A0732: How are dreams loaded into a crystal?

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The crystal should be prepared and you should also provide a room where you want to store your dreams, because a dream should always reveal something that you are not usually aware of immediately. When you awaken from the dream, you do not have long to store the dream unchanged, because a dream quickly fades and then only works unconsciously within you. Yes, you have understood correctly, the dream works within you and wants to be understood. We have told you that you become conscious as a part of your personality consciousness on our prepared dream stage and that every night, even if you cannot remember it. You become conscious on the dream stage and we teach you what usually has something to do with togetherness in society so that you can better understand yourself or other beings, which always results in a more human togetherness. These trainings are done every day by us with you on the dream stage and most people either do not remember these trainings or they pay little attention to the training so it seems that we do it for nothing, but far from it. Everything you have ever experienced is stored within you, even though many people can hardly comprehend this, but it is so and when you travel within your own or other inner universes you will find exactly that. The dreams and all the imaginings you have ever had are also part of it, so these dreams are never lost, even if you usually do not remember them or only remember them very briefly. Everything you experience has changed your fractal of consciousness, and we have discussed this at length. In a consciousness fractal there are also memory stores that record the moments you have experienced with all the details that you perceive consciously and also unconsciously. Not every consciousness fractal also has the memories available that another consciousness fractal provides, so that different consciousness fractals of yours store different memories. It always depends on how much consciousness you apply to a task. Suppose you are driving a car and singing a song. Then two subconsciousnesses of your personality consciousness are busy coordinating these two actions. One subconsciousness will be driving the car and one is busy singing a song. Depending on where you put your focus, you become more conscious in one subconsciousness, so the personality consciousness sets a maximum number of consciousness fractals that are now divided between these two subconsciousnesses of the personality consciousness. Suppose you have given both subconsciousnesses the same number of fractals of consciousness, then your attention is on both subconsciousnesses. Now you are driving a long and monotonous distance in your car so that the subconsciousness for singing a song gets more attention and in the course of this the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are redistributed. The subconsciousness for singing now receives consciousness fractals from the subconsciousness for driving the car. You will now sing better because you have more consciousness fractals available to perform this action better. Now you have been singing for a while and suddenly and unexpectedly you have arrived at the destination of your car journey. You can remember the singing in the car very well, but you are hardly aware of the drive itself, because the subconsciousness for driving the car had fewer consciousness fractals available than the other subconsciousness, so that although in this subconsciousness all the consciousness fractals have stored the memory of the car drive, in relation to the subconsciousness for singing fewer consciousness fractals have these memories, which leads to the person being able to remember the singing better than the car drive. Thus you are constantly switching attention back and forth between several subconsciousnesses of the personality consciousness without being aware of it. If a dream is nothing but driving a car or warbling songs, the memories will be present in the consciousness fractals, but because only a small subconsciousness of your personality consciousness was conscious in a dream, only a few consciousness fractals will have the memories of it. It is the same with astral journeys, because it is only after the astral journey that you are really aware that you have undertaken such a thing. The more conscious you are during an astral journey, the better you can remember it later. When you manage to gather all your personality consciousness into a single consciousness, you are very aware so that you can work on one thing with high concentration. When you awaken from sleep, you are first in a twilight state from which you slowly awaken and become more and more conscious. If you are not yet fully conscious, many fractals of consciousness still have the memory from the dream, so you remember it at first. As you become more and more conscious and therefore more and more awake, your consciousness grows, so to speak, because the body consciousness now attracts more and more free consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness and the ratio reverses because now the personality consciousness consists of more consciousness fractals that were not present on the dream stage and therefore have no memories of it in their memory store. The dream fades and you can hardly remember it. However, the information from the training on the dream stage is still there and will be relocated during the day because the memory stores in the energy field are now being filled with the memories from the dream. Your energy field also consists of the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation and so that all memory stores are filled with the experiences, all consciousness fractals are synchronised during the day so that not one memory exists in a few consciousness fractals. When the memories are synchronised, you remember again and the dream flashes in your mind. When this happens, the personality consciousness will always consciously or unconsciously re-evaluate the dream because now the thinking power is much higher and many insights are gained that will expand the consciousness fractal again. So you will learn from the dreams even if you are not consciously aware of it. How can you now load the memory of a dream into a crystal, we ask? When you awaken, take the crystal and go to the room where you want to archive your dreams. You must hurry or you will be too late and the memory will fade. Go into the room, put a jar in front of you and, like Harry Potter in front of the Pensieve, draw your memory out of you. It is only the imagination of it that counts and your consciousness knows very well what you are about to do. As you are still in a kind of twilight state, your visualisation ability will be particularly well developed and you can then archive the memory as you please. It does not matter what method you use to do this, because just the thought of it is enough to bring the dream into the vessel. If you want to go on an astral journey, you can do it in the same way, but during the astral journey you can have the crystal with you beforehand and before you project your consciousness back onto the body, quickly store your memory of it in a vessel so that you can relive the experience later or another person can look at your experience, but the experience cannot be relived so intensely by the other person. If you can archive dreams in this way, you can also archive everyday situations, because in principle this does not require a different procedure. It is best to always carry the crystal with you and train during the day to become conscious with a partial consciousness in the crystal when your eyes are open, so that you develop an automatism that lets you become conscious in a moment in your room with the archived experiences and when you notice that something is happening right now that you want to archive, then you become conscious with a partial consciousness in the crystal and let the experience flow directly into a vessel. At first you have to consciously concentrate on it, but once you have practice, this process is very intuitive and it becomes a habit. So you can archive everything that seems important to you, but at some point you will have to structure the archive because otherwise you will not be able to find your way around. If you still know approximately what you are looking for, then you can also instruct the crystal consciousness to reveal these archived memories to you. Even if you archive your entire life in this way, even the smallest and most impure crystal will not reach its capacity limits.

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