification of the native species and since this first contact is done in this way on all inhabited planets, all involved also knew that this procedure would bear fruit. You are now ready because you have long since reached the stage of evolution to experience official first contact, so we can tell you that this process of official first contact will begin in a few years, and before the present decade is over on Earth, official first contact will be completed. We have already described all of these things in great detail in a series of the first contact and the small structures that were created at the same time as the pyramids told of this, so that until the artificial Anunnaki arrived over 20,000 years ago, humanity not only knew what these pyramids were created for, but also what was to come. The Anunnaki then made sure that this knowledge was destroyed so that they could reshape societies to their will. The knowledge of this was not only passed on orally, but the spiritual world has very often tried to bring people closer to the reason for the pyramids, but your dogmas have always prevented you from understanding the true extent of it, so that many horror stories have been formed around it and your religions have transfigured the facts to such an extent that hardly any correct information can be obtained about it. It all started when the Anunnaki ordered these small structures to be demolished so that the cult of the gods could enter society, so that they could manipulate spiritual practices and general knowledge of things because they had little to fear. To this day, the indigenous population is hardly capable of travelling the astral worlds. If they could, many people would have noticed that the Anunnaki are not what they claim to be. Generally speaking, the Anunnaki will not plunder the gold reserves of other planets without first taking precautions, and these precautions always have to do with manipulating the astral planes of worlds because the indigenous species has access to them, but they are not yet mentally advanced enough to be able to use the astral planes properly. The Anunnaki will do much to ensure that this does not happen. Earth was different because the indigenous population had been cut off from the astral planes for thousands of years so the Anunnaki had an easy time of it, but the information at the pyramids disturbed them so they made sure that the old information disappeared and they use the Great Pyramid to their advantage because over time they made sure that the pyramids were attributed to them – the gods. This process was not accomplished in a few years, but it took very many generations to manipulate the knowledge of the Great Pyramid of Giza to the point where it effectively disappeared. All attempts by the spiritual world failed, so that we are now quite happy not only to have brought this knowledge back to you, but in all the hundreds of blog entries we have also imparted the knowledge of why such a thing is possible in the first place. Nowhere will you find more detailed information about this global energy field than on the blog of the writer, and there is a special reason for this. You are to understand how your human history on Earth really was, so that after the official first contact you do not fiddle around with myths that usually provide only a small spark of truth. You can take the historical accounts from us to not only understand what the human species is all about, but we have also brought the beginnings on Earth to you in such rich detail that our explanations of it will surpass in truth anything that has been received from other mediums. The Anunnaki helped you to progress your society, but they also prevented you from progressing and your history has been permanently damaged. If the Anunnaki had not appeared on Earth you would have experienced your first contact thousands of years ago, but it did not happen. The Anunnaki blog is only about the Anunnaki – who they are and what their impact on Earth has been and will be when they introduce themselves as a species long after official first contact, because Enki has a score to settle with Earth humans. Most inhabited planets will be similar in terms of animal and plant life, so there are also predators among the Anunnaki, but everything on the Anunnaki homeworld is much larger and one predator is of particular importance among the Anunnaki. The lion on the Anunnaki homeworld is similar in appearance to the earthly lion, except that the size makes the Anunnaki lion stand out. The Anunnakian lion kills prey as large as buses, so that such a creature can truly be considered the king of beasts. To honour the Anunnakian lion, the Sphinx was built and the head of today’s Sphinx was worked on afterwards, when the Anunnaki had not been allowed to tread the earth for a long time, because Enki triggered your so-called Flood in the Mediterranean, but it was much smaller than it is currently described. Enki wanted to wipe out the earthly people because the people in the Mediterranean dared to rebel against their so-called gods. Enki was so incensed by this that his inhuman pride commanded him to punish the people for this outrage against the Anunnaki in such a way that the humanity of the earth should be wiped out for it. Earthly humans have in a very short time caused the reputation of the Anunnaki in your galaxy to be damaged forever and this is only because humans began fighting Anunnaki on the Mediterranean and these humans knew no technology at that time. No matter how advanced the Anunnaki are, if the entire Mediterranean fight against the Anunnaki in such a way that humans sacrificed themselves for it, then the Anunnaki could do nothing against it. The Anunnaki had to flee the surface of the earth and word spread rapidly throughout your galaxy so that everyone knew that Enki – the great strategist and gold miner – had been defeated by ordinary humans. This shame spread to every Anunnaki because the Anunnaki are so incredibly proud, so it is not just Enki who has a score to settle with Earth. In the next and last entry in this series, we will reveal some more about the pre-Egyptian culture, so that you can learn more about what else made up the Sphinx.

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