A0735: If a photon of light represents a wave, why does it also react like a particle? – Part 3

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We will now quote a short summary so that the most important things are clear to you. A fractal of consciousness generates waves of consciousness at the quantum level. These waves of consciousness travel through space at the quantum level, which is the same as the astral planes and your mundane world. Where on the quantum plane a fractal of consciousness generates these waves of consciousness, on the astral plane it is endowed with potential through the translator. Where the wave starts in quantum space, it is also given potential on the astral plane and the same point of space is also present on the mundane world, so that all three spaces exist simultaneously in the universe. You know the mundane space a little and meditators and astral travellers will also partially perceive the astral planes, but the Ether or rather the plane of quanta cannot be travelled or experienced by you at this time because the plane of quanta is something that seems incomprehensible to you. If you could perceive yourselves as pure consciousness, then you would know the feeling of travelling on the quantum plane. You cannot experience the quantum plane, for you cannot until you are only a spiritual being again. At the moment you are more than that, even if other abilities are limited. You are more than a spiritual being could ever be, because you are a life form limited in time, which is not the case with a spiritual being. You experience worldly space with all your senses, which we do not have in that way. We don’t know hunger or thirst, we don’t live with an ego that dictates how we should behave and we don’t know all the worldly cravings because that is all dictated by the body and not the pure consciousness that inhabits the body. What has all this to do with the actual subject, we ask? Not much, but we wanted to bring it up because still so many people think that they are the body, which is totally wrong. You use the body to experience yourselves on the worldly plane. A wave of consciousness experiences the worldly plane in the same way. The fractal of consciousness on the quantum plane will send out impulses that travel at the speed of light in the space of quanta, and since the impulse of emergence arises in space exactly where the fractal of consciousness is also present in the space of the astral plane, this wave will progress on the astral plane as fast as it does on the quantum plane. If these two planes could be interpreted like transparent foils, then put them on top of each other and on the same spatial coordinate would be a fractal of consciousness that sends out this wave of consciousness. If the wave leaves the consciousness fractal, then this energetic bubble is enriched with potential on the astral plane. The translator, who recodes everything on the astral plane, knows what kind of consciousness fractal it is that is emitting this wave of consciousness, and depending on what the consciousness fractal represents, the wave on the astral plane receives the associated potential. On the two transparent foils, which, laid one on top of the other, represent the space that your universe occupies in the spiritual world, these waves will now progress congruently, passing through the two spaces at the speed of light. Let us assume that the fractal of consciousness was of a sun, the one you gaze at every day. Something similar is happening now on the worldly plane. In the sun there is this fractal of consciousness, so that a transparent sheet of the worldly plane, which is now placed over the transparent sheets of the other planes, represents the same space. The fractal of consciousness has its origin on the quantum plane and the spatial coordinate that the fractal of consciousness occupies there is congruent on the astral and mundane planes, so that the wave of consciousness that this fractal of consciousness emits at the speed of light is present on the same spatial coordinate on all three planes – with one small difference. The wave is endowed with potential on the astral plane, which undergoes a change on the mundane plane. If the wave of consciousness has been enriched with potential and continues on its way, it has now received a destination on the astral plane. The destiny of the wave is meant for the worldly plane, so that on the quantum plane and on the astral plane the wave proceeds unhindered at the speed of light. On the worldly plane it is different, because now the destiny of the wave ensures that it behaves differently from a wave that has been given a different destiny. Now that the wave has been given a purpose, because the translator on the astral plane made sure that it was given potential, we call this kind of wave the gravitational wave, which makes sure that you experience attraction, among other things. The wave of consciousness is transformed into a gravitational wave shortly after it leaves the fractal of consciousness, because on the astral plane each particle of matter is associated with a particular fractal of consciousness, so that it can be said: Your worldly space is interspersed with innumerable consciousness fractals on the quantum level and on the astral level each consciousness fractal receives its destination, so that the consciousness fractal is enriched with potential by the translator, because the translator knows which consciousness fractal is to be used for what. If the consciousness fractal has been enriched with potential on the astral plane, it will mostly represent an atom on the mundane plane and since all three planes are superimposed on your reality, an atom is home to a consciousness fractal that has been enriched with potential on the astral plane so that it represents a particle of matter on the mundane plane. Our fractal of consciousness in the sun is very special because its destiny is to be light so that living beings can exist. The gravitational wave has the potential to pull plasma particles from the corona of a sun and together they make their way across the space of your universe. Few particles of light ride the gravitational wave to the end of your universe because there are many other particles of matter along the way that will affect the light particle. If a light particle hits the surface of the earth at the speed of light, the surface of the earth is heated because the kinetic energy of the gravitational wave is converted into work. The light particle that enjoyed the ride on the gravitational wave to the earth will do the same, but the kinetic energy is so small that it can do little. The light particle shines because this process is continuously supported by the gravitational wave as long as there is still enough potential in the gravitational wave. Since the plasma particle has mass, the holding force it emits will prevent it from travelling through the planet as the gravitational wave is doing. The plasma particle is deflected as a reflection of light and loses its luminosity after a short distance. The gravitational wave has now left many plasma particles on the surface of the Earth, so it now has to give off less energy to make the remaining plasma particles glow. Many effects are known to you, but no one can see the bigger picture behind them because no one dares to include the spiritual world in their considerations. Now what happens to the gravitational wave, we ask? When the atom creates the gravitational bubble, which then leaves the particle of matter at the speed of light, something happens that we explained in the series on mass, so that the atoms of the sun support each other so that the potential of the gravitational bubble keeps increasing. When the gravitational bubble is created in the Sun, it will take a while for it to reach the surface of the Sun because now the solar processes will ensure that the gravitational bubble continues to be provided with potential. The atoms amongst themselves will increase the potential and the consciousness fractals of the soul of the sun, which gave rise to the sun in the first place, will also create gravitational bubbles that will leave the sun. We told you that the consciousness at the centre of the Sun ensured that many particles of matter were attracted and that these particles formed an outer shell which then later reflected the outer appearance of the Sun. This also meant that the composition cannot be homogeneous. The envelope will be made up of atoms of different types and the energetic centre must be something else, but everything that makes up the Sun will emit gravitational waves that interact with each other and we also think that the gravitational bubbles from the centre of the Sun contain something that supports life, whereas the shell is more responsible for providing the kinetic energy for the stellar system. When a consciousness is focussed on the level of quanta, many consciousness fractals that have been subtracted from the usual space unite there in the spatial coordinates. By concentrating fractals of consciousness there, the fractals of consciousness elsewhere are missing, which are now evenly balanced by the fractals of consciousness at the quantum level, but around the focussed space of fractals of consciousness there will be an area that has fewer fractals of consciousness than there are in the rest of space, so the attraction there is also less. If there is less attraction there, the speed of light is not higher there, but it is faster than in the usual space, where the plasma particle riding the gravitational wave is pulled from all directions with different strength. The speed of light is constant on the quantum plane, but the mundane plane has provisions that ensure that the plasma particle on the gravitational bubble is deflected and especially slowed down, which we will reveal with some examples in the next part.

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