A0730: What else is there to know about incarnational consciousness? – Part 3

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The incarnation consciousness lies in the incarnation cube in the spiritual world. The conglomerate of partial consciousnesses present there is structured in the following way.

  • Partial consciousness, which is not incarnated. 
  • Body consciousness, which does not originate from the incarnation and is no longer present after the bodily life, because body consciousness always originates from the soul of the planet from which the bodily being descends. 
  • Partial consciousness, which is assigned to the personality consciousness.
  • Partial consciousness which is said to inhabit the first astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is said to inhabit the second astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is to inhabit the third astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is to inhabit the fourth astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is to inhabit the fifth astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is to inhabit the sixth astral plane.
  • Partial consciousness which is to inhabit the seventh astral plane.

This conglomerate of 10 partial consciousnesses will ensure that the bodily living being can exist. In order for this to be possible, the incarnation cube has an incarnation tunnel which is passed through several times during incarnation, because at first the incarnation still has the option of not entering the bodily life, but after some trial and error, the partial consciousnesses remain in the life form and only return to the incarnation cube after death. When the partial consciousnesses are created, so that each partial consciousness also receives its task, the incarnation proceeds as follows:

  1. The first subconsciousness to separate the incarnation will be the sixth subconsciousness, which will inhabit the sixth astral plane. This subconsciousness is the most powerful subconsciousness that will incarnate.
  2. The other six subconsciousnesses will be separated and each of these subconsciousnesses will inhabit one astral plane that the planet provides. If the planet provides only three astral planes instead of seven, there will be only two more subconsciousnesses instead of six. All the consciousnesses are not yet disguised so that the incarnation exists as several beings in parallel. We do this often and frankly it is not a big deal in the spiritual world.
  3. The partial consciousness for the personality consciousness is separated and this consciousness is also the unaltered incarnation, so that the incarnation has now created eight separate consciousnesses.

All eight partial consciousnesses are the incarnation and the incarnation consciousness, what remained after the separated partial consciousnesses, will not incarnate and remains in the incarnation cube. All nine partial consciousnesses are the incarnation and no matter what they deliberate, they will always make a unanimous decision because they constitute one being. Each partial consciousness would solve a task in the same way, only that some partial consciousnesses can work out the solution more quickly – this always has to do with how many consciousness fractals a partial consciousness received after the separation. Partial consciousnesses that received few consciousness fractals think more slowly, but they always arrive at the same solution. Each partial consciousness that was separated from the incarnation consciousness now receives its task and for this the remaining incarnation consciousness must adjust the attitudes of these partial consciousnesses. We mean that we have not yet given enough background knowledge to discuss the concept of adjusting in detail, so for now we will only talk about adjusting the subconsciousnesses so that the subconsciousness also fits the task. If the subconsciousnesses have been adjusted, then all subconsciousnesses will now find a different solution for a task, because other frequency patterns are now more active than before. The personality has been somewhat adjusted without changing the core personality of the incarnation. All subconsciousnesses are now ready to take the next step and for this the subconsciousness that is to represent the personality consciousness must be prepared. This subconsciousness has also been disguised so that it behaves differently in some situations than the incarnation would. The personality consciousness now plays out the issues of the incarnated being so that these moments are present in the personality consciousness when they are needed one day. Not every incarnation undertakes this act, but those who assume that the bodily life form will one day seek contact in the spiritual world have then made provision, because the incarnated personality consciousness may remember it. Let us suppose that the personality consciousness is striding through a corridor and everywhere there are small superstructures to represent something that is supposed to be a part of the bodily life. A small luminous sun might betray an inclination towards astronomy. A puppet theatre with a lot to see could indicate that the incarnated being has to go through many trainings and tests because the incarnation has chosen a task for life. Each training can be interpreted like a play, because the main actor is led through many plot lines, where the main actor will experience ups and downs until the climax of the play is reached and the training has been completed. The main actor is you and everything else is the stage. If you know nothing about it, you will be surprised that you always seem to attract the same and difficult situations, but then you have not played the stage performance properly as the main actor, so it is always repeated. One day the rehearsals usually turn into a first performance in which you have done everything right. If you discover bizarre things while sifting through the corridor, then unusual moments await you that have something to do with either spiritual or extraterrestrial beings. If the incarnation wants to experience a balloon ride or a parachute jump, then this can also be represented as a build-up of some kind. When the personality consciousness has passed through the passage, all memories are taken from the personality consciousness except the memories from the passage with the superstructures. This personality consciousness is in a state of consciousness which you may call brain freeze. The consciousness is now hardly able to accomplish anything. Now that everything has been prepared, the incarnation takes on a basic subtle form, which we will describe another time. This basic form settles into the incarnation cube and now something happens that we have already partly described. The incarnation consciousness enters into a symbiosis with a partial consciousness that is called the body consciousness. This body consciousness enters the incarnation cube through the incarnation tunnel. This symbiosis ensures that the body consciousness uses the remaining subconsciousnesses for what they were created for. The body consciousness has a mental entanglement with the bodily body and because there is a mental entanglement at the quantum level, the partial consciousnesses will remain in the incarnation body, which is in the incarnation cube, but the mental entanglement ensures that these partial consciousnesses are located in the energy field of the bodily body. The energy field does not exist on the worldly plane, but on the astral plane of the earth. The body consciousness carries out its task and ensures that everything runs smoothly so that all the partial consciousnesses can fulfil their destiny. We have left out one subconsciousness, which we called the ego consciousness and which will ensure that you can protect your status in society and your body. This ego consciousness exists, but it does not arise from incarnation, it arises from body consciousness. The body consciousness gives the ego consciousness and in return it receives from the sixth subconsciousness fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness when the sixth subconsciousness feels that the personality consciousness needs help, which can begin immediately. The ego does not belong to you, therefore you need not worry about the ego consciousness, you just must not nurture it. The body consciousness has created the ego consciousness and all people on earth receive the same ego consciousness, therefore egoists are also alike in their actions. Now what does the partial consciousness of the incarnation do that has not incarnated and that has remained in the incarnation cube, we ask? This partial consciousness observes all the other partial consciousnesses, because all the memories of the bodily life are stored in this partial consciousness. This subconsciousness represents the original incarnation and this subconsciousness changes its fractals of consciousness during the bodily life, but differently than the other subconsciousnesses of the incarnation. If the personality consciousness experiences something exciting and the fractal of consciousness changes as a result, then this applies to all the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation as well. The partial consciousness of the original incarnation in the incarnation cube is not affected by this, because this partial consciousness also experiences growth through observation, but it is to be evaluated differently. Why is it practised in this way, we ask? Because the incarnation represents the original consciousness. Should the person die quite early or the personality consciousness degenerate, then the death of the person cannot cause any change in the incarnation, so that only the matured personality consciousness inhabits the spiritual world as a new incarnation after the bodily death. You do not have to live to be 90 years old and you do not have to appear calm and wise, but if you have worked out the character traits of the core personality of the incarnation during the bodily life, then you will be the very person of the earth who rises out of the incarnation cube after death, because then the rest of the incarnation consciousness has also given its consent that the personality consciousness now determines the destiny of the incarnation. We hope that we have been able to shed a little more light on the darkness surrounding the mysterious incarnation. We would like to emphasise one thing again very clearly: Each incarnation usually incarnates only once into a human life and only in exceptional cases will you incarnate again – but this does not apply to the vast majority. When you read that you have to incarnate again and again, these are misunderstandings that have never been properly clarified, so that today myths circulate around them that have little truth content.

Question: Do incarnations also have to live a non-human life?
No. Each incarnation is allowed to live other lives as well, but usually incarnations choose to live a human life or another life form, but no one is forced to live another life, no matter how successful the past life was. There are special incarnations of the 8th major plane or the three major factions who will actually live several lives because they are pursuing a task, but they are very few in relation to the ordinary incarnations, so that even very few readers are such an incarnation. All other incarnations will live only one life and after that the soul’s wish is fulfilled, because the soul chooses incarnations to ask them to live one bodily life so that the soul can live through its incarnational cycle. Not all of its incarnations are asked to do this, so the spiritual world is populated by incarnations that have either never incarnated and may never incarnate and incarnations that have lived some bodily life. These incarnations are not outnumbered, even if you think they are, but there are an incredible number of incarnations in the spiritual world, so that all incarnations will not get the opportunity to live a physical life at some point.

Question: Why do people report that there is a light trap that forces them to incarnate again?
Because they simply do not know any better. There are many people who were given the opportunity to experience past lives so that they could be made aware of this issue and so that they could investigate what could be true about it. The spiritual world has many ways of making a person experience something so that their curiosity is aroused. If these people really started to investigate why they were allowed to experience something like this in the first place, they would soon realise that there is much more to it than experiencing past lives. What exactly does past life experience represent, we ask? When a person is allowed to experience a past life, they are ready for it, but it is usually not their own past life, but the life of another incarnation created by the same soul as the person. Since the created incarnations are of the same type, their lives will also be experienced in such a way that they will actually be felt like your own lives. You may also experience lives of other incarnations that were not created by your soul and you would not perceive the life with as much sensitivity. Experiencing past lives should always entice you to explore further and not stop and philosophise about what these past lives mean. Experiencing a past life is not only possible visually, but you will hear, feel and possibly think everything that these past beings thought. Packets of thoughts will be transmitted that contain much more information than you would first expect, miraculously revealing much information that was not apparent at first. When you are directly confronted with this from the spiritual world – that you are such a person who has already lived countless lives – then you should think about why they are transmitting this information to you. Is it to increase your ego consciousness so that one day you will recognise your arrogance and finally do something about it, or is the training much more subtle because you are now looking for ways to avoid the dilemma of so-called reincarnation. Either way, persons are trained in many ways and individually and the persons who actually reincarnate do so voluntarily because they are pursuing a task and as corporeal beings they can do more on planets than a spiritual being because spiritual beings are bound by rules that do not apply to corporeal beings. To come back to Earth. When we told you over and over again that living on Earth guarantees the greatest increase in power, there is a huge waiting list for incarnating on Earth, where incarnates have to sign up because there are also countless incarnations. You are just about seven billion people on Earth and if we compare this number with the waiting list, then we can clearly state that incarnations on Earth are usually only allowed to live one life so that the other incarnations can also have their turn. All lives are carefully planned in advance because the incarnation cycle of the soul always results in many dependencies that have to be planned far and wide.

Question: What is the black gate supposed to represent that can be taken instead of the light tunnel?
This gate is something that is not what the persons assume. Let us assume that this is not the first time that the spiritual world has been confronted with conspiracy theories on worldly worlds, and let us assume that there are always individuals who do not want to go through the incarnation tunnel because they suspect something terrible behind it, then another hidden exit could ensure that the individual travels through it back into the incarnation cube. The spiritual world does not care what stories the persons then invent about it, because you are only allowed to travel back into the incarnation cube voluntarily. Spiritual beings must not force you to do anything, but if you do not go through the luminous incarnation tunnel, then through the non-luminous tunnel. There are individuals who find out many secrets and tricks, but unfortunately they lack the background knowledge of the spiritual world, so that they cannot properly classify these revelations. Once a mystery has formed around a thing, it will last for a long time, because now many scary storytellers feel encouraged to add their two cents. Don’t trust the spiritual beings because they always want to train you somehow, but don’t believe the scary storytellers either because they always just want to entertain you. You decide which information around this subject is more credible. We can only advise you to consume the entertaining information about it like a good film, because reality usually does not seem to be so exciting. 

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