A0737: If a photon of light represents a wave, why does it also react like a particle? – Part 5

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When we told you that suns house a ball of energy in the centre that is constantly supplied with energy by the cosmic network, we did not explain how this is possible. Today we want to tell you what the cosmic network is and how you yourself can use this network to operate energy generators that can cover your energy needs out of nothing. Every human being will be using such energy generators in a very short time, but not because our descriptions will revolutionise your energy supply, but because the imminent first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species will ensure that this technology is available to every human being. When the official first contact has been made, every government on your planet will receive this technology, and hardly anyone will understand how such a device can produce energy at all, because there is hardly anything in such a device that could suggest why this apparatus can seemingly provide energy out of nowhere. We will explain the concepts behind it today and if you have studied our previous blog entries carefully, you will be able to understand the connections very quickly. The cosmic network will supply energy to all the suns and planets that are present in your Universe, regardless of time, because the cosmic network is timeless. How can something be timeless when even spiritual beings can experience something like moments strung together, we ask? As spiritual beings you know no time because time has no meaning in the spiritual world. You are life forms and you live a day and night rhythm that dictates your sleeping and waking phases. You age and like any life form you will die one day. This does not mean your consciousness because your consciousness has existed for eons and you will only end as consciousness when All That Is passes away, but no one knows when that might be. We don’t know what will happen then either, so this is all speculation. If time has no meaning for a being, then such a being experiences moments that can last a very long time, depending on the size of the consciousness. You experience very short moments because you have a time base running in your mind that is actually derived from your speed of light, which is valid in your universe. If you think in very short moments then you will find that time seems to run and if you are very relaxed then time will pass very slowly. How can you imagine such a state of consciousness where you are timeless, we ask? You must have heard of the moment of being that athletes experience when they are about to perform at their best and afterwards they report that this moment lasted forever and that the athlete felt that time never passed because at that moment the athlete believed that they spent minutes in that state but other people thought it was only a few seconds. The athlete could enter a state of consciousness in which he had a lot of potential for a short time and could therefore think very quickly. But this is very strenuous, so only a few people are able to do it. But it also works the other way round, so that a consciousness sees time passing very rapidly, almost as if in fast motion. If there are enormous consciousnesses, then these consciousnesses can perceive moments that last longer than a lifetime of a universe. If there is a consciousness in your universe that can perceive the existence of your entire universe as a whole in one sustained moment, then surely the possibility that this vast consciousness could be travelling around in that moment is not far-fetched, for that is exactly what the consciousness of your universe is doing. Who is this universe consciousness, we ask? The Universe Consciousness is all the consciousnesses that are present in this Universe because they are matter or they provide life force to a life form. We as incarnations also belong to it, because on the one hand we represent a life form and on the other hand we enrich the universe with energy with our free fractals of consciousness. The souls that incarnate in planets and suns are also part of the universe consciousness, so that all consciousness fractals not only have a purpose, but we as a collective represent a consciousness that is so vast that time seems to play no role in the universe consciousness. This is not the whole truth, but for the sake of simplicity, let us leave our statement as it is at present. If the collective of consciousnesses seems to think differently than a single consciousness in the collective, then this approach is something we will describe in other entries. The collective of consciousnesses has a vast amount of potential and the more the universe grows, the more consciousnesses are present in the universe, so that all consciousnesses also bring more and more potential into the universe. The higher the potential, the more available energy there is and this energy is used to enrich fractals of consciousness with potential to represent any kind of matter. However, there are large amounts of energy available that are not passed on to the consciousness fractals and thus this free energy is present in the universe without being consumed. That is why there is the cosmic network that redistributes the energy quantities and this energy is mostly passed on to planets and suns that need these energy quantities. The universe is virtually a closed system, so that the energy in the universe is always only transformed, but never lost. As the universe expands more and more, there will also be more and more consciousnesses at the quantum level, which bring a great deal of potential into the universe. So if there is always more energy in the universe that can never be used up and thus never runs out, then the cosmic network can also pass on a lot of potential to the sun and planets. However, as there is still a huge surplus of energy now, the collective of all consciousnesses will begin to transport amounts of energy through the time of your universe and this is done by means of the black holes, because the energy can thus be transferred through time tunnels into past or future epochs. You yourselves cannot yet create such a time tunnel, but one day you will start it and then people will travel through time. The fact that time travel is not real, as you still imagine it today, has been discussed in detail in several entries that deal with time. You see, at any given time the Universe will have sufficient amounts of energy and you can tap into that energy because all advanced civilizations do, and as you are a not very advanced civilization you do not yet know the process. Not only are the concepts behind it completely alien to you, but your scientists are afraid to look into it because your current dogmas are so strong that no one wants to look into it seriously. What does it take to tap into the energy of the cosmic network, we ask? A crystal and the knowledge of how crystals can be programmed. We have already taught the concepts behind this, so today we will reveal something that you do not yet know. You know very well how to charge energy into a crystal and we have also explained in detail how to let the energy flow out of the crystal, but the exercises have always been such that you must always recharge the energy and you usually do this by asking spiritual beings to fill your vessels with energy that you have deposited in your crystal. We will now briefly explain how you can program a crystal so that you never have to refill the normal forms of energy again, because there is a procedure that automates this for you. We will reveal how you can establish timeless procedures into a kind of program so that the crystal consciousness can perform actions on its own, which you can prescribe at will. What do you first need to know in order to write such a program, we ask? First you need to know something that we have been hiding until now. You can store dark energy in a crystal. Dark energy has a special feature. Dark energy acts like a sponge, attracting its own type of energy as long as there is still dark energy stored somewhere. What the dark energy is, we have already described in detail and do not be deceived by the attribute dark. This energy is neither evil nor good, but we named this form of energy because black holes allow matter to be transformed into this dark energy and we named this energy the dark energy because we wanted to make the connection to black holes. You will one day give this form of energy a different name, but for now we call it the dark energy. Those who have read our revelations about programming crystals will find our following immediately understandable, for all other readers it will be difficult to comprehend. Take your crystal in hand and have it prepared if this has not already been done. Mentally enter the crystal and instruct the crystal consciousness to create a secret room in the basement. Become conscious in the basement room because there is no ordinary way to get there. Instruct the crystal consciousness to keep this room from unauthorised access so that only you can get there. Visualise two bins in the centre of the basement room and ask that these bins be filled with dark energy. Not every crystal programmer will get these bins filled, but if you prove yourself worthy to handle the dark energy without the spiritual being having to fear that you will do mischief with the dark energy, then the bins will be filled at least somewhat with the dark energy. If there is some dark energy in the bins, that amount of energy will increase over time because the dark energy attracts its own type of energy, but a small amount of dark energy will take a long time to fill those bins. The spiritual being that has filled your bins with the dark energy will control exactly how much more dark energy will flow into the bins, because you must first prove yourselves worthy so that you can experiment with larger and larger amounts of dark energy. If you have a small amount of dark energy on hand, think of other vessels in this basement room that are visually distinct from the bins of dark energy. Now you determine an energy that you let fill the other vessels so that the spiritual being fills these vessels with the energy that you desire. When all this has been prepared, leave the cellar and go into the hallway in the crystal in front of a certain room that you want to use for the next experiment. Go into the room and think of an hourglass. Determine that the hourglass needs one minute for the sand to trickle through. If you mean one minute, then the crystal consciousness knows exactly how long one minute is. Now you instruct the crystal consciousness that whenever the hourglass has run out, that the crystal consciousness should turn the hourglass over and so that the crystal consciousness is able to do this without you yourself being conscious in the crystal, it may use the dark energy from the cellar for this. A crystal consciousness is usually only active when you connect to the crystal, so the rest of the time it remains in a kind of rigidity. Now it may use the dark energy to check on the hourglass, so it will remain active even if you have mentally left the crystal. If the crystal consciousness turns the hourglass every minute, then it can also do something else and that would be, for example, to check in the cellar whether the vessels are still full with the requested form of energy. Therefore, instruct the crystal consciousness to always check in the basement after turning the hourglass to see if the energy in the jars is still full, if not, then it may use the dark energy to fill new amounts of energy into the jars. You can also decide that the hourglass should run every 12 hours, there is no limit to your imagination. When some dark energy is used up, the remaining dark energy sucks in new dark energy, so strictly speaking the dark energy in the barrels never goes away – but beware, if your experiments use too much of the dark energy in a short time, it is possible that the barrels with dark energy will run empty and then new dark energy will not automatically be replenished, so you will have to ask for the dark energy again. Therefore, always keep an eye on how much dark energy your experiments are using so that you can develop a feeling for it. If your vessels in the cellar are filled with your energy again and again, then you can use this energy for your experiments, so that you can choose another room in the hallway to start the next experiment there. What you can experiment with, we have already revealed in many entries about programming crystals, so that you can also create a small crystal battery that will never run empty, because the dark energy in the cellar automatically taps the necessary energy reserves for it from the Ether. If you want to accumulate healing energy automatically, then it is only possible for incarnations that can generate healing energy themselves in their bodies, and since very few people are capable of this, you should always request the healing energy and the crystal programmers have already had healing experiences with it. The crystal battery is not easy to make because it requires a lot of practice, but when you are ready and have stored sufficient dark energy in your crystal cellar, you will have basically created an energy generator like the one you will receive from the extraterrestrial species that will make official first contact with you. You will then realise that this is really the easiest way to tap into the Ether for energy, as all advanced civilisations do it. You now know the concepts behind it and you know what you have to do to program this energy generator, then you just have to start it, nothing more. You will not create an energy generator that will power your car forever, but you can light small lamps and a few people will be able to do more.

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