A0733: If a photon of light represents a wave, why does it also react like a particle? – Part 1

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What we are about to explain to you in a short series will not only unravel the mystery of light, but we will enrich your consciousness with explanatory models that will make many things understandable, so that you can integrate this knowledge into the concepts we have already presented, without having to revise knowledge we have already passed on. You do not need to be physicists, nor do you need to have ever studied the subject of light, because we are starting from scratch and this was a moment in the creation of your Universe. The Wingmakers used the settings of a previous universe and they reconfigured it to create your universe, but they went further because they also used forms of energy for your universe that were rarely used before. Your Universe is already something special to explain, but not in this series. In order for something new to come into being in your universe, they used matter, which is massed as energy in the second main plane of the spiritual world. This matter is not solid as you know it, but the main plane of matter has a very special form of energy that we call the dark energy. This dark energy is different from the dark energies that separated the other main planes because this dark energy is the predominant form of energy at the level of matter. Any energy form can be tempted to form intermediate energy forms when it is separated from another energy form by the dark energy. The phase transition to dark energy will always give rise to new intermediate energies that have new properties. The main plane of matter is surrounded by two other forms of energy. The first main level is responsible for diverting quantities of energy because, among other things, it transports all the information that has something to do with physical life. The third main level has something to do with biological life. By this we mean all forms of life that exist not only in the plane of matter, but there are also innumerable subplanes that serve as homes for quasi-life forms. These quasi-life forms represent the first attempts of Wingmakers to create biological life. The third main level is made up of different sub-levels, all of which have something in common, for they carry life within them. What exactly do we mean by this, we ask? What is life? We have to clarify that first. Life means being a form of life that exists for a limited time. What is time, we ask? Time is a yardstick devised for bodily life forms to define a temporal existence. We are spiritual beings, we know a linear sequence of actions, but time does not usually play a significant role for us, so our existence is also not limited in time. As long as All That Is exists, every spiritual being will exist. A living being has an expiry date and so that it can also be determined when this moment has come, a time base was created. Life is limited in time and if the third main energy level accommodates life, then the time scale is defined in this energy level that will let you end bodily life at some point. Life means to exist in a time-limited manner, so that immortality would mean that the being can no longer be a living being. Your temporal scale on earth is based on decay periods of elements that you measure, but actually time is something completely different. If you know how fast a photon of light can travel in a vacuum chamber, then you also know how time is defined, because you have correctly determined that the speed of light is constant – but only under certain conditions. If light travels a certain distance in your space, then you can infer the time it takes for a photon of light to travel back. If the speed of light is to be the same throughout your universe, then time is also the same everywhere and since your astrophysicists can draw conclusions to the contrary, there must be another force that can influence time and that is gravity. What is gravity, we ask? Gravity is the possibility that two bodies can negotiate a weight between themselves and this is only possible because different particles of matter emit different kinds of gravitational waves that produce attractive forces that act as electrostatic attraction, just like in a spider’s web. We described how someone can imagine such a thing in the series on matter. What are matter particles, we ask? Matter particles are atoms that house a fractal of consciousness at their core and depending on how much potential the fractal of consciousness has, different strengths of gravitational bubbles are created which then hit other gravitational waves from other objects as gravitational waves. Every form in your universe has its own energy field and this energy field determines how the gravitational waves are handled in the object, because in the energy field of the object the information is stored how this object has changed over time. Since the matter particles are constantly generating these gravitational bubbles, there must also be a time base for this and that is your speed of light. The total energy field will ensure that the distances between the gravitational bubbles are equal to the speed of light, but the gravitational bubbles in the object will be emitted by the matter particles at a different speed. Why is this, we ask? There is a different time base inside the object than outside the object. This sounds strange, but if we recall how this time base is defined, it becomes clear quite quickly that the consciousness in a particle of matter determines how fast a moment lasts. A moment is the possibility of a fractal of consciousness to experience itself. Everyone knows the feeling that time either runs or never wants to progress, and it always depends on what state of consciousness you are experiencing. When you are highly concentrated, time races, but when you are bored, time never seems to pass. When you witness a double-slit experiment, the light particles are doing the same thing because they are interacting with their environment in their ordinary state of consciousness. When you observe the experiment, you notice that different results are now generated by the experiment than when you do it unobserved. When you observe the experiment, you are enriching the fractal of consciousness in the light particle and the light particle is experiencing its moment differently. Time in the light particle will now pass more quickly so that the light particle has different properties. If by observing the double-slit experiment you enrich the fractal of consciousness of the light particle because you transfer potential to that light particle at the quantum level, then you change the properties because the light particle now has more potential. If it has more potential, it will react differently to its environment. If your thought power can influence the light particle, then very large consciousnesses can also influence many other particles and this also happens in a black hole because the black hole actually has a lot of mass, but not in the way that you assume. When you look at a black hole, at first you don’t see anything because even the light particles are influenced so much that their mass, which is held by the fractal of consciousness at the quantum level, is deflected towards the black hole by the electrostatic attraction. But the black hole is also a hole and this hole actually has hardly any mass, so how then does this electrostatic attraction arise that attracts entire solar systems, we ask? This attraction is exactly where the black hole appears, but in a different time. We told you in the series on black holes that the universe creates tunnels through time to transfer matter in the form of black matter from one time to another time. This gives the Universe the opportunity to create something new again and again and where you think the black matter is, the matter has been transferred, but as you cannot detect anything in a black hole, you cannot detect anything on the other side of the black hole because the consciousness that maintains the time tunnel in that place is so powerful that there is a state of being where time seems to stand still. We also discussed this extensively in the series on black holes. You do not see matter in the place where you suspect black matter to be because the time tunnel is still active there and you are observing the back side of a black hole, so to speak, which leads into another time of your universe. But we were talking about time itself, so we want to finish this train of thought. Time is created by the fact that living beings can only live for a limited time, so the Wingmakers established a benchmark, which you discovered to be the speed of light. Matter particles live a moment and the basis of this moment is the speed of light, but since different matter particles carry different potentials, this reference value is bent so that a matter particle can also have different properties. If different properties of matter particles ensure that gravitation arises through the electrostatic attraction between objects, then time plays a subordinate role in this, because it always depends only on how high the potential of a consciousness fractal in an atom turns out to be. Today we have made a sweep through all the topics that we have already addressed as blog entries, so this first blog entry in this series can be seen as a repetition. In the next blog entry we will deepen the knowledge of this and we say already now that we will reveal something that will show the whole existence in an extraordinary light. Don’t be depressed if you think you can hardly comprehend this information so far, because the next blog entries will make the connections clearer and clearer. 

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