A0727: Can a human being change his appearance on the astral plane?

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Yes, it is possible, but no one practices it and the reason is as follows. You as human beings have developed a self-perception of yourselves and depending on how this self-perception is formed, you will take on an outer form on an astral plane. When other consciousnesses meet you, they will see you as you perceive yourself. If you are very shy and easily influenced, these traits will be seen in this astral form of your personality consciousness as well as arrogance or conniving because your society has given an outer form to all these traits. In comics or animated films, if you can tell from the outward appearance of a main character what his motivation is and what his character is, then you know exactly what we mean. Every person has such a self-perception and in the course of a human life that self-perception is constantly changing because you will go through many human phases that have to do with it. But if you do not want to appear as an astral form, then you have to work on your self-perception. A person who has never looked their likeness would hardly be recognisable in their astral form, so these persons and persons who do not attach great importance to their appearance are perceived differently from persons who are very concerned about how they look and what other persons would think of them. An authentic person can also harbour vanity, but not as narcissists would. Narcissists can be recognised on astral planes by the fact that their outer appearance is radiant. By this we mean the following: Try to imagine what the self-perception of a narcissist would have to be and then you might think that a narcissist only thinks of himself, which is in fact only partly true, but a narcissist looks at his fellow human beings like herd animals who follow him and who admire him, because the narcissist thinks he is accomplishing amazing things, which is also partly true, but as is so often the case, this personality can also degenerate. The narcissist sees himself as a superbeing and that is how he appears. In all cultures super-beings are always portrayed as glorious heroes who always stand out from the crowd because of their charisma, therefore these super-beings also radiate their superiority. Should these persons undertake astral journeys, they will radiate precisely this self-perception. Since not many narcissists undertake astral journeys, you will hardly meet these radiant beings. When a person has evolved, the self-perception will become more and more authentic, so that these persons are hardly distinguishable from the persons who can be discovered on astral planes. If a person has a self-perception that disturbs him or herself because he or she thinks he or she has done bad things in human life, then again this will hardly show because the resentment, hatred and desires are directed by the body consciousness. When you make astral journeys, you still have the connection with your body, but the influence becomes less and less the more often you make these astral journeys. What else is there to know about this subject, we ask? Did you know that it is not you alone who makes this astral journey, but actually the partial consciousness of you that inhabits the astral plane on which you became conscious? No? Good, then we should delve into this subject now, because we have laid the foundations in the past blog entries so that you can understand the connections better and better. You, as the personality consciousness, do not usually become fully conscious on the astral plane and the more unconscious you are on the astral plane, the less you can remember the experiences on the astral plane. Why is that, we ask? Suppose you are made up of one hundred fractals of consciousness attached to your human body as the personality consciousness. When you awaken, these one hundred fractals of consciousness are attracted to your body consciousness and the stronger this attraction works, the more conscious you are in the human body because your consciousness now clothes this human body. Where most of the fractals of consciousness have been concentrated on the body, you are more conscious of yourselves as beings than where fewer fractals of consciousness are concentrated. If you manage to concentrate fifty fractals of consciousness around your hand, then there will be many fractals of consciousness of yours on the surface of the hand that are there in a concentrated form, so to speak. This concentration of consciousness fractals will ensure that you now do not perceive the human body as a whole, but only the hand. You have become conscious in that hand and the outer boundaries of your hand define the body that you now clothe. You actually think you have taken on the outer appearance of a hand. The remaining fifty fractals of consciousness clothe the rest of the body, but since on the surface of the rest of the body the concentration of fractals of consciousness is less than on the hand, you will be very dimly aware of the rest of the body. What if you had an inflammation in your hand, we ask? You would be very aware of that inflammation and the pain might cause you to release the focus on the hand so that you become less and less aware of that pain. Can you do something about this inflammation if you shift your awareness to the hand, we ask? Yes, if you have started to work as a healer before and a spiritual healer is supporting you because of this. The healing energy can be directed and concentrated so that the awareness in the hand can be used to focus the healing energy, but care must be taken because you often do not know the cause of an illness and therefore usually only treat the symptoms and never the cause. If you still want to practice it this way, then we advise you not to focus the healing energy only on the pain point in your hand, but choose a larger area, which can then lead to you unknowingly healing the cause of the illness. It is best to flood your whole body with the healing energy of the spiritual healer and the consciousness in the healing energy will independently find all causes of illness and support self-healing there. If you want to become conscious on an astral plane, then you have to release consciousness fractals that are attached to your human body and then you have to be able to focus these consciousness fractals. What happens when you release the consciousness fractals on the body, we ask? They can come off at any time, but you have to will the body to reduce the attraction. When you do this, the consciousness fractals separate from the body and remain in the body energy field. As you are now in a state that is exactly the opposite of what you were doing before with your hand, you are very unconscious and you have no memory of it. When the consciousness fractals dwell in the body energy field, two things can happen. Either the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation can attract the consciousness fractals or you yourself somehow manage to focus these consciousness fractals. When the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation on the seven astral planes begin to attract the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness, then your personality consciousness, so to speak, divides into seven parts and you are very little conscious in most of the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation, so that you can hardly remember them. But when you begin to see more and more in your mind’s eye in meditations, then you release your consciousness fractals on the body and the sixth subconsciousness of the incarnation attracts these consciousness fractals. Now you become more and more conscious in this subconsciousness and because we, as the masters and teachers of a person, represent exactly these subconsciousnesses, we prepare a meditation stage for you on which you can train and we can conduct trainings with you. Your part of the personality consciousness will see and experience many things there and we will make sure that you learn something from it. No matter how strange or disturbing the experience, it is always a training to teach you something. When you finish this mediation, many of your consciousness fractals still have the memory of it, so you know what happened there. When you sleep, the same thing happens, only this time we prepare a dream stage that can then guarantee much more far-reaching training. Each time your consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are attracted by us to the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation and depending on how many consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are concentrated by us in a subconsciousness, the better you can remember it. If we attract less than 40% of your consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness, then you have only a vague memory of what happened on the astral plane. If a partial consciousness attracts more and more fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness, the more conscious you become on the astral plane. The memory of what you have experienced becomes better, but actually the partial consciousness of the incarnation is experiencing this astral journey and you are just along for the ride. All the sub-consciousnesses share the same type of consciousness fractal, therefore we are all to be judged the same by personality, but you as the human personality still have the body consciousness which dictates many character traits and we as the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation have each taken on the task of the respective astral plane, so we are all alike in core personality but would react differently to situations. We are of the same ilk, which is why the personality consciousness does not recognise much difference on an astral journey, except that the body consciousness can exert less influence. So, to make a long story short: Many astral journeys are not undertaken by the personality consciousness alone and fully conscious, but a partial consciousness of the incarnation undertakes these journeys and the personality consciousness is only there. If the memory of this journey is vague, then you were only present, but if the memory is more and more detailed, then you have taken more and more control, because the partial consciousness has found confidence in you and has therefore handed over control to more and more fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness. These individuals are then to a large extent conscious on an astral plane and then actually the human consciousness undertakes this astral journey. What about mental journeys on the mundane world, we ask? These journeys are allowed only to very few persons and once you have managed to become conscious in the waking state apart from your body, then you are to learn other things as well. However, this is a topic that we have already touched on in previous blog entries on mental tunnels, so we will go into this topic in more depth in further blog entries.

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