A0731: Are the consciousnesses of heart and mind people different?

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These two types of human beings populate your planet because they are basic types that will hardly change. The Incarnation will decide before incarnation which basic type of human being is better suited to the physical life, but the vast majority on your planet are of the heart type. There are also many mind people, but the heart people predominate. A heart person is usually perceived as such immediately, because the open and hearty nature always shines through, no matter in which region a heart person is born. A mind person is not immediately recognised as what he actually is because, on the one hand, a mind person can also act cordially and, on the other hand, many people of the heart are sometimes reserved in their behaviour, so that these two basic types are not always clearly identifiable in the masses. What distinguishes these two basic types, we ask? People of the heart are spontaneous and open to everything, you would think, but that is not quite the case because a person of the heart has a different radiation than a person of the mind. What kind of radiation is that, we ask? Your second energy body emits frequencies that transmit information to other energy bodies of other beings that can be decoded indirectly by those beings. A heart person does not radiate heart goodness, but only frequencies that reflect their current state of mind. If a person is stressed or angry without obviously communicating this state of mind visibly through their body, then other people will instinctively sense this state of mind and their bodies will immediately react to it so that they will feel discomfort, which signals to them that a situation could escalate. Very sensitive people will sense this very strongly and not so sensitive people will fall into the trap and the situation will escalate. The second energy body sends out every state of mind as a frequency pattern so that they can influence other beings. A woman of childbearing age will emit frequencies that stimulate the sex drive in men. When men rise to become great teachers, whom we commonly call gurus, these gurus emit frequencies that are received by potential disciples. These disciples are stimulated by these frequencies and they will emulate and support the guru, because that is also the purpose for these frequencies of the second energy body. The frequencies are either emitted or received so that there is a hidden communication of your bodies that you are hardly aware of consciously. A heart person will send out the frequencies for heart people and mind people send out frequencies for mind people, so the consciousness of these two basic types is not different, only the frequencies in the second energy body that represent these two basic types. There is, however, a third type of human being that arises very rarely and this type of human being emits both frequencies. This third type of human being represents a hermaphrodite of the basic types and is not offered in this way at all before incarnation. This third type of human being only arises during bodily life, so that one day a human being of the heart decides not to be a human being of the heart any more and when he no longer wants to open up because these situations overwhelm him, then the body disguises itself. One day the second energy body is forced to also emit the frequency for a mind person because the person has learned to control their emotions. This change in behaviour happens at a young age because the heart person belongs to a type of person we have already mentioned – true introverts and highly sensitive persons are rare and when they are born it is not by chance, but these persons are needed on earth to initiate a change in society. True introverts and highly sensitive people have a gift that would deeply disturb most people, but these people have lived with it all their lives and it will never change unless they start shutting themselves off from the outside world at a young age because they are deeply disturbed by other people’s feelings and emotions. You do not know at all what dramas take place in a normal conversation between two people, because every conversation, every communication that is not spoken, is captured unfiltered by these real introverts and highly sensitive people through their second energy body. What you do not perceive at all, or simply overlook because you do not want to pay attention to the action, will be received, processed and acted upon by these persons, whereby these persons will not only receive it as information, but their bodies will express this information in the way that the persons who are sending out this information feel. Most of the time this information is not replicated in the strength that the original person feels, but the physical reaction is there. Why are there persons who feel so much suffering, we ask? Because they are teachers who are supposed to teach people how to improve their togetherness and for that it is imperative that these teachers can also understand all people. They are excellent observers and they not only observe human behaviour, but they can also recognise patterns of behaviour in animals and insects that explain to them why these creatures act the way they do. When such people are born, they usually grow up in an environment that knows how to treat their uniqueness, so that these individuals grow into a family in which they can find refuge and also protection at any time. If for some reason this environment is not given, then these children are completely defenceless every day and they have to endure all the feelings and the information of other beings without finding a moment’s peace. This ordeal is too much one day, so the children change, but this rarely happens. They start by mentally leaving their environment so that they only perceive reality when it is necessary. We don’t mean the daydreamers who imagined a lot of things in order to do something else for a moment, but the consciousness of these children tries to escape the world because they see reality as a punishment. They can’t stand it any more and since they don’t use drugs yet, they mentally withdraw from reality. One day the partial consciousnesses have no choice but to free the child from this torment and they cause the body consciousness that the second energy body should now radiate the frequencies of the mind people, which has the following effect. The second energy body receives and sends out frequencies, but if only one frequency is to be processed for a basic type, then the partial consciousness in the second energy body has a certain potential for this in order to be able to process everything correctly. But if the second energy body is now to process frequencies for both basic types, this information can only be processed in a reduced way because this second energy body is now heavily burdened. The child now only receives weakened signals from the other persons, but it is still a highly sensitive child who reveals introverted character traits. This transformation of the second energy body will now ensure that the child comes back to reality, but the damage has already been done because this transformation was never foreseen. These children are special because the burden is now even heavier than if they were just true introverts and highly sensitive children. They only receive reduced information, so that they will never really react to their fellow human beings. Reticence describes their behaviour best, although they radiate outwardly the frequencies for heart and mind people, they themselves can only process these frequencies in a very reduced way. Their high sensitivity has remained because it is a gift, but now they are becoming more and more introverted because no one really understands them. All people are attracted to these people, but the radiation and their behaviour are in contradiction. Mind people will immediately find something to analyse at length and mind people are immediately perdu, but this kind of person seems to be opaque and both basic types do not understand why they are attracted to these persons, although these persons do not seem to be their kind of person after all. A heart person hardly understands the actions of a mind person, but both types of people cannot do anything with this kind of person, even though they are physically attracted to this kind of person. This type of person knows exactly the behaviour of heart people and mind people because they have the gift of high sensitivity in them, but they will never find access to these people, so that these types of people can only actually find people who seem to fit their type among highly sensitive people. These types of people are very rare and no one can really figure them out because not only do they have a gift in them, but strictly speaking they are the loneliest people on earth. The reason these two basic types of people exist is so that different groups can come together to live duality. When duality is lived, it always generates some kind of change and society can progress. Now there are these two basic types and no matter where two beings of one basic type find each other, they will understand each other quite quickly, but this type of person does not belong to any group because none of the basic types can read and understand this type of person. Can this type of person also be disguised again into a person of the heart, we ask? No, it is almost impossible. They are very smart and they will integrate, but they will never experience the feeling that they belong somewhere, so they can hardly do anything themselves that could improve their situation. They will also one day no longer aspire to belong anywhere, so they will always remain strange people, but they can read other people like an open book, because their gift will always remain. 

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