A0738: What was the so-called Sphinx in Egypt built for? – Part 1

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The Sphinx looks different today than it did when it was built, because the Sphinx was supposed to represent something that was very revered at that time. When was the Sphinx built, we ask? Shortly after the Great Pyramid was created on the Giza Plateau. We told you in the Atlantis series that the original Atlantis was a conglomerate of city-states created by some surviving Lemurians on Earth shortly after the sinking of the continent of Lemuria, and that the first city-state of Atlantis was built where the Great Pyramid of Giza now stands. We have told you in great detail why Lemuria sank into the sea and why this conglomerate of Atlantis was created by a faction of Lemurians on Earth in the first place. The Lemurians who founded Atlantis were very advanced, but they didn’t develop much technology until shortly before their demise because they could really do everything with crystals. The Lemurians were not a native human race, but a human race that came to Earth from another planet long before Atlantis to live their traditional way of life on the continent of Lemuria, and this way of life prohibited technological progress. However, the Lemurians were able to achieve everything with their consciousness and crystals that you need your technological advancement for today. When the Lemurians settled on Earth, there was already an indigenous race of humans – you, the modern humans. The continent of Lemuria separated these human races, so that only the extraterrestrial Lemurians lived on Lemuria and modern humans lived on the rest of the planet. The continent of Lemuria separated these human races and even when Lemuria perished and many city-states of Atlantis were founded on Earth, the Lemurians, who have since been called the Atlantians, separate from modern humans, still lived a very traditional life in their city-states as they had on their home planet before a faction of their race decided to change their whole way of life on their home planet. These changes resulted in the native race on the homeworld maturing into artificial beings that still roam the universe today as the Anunnaki. The immigrant Lemurians actually represent the original Anunnaki before they artificially changed into beings that can still live to be hundreds of thousands of years old today. For this purpose, the original Anunnaki changed their human blueprint in such a way that they could not only live for an unusually long time, but many human characteristics had to give way for this, which today make them beings that are better not encountered, because their lust for power is exceedingly inhuman. The faction of Anunnaki traditionalists did not want to go along with these changes, so they fled the homeworld in spaceships to practise their traditional way of life on other planets. When the refugees arrived on Earth, they settled on the continent of Lemuria, which sank long ago through their own fault, and the surviving Lemurians who wished to remain on Earth founded the conglomerate of Atlantis. But Atlantis was also a capital within the conglomerate, which was also the first city-state to be founded, exactly where the Great Pyramid of Giza stands today. Over the millennia, more and more city-states were founded on the surface of the earth, with the Atlantians still distinguishing themselves from the modern humans, so that there was hardly any mixing of these two human races. Long ago, the Atlantians then began to create underground caves in which they also founded city-states, so that at a depth of more than 72km they encountered a special phase transition that was particularly conducive to life. Even today, more people live in these underground cities than on the surface of the earth. As the city-states offered more advantages underground than on the surface of the Earth, the Atlantians dismantled more and more city-states on the surface and they invited the modern humans to work and live with them in the massive underground cities, so that the city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau remained as the last city-state of Atlantis and as the Atlantians cooperated more and more with the modern humans, modern humans were now also allowed to live and work with the Atlantians in Atlantis. More and more Atlantians were drawn to the underground cities, so that the well-being of Atlantis was soon exclusively in the hands of modern humans. When the last city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau was pulverised in an accident, the Atlantians in the underground cities were aware that this was the fault of the modern surface people and seeing the surface people as a danger in the long run, they wanted to do something about it, so that you surface people now live under a special energetic field, which you also call the matrix. In order for this energetic field to encompass the entire surface of the Earth, pyramids were built in places where special energy currents of your Earth flow, so that the pyramids can also generate this energetic field through their construction in connection with the energy currents. This energetic field ensures, among other things, that you can hardly perceive the astral world, so that you cannot abuse the energy currents of the Earth, which also led, among other things, to the capital of Atlantis being pulverised on the Giza plateau. All this and so much more we have revealed in several series and entries on Lemuria and Atlantis and we also said that when the capital of Atlantis was destroyed on the Giza Plateau, some pyramids were built by the Atlantians from underground on the surface of the Earth, creating this energetic bubble that you are still living under today. That was more than 34,000 years ago and after the pyramid of Giza was completed, the Atlantians, who from that point on are called the New Lemurians by us, went back to their underground cities. The pyramids on earth remained and modern people continued to live their lives, so that many societies also arose near Giza that regarded the pyramid as a landmark. When the artificial Anunnaki arrived on Earth over 20,000 years ago to get modern humans to voluntarily give them their gold deposits, the Anunnaki had to create high civilisations so that modern humans could also mine the Earth’s gold deposits for a long time, because that is all the Anunnaki desire most. How the primordial Anunnaki became the artificial Anunnaki we have explained in detail in many series on the Anunnaki, also we have explained why the Anunnaki as an extraterrestrial species on a planet have to promote the indigenous species so that they can perform on this planet at all as they still do today on many alien worlds. We have also covered a great deal about the work of the Anunnaki on Earth, so you can read this background information. When advanced civilizations are created by the Anunnaki, they have always posed as the local deities of the native beings, because it makes it easier for them to act and because they enjoy being worshipped by other species. Once they managed to outsmart the native species by their appearance – with their spaceships and all the pageantry they like to display – then they began to transform society so that many humans could occupy themselves with plundering the planet’s gold deposits for their deities. Because they already represented the local deities, they began to redefine rituals for these deities, but always in such a way that the spiritual core of society was preserved. They could take their time with this because artificial Anunnaki usually live for several tens of thousands of years. A decade is hardly worth mentioning for an Anunnaki, so their task on a planet could also take several thousand years without the Anunnaki changing much. The same Anunnaki who was introduced to Earth over 20,000 years ago as the supreme god is still alive and this Anunnaki will come back to Earth in your future to represent his species because after official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species all other species from your universe will do so. This Anunnaki was Enki, who was celebrated as a supreme god on Earth and who will lead the delegation that will officially present itself to you after the official first contact. Many of Enki’s followers will be there, who were on Earth over 20,000 years ago to oversee gold mining and to reshape the societies of modern humans. The reshaping of the native society on a planet was always done where there were large gold deposits that the Anunnaki wanted the reshaped society to mine. On the Giza plateau, the pyramids had stood for thousands of years, with the Great Pyramid standing out. Smaller pyramids were also built, which we will discuss in another part of this series. The Anunnaki knew that there were large gold deposits nearby, so they decided to promote a tribe from the local tribes of modern humans, which would then gather the other local tribes under them. This tribe was promoted and this tribe founded the pre-egyptian culture which created many structures and among them was the Sphinx, which not only looked different but was given a special meaning. How the Sphinx was built and for what purpose, we will reveal in the next part. 

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