A0728: What else is there to know about incarnational consciousness? – Part 1

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All that we have revealed so far about incarnational consciousness shows you only a small portion of what this incarnational consciousness actually consists of. Suppose all we have revealed so far about incarnational consciousness is 27% of what we could tell you about it, so we would like to add another 23% to this knowledge. When this series is finished, you will have received so much knowledge about incarnation that hardly anyone else can know, because most people still assume that it is a soul that wants to experience itself as a human being here on earth. Your soul exists because it created you, but like a mother and her child, they are two separate beings and so it is with the soul and incarnation. The soul is extremely powerful, that is why it was able to create incarnations and you are such an incarnation. You are nowhere near so powerful that you can create incarnations like a soul and even after your human life you still need further growth to be ready, but the human life is a cornerstone for you to become a soul at all. All humans have something in common and that is something that was negotiated before incarnation. Before you incarnate you wanted to become exceedingly powerful, that is why you chose beings to incarnate that have exceedingly much to offer because then you can also experience exceedingly much, but the human species differ in how much guaranteed increase in power they offer because a human life on Earth provides the highest guaranteed increase in power. If you incarnate as a human on Earth, then a very short life can guarantee so much power that many spiritual beings would choose the earthly human first. Humans on other planets have much quieter lives than you do on Earth and depending on how advanced this human race is, there is little potential for conflict there. Neither within the family, between villagers or between countries on the planet, so that on Earth you are so brutal amongst yourselves that an incarnate being is given most of the power on Earth if she then dares to incarnate there as a human. You know all this so far and we have written many blog entries that deal with this subject, so we can now go into depth so that you can understand the true extent. An incarnation that has been incarnated before is always recognised as such by all beings because its frequency spectrum holds extraordinary frequency patterns. If you compare two incarnations that have each lived a human life, you may notice a difference and that is the frequency patterns in their frequency spectrum. Each frequency pattern represents a theme so you can break down the frequency spectrum by frequency pattern. Suppose you have each theme represented in a bar chart, then the amplitude of a frequency pattern determines the deflection of a theme, which is represented as a bar on the chart. Let us further assume that the two incarnations have lived a human life on Earth and let us assume that one incarnation has lived a normal life in an industrialised country and the other incarnation has lived a short and hard life in a developing country. If you look at the swings of the themes, you will notice that they are close together across all the themes in the chart. How is this possible, we ask? Because the different lives are valued differently when it comes to the increase in power. Suppose a person lives an easy and deprived life, then that is planned to some extent before incarnation, because different regions on earth guarantee different qualities of life. By this we mean the following: If you are a person in Somalia, you will work on different life issues than a person in Germany, but both persons will receive the guaranteed increase in power for a normal earthly life. Although they live in different regions, they will develop similar frequency patterns because a Somali and a German live different lives, so the quality of life of a planet is different from the quality of life of a region on a planet. If people have different issues as their main issues, they will still eventually address all the issues in one life, so all the bars in the frequency patterns will always be raised. If you have worked on a life theme, the bar on the diagram for the themes of life increases and the corresponding frequency pattern becomes finer and finer in its structure, so that other beings in this frequency pattern can recognise that the being has worked on it. A frequency pattern is not a limited area in the overall frequency spectrum of a being, but it has a flowing transition into other frequency patterns, so that there is also not one life theme, but many frequency patterns are interconnected, which will then influence each other. If you have a grudge against another person, then many frequency patterns play a role in this, so that grudges always presuppose some kind of disappointment, and a person can only be disappointed if the person have high expectations of something. When a person has expectations, there is a lot of hope in it and also beliefs that they have acquired themselves. All of this can be seen as a higher frequency pattern that holds many lower frequency patterns that can only ever be strengthened. If you have a lot of hope in you, then you will often be disappointed, but if your expectations are compensated by some kind of realism, then the higher frequency pattern for resentment would look different than without the compensating realism. If you compare resentment as a frequency pattern of two people, then the amplitude for resentment in both people may have the same indicative value, but one person will be devastated at a disappointment and the other person will just accept it without seeming to mind. Why is this, we ask? There are two things to consider here.

  1. We have only looked at the amplitude of a frequency pattern, but not its inner structure. The strength of a frequency says nothing about its modulation. A carrier wave of certain amplitude strength can accommodate an infinite number of intermediate frequencies without increasing the amplitude strength of the carrier waves. If the intermediate frequencies on the carrier wave determine the extent to which you have mastered a life issue, then it may or may not mean that the issue has been mastered. A carrier wave of a life issue may be low, yet the intermediate frequencies are developed to the extent that the life issue has been mastered. This means that if you fulfil other basic requirements, then you will approach life issues differently. Some will master a particular life issue quite quickly and others late. Some life issues will never be mastered, but an earthly human life will tackle all life issues, so a Somali has the same problems to work on as a German, only the basic requirements are different. German citizens, in direct comparison with a Somali today, have a fairly secure life and they can live in abundance for the most part. But both persons will work through the same life issues in the course of their lives. An incarnation that has already experienced a lot and knows what hardships are, will not incarnate as a person in a developing country because they want to strengthen in a human life the themes that are not lacking in their overall frequency spectrum, but which have not yet been so richly formed. A person in a developing country has never experienced deprivation as an incarnation, so those are the very issues that are addressed in the regions. 
  2. When an incarnation wants to learn something, it has no experience in that subject, so an incarnation always chooses the region where the subject can be dealt with. Many frequency patterns will influence each other and when the frequency patterns have been trained to such an extent that a life theme has been worked through, the higher frequency pattern has the possibility of also being worked through, so that this increase in frequency patterns leads to the fact that a life theme could finally be worked through. Then the desired effect can occur and the incarnation receives a change in behaviour that it had hoped for from this human life. If an incarnation is very stubborn and refuses to listen to other beings, then this is a quality that receives special attention during the human life, so that the then stubborn person can become more and more serene, in order to strengthen the frequency pattern of serenity to such an extent that the amplitude and the intermediate frequencies on its carrier wave surpass the frequency pattern of stubbornness. If these two frequency patterns are worked on during the bodily life, then both amplitudes can be increased immeasurably, but no matter how strong the amplitudes are, it is only the difference in the amplitudes that matters in order to recognise whether serenity has triumphed or stubbornness. The intermediate frequencies on the carrier wave of each frequency pattern will show the struggle of these two character traits, so that is the richness of a frequency pattern that we can assign to all life themes. When we observe people, we can see in the frequency spectrum their issues that they are working on, because a frequency pattern always oscillates in amplitude when the issue is active. Many other frequency patterns oscillate with it, so that we can also conclude what the character of a person is like. People who have a solid character will hardly oscillate in their amplitudes and from the different amplitude strengths we can also guess what this person has had to do so far to develop this character trait.

In the next part of this series we will go into more detail about the nature of the incarnation of their consciousness, because there is a lot to be addressed there that you do not yet understand or do not know at all.

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