A0729: What else is there to know about incarnational consciousness? – Part 2

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The incarnational consciousness is to be seen as a cloud of consciousness fractals and each consciousness fractal contains the personality of the being. Each fractal of consciousness reflects the whole evolution of the being, but in it the frequency patterns are hardly discernible, so the fractal of a consciousness does not reveal everything that concerns the being. When you look at a fractal, the outer form repeats itself over and over again as you scrutinise parts of the outer form, so to speak. If the outer form appears quite simple, then we know that the consciousness is simply designed. If the outer form has many features, then the consciousness is more complex. If the outer form seems to consist only of features, then we know that we are facing a consciousness that has already experienced a lot, because every experience does something to a consciousness. Each repetition only strengthens the fractal, but only when you experience many new moments does the fractal also change, which is synonymous with your development as a being. The size of the fractal is just as important as its rich structure, so a large fractal is evidence of much power that the being can use to redirect amounts of energy. A being that has experienced much and therefore enjoyed great development usually has a larger fractal because the being now has strength of will that beings who have a small fractal of consciousness do not have. However, the size of a fractal does not only reflect the strength of will, but in a fractal the development of the being is revealed, which has developed more frequency patterns the larger the fractal appears. If the life history of a being is stored in a consciousness fractal, what is the need for the outer form of the fractal, we ask? The outer form determines the forms of energy that the being can redirect as energy. How is the outer form related to the experiences of a consciousness, we ask? The outer form is only adjusted when the consciousness has learned something new. Repetition only strengthens the frequency pattern, but each new experience of a being causes the outer form to undergo a change so that the consciousness is able to redirect more potent forms of energy more easily. Willpower can be seen as an antithesis, so that a being who has a large but simple fractal of consciousness can achieve the same results with a thought as a small fractal of consciousness that has rich frequency patterns and thus has a very rich outer form. The size of a fractal is determined by its experiences, so that many experiences determine the willpower of a being. What the being has experienced is evident in the fractal and the outer form indicates what the being has mastered. The finer the gradations of the fractal of consciousness, the more different experiences the being has had. Every being will gather experiences in the course of its existence and many experiences then also lead to insights that are reflected as development in the outer form. The experiences strengthen the fractal, but only when knowledge is also gained is the increase in power to be considered extraordinary. You on Earth will gather innumerable experiences in the course of your life and many insights will be generated, which will not only change the fractal of the personality consciousness, but all other subconsciousnesses will also be affected. You are growing as a human being and at the same time as a personality and the rest of the incarnation as well, so that we are already capable of doing much more today than we were before we incarnated into a human life form. We, as the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation, observe life very closely, but the growth we generate by observing the personality consciousness is very little, because we hardly learn anything. However, the personality consciousness learns something new almost every day and because this is so, it is constantly changing our fractals of consciousness. There are phases in a person’s life when he learns a lot and many insights are generated that will change the outer form and it is irrelevant whether the person gains insights that are correct, but the aha effect alone is enough to make the outer fractal form richer. Even if shortly or long after this realisation it turns out that the realisation was wrong, the growth remains, so that a person who dreams and experiences miracles generates a change in his consciousness fractal, even if he wakes up shortly afterwards and realises that it was only a dream. That is why we are constantly teaching you in dreams, so that we can expand our consciousness fractal. If a person shines by being very precise in repetitions, he will only strengthen the frequency patterns in a consciousness fractal, which will lead to him getting a higher will power and therefore also being capable of more than before when he was not so good at repetitions. If a person believes in something without questioning it further, as is often the case with religious or spiritual people, the consciousness fractal would also be positively expanded, because only the belief in something is enough to gain many realisations that do not have to be true at all. Every realisation will expand the outer form of the fractal and since more potent amounts of energy can now be used as a result, this person can also accomplish more with a thought than before, when the person did not yet believe in anything. A person who found a belief much later will expand the fractal of consciousness much more than a person who was born into a belief. Every faith fulfils its purpose, because the incarnations are only concerned with growth, therefore they do not care at all which faith is followed in a human life. The religions of a country can be taken as an example here. In Germany, the north is not very religious; this changes the further you go into the south of Germany. An incarnation that wants to make sure that the personality consciousness pursues a religious orientation will certainly not choose the north of Germany for this, whereas an incarnation that wants the person to be converted to faith late in life because it hopes for great gains in knowledge through this will see to it that the person is born in the north of Germany and because the person has been set up to be receptive to a faith, he will one day emulate a faith. All this is determined before incarnation and all the wishes of incarnation will then result in a person being born in a certain region under certain conditions. The incarnated human being will then develop tendencies that are to accelerate growth. Everything is aimed at the personality consciousness working out the characteristics which the incarnation lacks or which it has not developed far enough. You are only living this life because you are bringing growth to the incarnation and since the personality consciousness also represents the incarnation, it will not concern you much when the life is over because you will then awaken in the spiritual world as the person of Earth. Then, when your memories of the previous incarnation slowly return, many more insights will be gained which will enrich your consciousness fractal more and more, and we too will then again be a part of the incarnation which is then dominated by the personality consciousness of the earthly person. Since we are equal to the personality consciousness, the human being will not notice any difference after death, except that the body consciousness is no longer on board and thus all human needs are no longer present. You will then be very powerful so that you will have very great thinking power and you will then very quickly become aware of why the incarnation chose exactly this human life and why all the obstacles were put in your way. All miraculous encounters will be crystal clear to you, even if just before you die you thought your life was useless and a waste of time, as a new incarnation you will acknowledge that it was the greatest and most successful experience you have ever undertaken. In the next and final part of this series, we will address the incarnation in the incarnation cube, because there are still specifics there that we can reveal to you now that your basic knowledge of it has been increased. The retarded partial consciousness in the incarnation cube has many tasks that it must carry out for the time of human life.

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