A0734: If a photon of light represents a wave, why does it also react like a particle? – Part 2

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If you could see a photon of light, you would quickly realise why it should be a particle and if you were to investigate how this particle reacts to its environment, particles would not be able to do so. What distinguishes a particle from a wave, we ask? A particle, according to your doctrine, is a physical object and a wave is an effect of something. That something can be many things, but if we were to examine electrical machines, those machines use electricity to do physical work. Electricity also has to originate somewhere and this is where your attempts at explanation fail because you have many assumptions about it but no postulated explanatory model describes how electricity is really put together. Let’s take an electric motor and look at what is created in that motor. When electricity flows through the coils, a magnetic field is created that causes an internal wave to rotate by constantly reversing polarity. The electricity was produced beforehand and we will address this process in later blog entries because the flow of electricity is something that to this day is not even understood by anyone in depth. When the rotor turns in the motor, voltage differences will cause the electric field to constantly reverse polarity and when this happens, electric waves are emitted because the magnetic field also experiences a reversal of polarity. Whenever a magnetic field realigns, it sends an impulse wave through the Ether, which in turn is processed by other living beings or machines so that the potential of the wave can be used further. What is the potential of a wave, we ask? The potential is kinetic energy, which every living being will absorb because kinetic energy is a universal type of energy that all life forms can use. What exactly constitutes kinetic energy, we ask? Kinetic energy is the effort to transform energy. If you want to use an electromechanical wave, you take a piece of iron and encase it in a conductive material. This apparatus will create an energy field that you can use in many ways. The kinetic energy is taken from the Ether because they criss-cross the universe as electromechanical waves. These electromechanical waves carry great potential, but you can hardly use them because you have not yet understood their structure, so that the above apparatus is absolutely inefficient for extracting energy from the Ether. What is this Ether supposed to be, we ask? The Ether is the quantum level on which all consciousness fractals of everything that exists in your universe are deposited. It is only because consciousnesses are present on the quantum level that you have something like a universe and can measure what constitutes mass. At the quantum level there is mental entanglement between the consciousnesses of living beings, and since every particle of matter is endowed with a consciousness, every object has a consciousness. Wherever an object exists, consciousness will also create an energy field that is located between the physical world and the quantum plane and is the astral interface that connects these two planes. What has all this to do with the potential of electromechanical waves, we ask? The wave is generated on the quantum level by certain consciousnesses that pursue certain tasks there. The quantum plane, as well as the astral planes, share the same space with the physical world, so the quantum waves first travel through the astral planes to receive the potential there, which can then be received in your physical world by the life forms. These electromechanical waves pass through your physical world and each life form will not only receive these waves, but the biological body will use the kinetic energy in the waves to start and keep physical processes going. Living beings that are shielded from these vital electromechanical waves will exhibit many physical symptoms that indicate the body will not survive long in this landscape. The electromechanical waves can be influenced to cause life forms to leave an area that needs rest. The energy fields of the planets are capable of this, as is your radio transmission technology, so in the long run the consumption of radio waves can damage your biological system as much as overpopulated areas on Earth. Overpopulation in these areas creates a different energy field than on land. The planet will react to the overexploitation of nature and the overall energy field of a city will also be altered by the number of living beings, so that the electromechanical waves that are essential for survival and that are sent out from the Ether can no longer penetrate to the city population. Your living habits then ensure that this process is accelerated, so that diseases accumulate especially in overpopulated areas, which statistically are much less common in the countryside. These electromechanical waves carry with them the potential that ensures in life forms that the body can handle vital processes. These electromechanical waves cannot yet be generated by you, but you can generate radio waves that interfere with or attenuate these waves, although you cannot shield them completely. If there are electromechanical waves that originate in the Ether, what else is there that originates in the Ether, we ask? Light! Light is produced in the Ether and the light is then transformed at the phase transition to physical space as a particle of light. The quantum level will produce waves that are very unusual because waves have a speed of propagation that does not diminish on the quantum level but are affected in physical space depending on how much consciousness is present. When this unusual wave is generated as a bubble on the quantum level, it propagates at the speed of light because the third major level dictates how fast light speed progresses in your universe. Light speed is defined differently in other universes and light speed depends on the settings the Wingmakers gave the universe before the Big Bang. These particular waves are called consciousness waves by us because every consciousness emits these kinds of waves, so the potential of these consciousness waves is the same at the quantum level and only enriched with further potential at the astral levels. Depending on what the fractal of consciousness is, the translator will determine the potential that is then modelled on that wave. A particle of matter emits particle waves which we call gravitational waves and if the consciousness is very large and inhabits a planet, these gravitational waves will have great potential. When the consciousness is so vast that it is to become a star, a very special procedure is held and has been since the beginning of your time. The soul that wishes to inhabit a star becomes more and more conscious at a point in space and this point of consciousness is connected to the cosmic network of energies that permeates your entire Universe. All the energy that makes up your Universe, which is not attributed to any solid matter, is transferred through the cosmic network to where it is needed and when the point of consciousness has been connected, large amounts of energy are first directed there so that an energetic centre is created there. When matter is available in this area, this energetic centre attracts the particles of matter and because the attraction gives them a direction of action towards the energetic centre, the particles of matter are attracted and deflected as in a vortex, which will result in a planetary dust disk. The energetic centre now not only contains energy, but matter forms an outer shell and the energetic centre, so that many things are now happening that are well known to your astrophysicists and we also think that, with a few exceptions, this solar formation process is understood. The consciousness at the centre of the Sun is constantly producing waves of consciousness at the quantum level, which are enriched with energies from the translator at the astral levels, so that strong gravitational waves leave the energetic centre of the Sun. When these gravitational waves pass the surface of the Sun, they are again enriched with energy particles so that a plasma particle is carried away by a gravitational wave. This plasma particle is carried by the gravitational wave and since this plasma particle is constantly enriched by the potential of the gravitational wave, it seems as if this plasma particle never wants to stop shining, which can also be measured in this way. However, the ride on the gravitational wave is not without consequences for the plasma particle. We will discuss the consequences in the next part and we will review the most important findings at the beginning of the next part so that we can discuss the topic of light in more and more detail. If that was tough stuff for you, read the two blog entries again so that you become more and more aware of the subtleties.

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