A0736: If a photon of light represents a wave, why does it also react like a particle? – Part 4

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When the sun emits the gravitational waves, there are different gravitational waves because the sun is not a homogeneous object, although it has an overall energy field that is constantly changing because the mass of the sun is constantly decreasing. The Sun is losing luminosity and this is not only to do with the fact that the Sun is constantly losing plasma particles that are carried away by the gravitational waves, but the Sun is working and producing something that we want to address today. We told you that in the centre of the Sun there is something that partly comes from the soul of the Sun, because the soul has gathered countless fractals of consciousness from itself in that point of space in order to become more conscious there. When the soul’s consciousness began to accumulate the fractals of consciousness there, it pulled many fractals of consciousness from other places and the vacuum was filled by other fractals of consciousness that have little to do with the soul, which is now beginning to absorb energy from the cosmic network to generate a huge energetic ball. The energy from the cosmic network enriches the consciousness fractal of the soul so that the soul has more potential there than elsewhere in your universe. Every consciousness that has become conscious in your universe will incarnate as a physical being or it will wish to further the destinies in this universe. All consciousnesses are made up of innumerable fractals of consciousness and all fractals of consciousness are evenly distributed throughout your universe. When a consciousness wants to incarnate, the consciousness fractals are rearranged from the universe so that they focus around a physical body. Living beings will not focus all the fractals of consciousness around the body, so some fractals of consciousness still remain elsewhere in the universe. Depending on how much potential the consciousness fractals bring with them, it is decided where these remaining consciousness fractals are distributed in the universe. If the incarnation is already very powerful, these consciousness fractals are not easily shifted into a free gap, because the consciousness fractals of the powerful incarnations create a wide energy field and thus take up more space on the quantum level. Between the consciousness fractals of the powerful incarnations no other consciousness fractals of not so powerful incarnations fit because the energy field is very wide. Where does that leave the remaining consciousness fractals of the not so powerful incarnations, we ask? At the edge of the universe, the normal incarnations will park their remaining consciousness fractals until they may one day be needed. Souls are only present when they inhabit a planet or star, otherwise no souls are evenly distributed throughout your universe as consciousness fractals. All matter particles inhabited by consciousness fractals have their permanent place where the matter particle is placed on the mundane plane. All free consciousness fractals will occupy the remaining space according to their potential on the quantum level. Why is this so, we ask? The reason is as follows. All powerful incarnations will support the Universe and they do this by their consciousness fractals providing a certain attraction so that your Universe appears homogeneous from the point of view of attraction, but strictly speaking this is not true. The consciousness fractals provide a kind of basic attraction and your matter then provides for deviations, which, however, can only ever be added to the basic attraction. Thus you can measure the speed of light anywhere in the Universe, but it will differ depending on where it is measured. Inside a Sun, the speed of light is as fast as it was intended to be for your universe. Outside the Sun and close to orbit, the speed of light is almost as fast as it is inside the Sun. Further away from the Sun, it will decrease because the basic gravitational pull now tugs almost uniformly on the plasma particles. Now, if a large object like Jupiter is within reach, a light particle will hardly be deflected because the gravitational wave of the Sun has more potential than the gravitational wave of Jupiter. The electrostatic attraction tends to work away from Jupiter, so that the plasma particle continues its ride on the gravitational wave unhindered. If another Sun now comes within reach, then things look different because the light particle is now being pulled so that there is a minimal deflection, but this will not cause the light particle to accelerate, it will only be deflected. Since gravitational waves travel everywhere at the speed of light, a light particle cannot accelerate but only slow down. The velocity vector is never faster than the speed of light, so a light particle deflected by a black hole will never exceed the given speed of light. The gravitational waves give this speed, so the light particle can never be faster, but you can still travel faster than light because the speed of light is only a vague description of how fast something can travel. The light particle is carried by this gravitational wave and if you reached the speed of light and you were to shine a flashlight in the direction of travel at that speed, it will not be able to illuminate anything in front of you because the electrons on the gravitational wave cannot travel faster than the speed of light on which they are radiated directionally. How can you see anything at all in a spaceship travelling exactly at the speed of light, we ask? Because the spaceship shields all gravitational waves, and it can only do that because it itself produces gravitational waves that have a stronger effect than those of a sun. Why then does the spaceship not attract matter particles if it has such a high attraction, we ask? Because the spaceship is lighter than a feather. The spaceship will do something that will make the consciousness fractals of the spaceship think that it has no mass at all. A particle of light has mass, a spaceship does not, because the matter of the spaceship has been given a new purpose and the purpose is – the mass is zero, because the spaceship can now be seen as an astral object, but present on the mundane world. The spaceship does not lose its holding power, but the holding power is reduced. Since the spaceship with contents has no mass, nothing can pull on the spaceship to give it a weight in relation to its surroundings. A spaceship can travel through a Sun at the speed of light or faster and nothing would happen to the spaceship, the occupants or the Sun because, firstly, there are no holding forces acting against each other, nor can the Sun and the spaceship negotiate their weight with each other because the gravitational waves only act on objects with a mass and thus cause an electrostatic attraction between the objects. In order for the spaceship to be able to negotiate its own gravity, the consciousness fractals in the atoms of the spaceship must be temporarily recalibrated. On the astral plane, each consciousness fractal receives its destination because the translator knows what kind of consciousness fractal it is, and since the translator assigns a certain potential to the consciousness fractal, which the consciousness fractal sends out into mundane space with each gravitational wave, it also receives mass through this. However, the consciousness fractal in an atom can also be persuaded not to use potential. The spaceship and its occupants resemble an astral object, although they do not travel on the astral plane but on the mundane plane. The spaceship generates the energy for this and the total energy field of the spaceship is changed to such an extent that within this energy field matter has no mass. Furthermore, the holding power of the atoms within the energy field is reduced so that the energy field with all that makes up the energy field can pass through any other matter and thus objects without the objects encountering resistance. The Sun will do something in the centre that corresponds to this process just described, only in the opposite way, because the consciousness fractals of the soul have no mass and thus the energy from the cosmic network ensures that this focused bundle of consciousness fractals temporarily has a great deal of mass, because the consciousness fractals are endowed with a great deal of potential by the energy from the cosmic network, so that the mass keeps increasing. The gravitational waves exceed anything you can ever measure as matter, so the Sun, among other things, emits gravitational waves that promote life because they are life. Every life form has a spark of life and the greater the spark of life, the more powerful the life form is and the more potential it has. The life spark of the Sun is life, so these gravitational waves from the centre of the Sun emit this life force and every living being will receive this life force and they will process this life force in their body, therefore sun rays are not only beneficial but also healthy because you charge your own life force with the life force of the Sun. The next and final entry in this series will highlight something that you have paid little attention to until now, but which will surely be of great importance in your future, as we will explain to you why advanced civilisations do not experience energy shortages. It is easier to do than you might think. We will illuminate the theory behind it and perhaps one or two people will see the light.

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