A0726: Why can crystals be charged?

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We have told you much about programming crystals and today we wish to reveal some information about crystals that we have held back so that you could first internalise the basic concepts about them. We had told you that the amount of energy that is stored in a crystal actually remains forever unless you willingly direct that energy to leave the crystal. Today we will go deeper into this subject. When you imagine a crystal, imagine a fine lattice structure that gives the crystal its properties at the atomic level. This lattice structure will remain intact until you begin to program that crystal. We told you that you must prepare the crystal because then a spiritual being will begin to adjust the lattice structure at the atomic level so that the lattice structure resembles your consciousness. How is this possible, you ask? It works because the spiritual being starts to reorganise the atoms in the crystal so that the atomic structure resembles that of your consciousness. If your consciousness could be pictured in a moment, this structure would look very similar to the structure that the atoms have now taken on in the crystal as the spiritual being adjusted the lattice structure at the atomic level to make your consciousnesses compatible. Since your consciousnesses have many similarities in structure, you can also give precise instructions to this crystal consciousness, because you tick in the same way, so to speak. When the atomic lattice structure is reshaped, at first the crystal keeps its outer form and also the properties hardly change, so that nothing else happens to the crystal. The reorganisation of the atoms in the crystal was accomplished by changing the holding forces between the atoms. The outer shape remains the same, but the atoms in the crystal are physically different from the way your atomic models suggest. The inner structure of the atoms resembles something close to consciousness in a quantum field. The atoms of a crystal are special because a crystal houses many ways to store amounts of energy, which is not factually described correctly. Small amounts of energy are stored in a crystal by the crystal atoms absorbing this energy into themselves, so that the atomic fractal is enriched, but not so much that it changes its energy level, but these amounts of energy are so small that they have no effect on the atomic fractal. However, this amount of energy changes the fractal, so that this change can be seen in the outer form of the atomic fractal. Each piece of information can be seen as a packet of energy, so information that is stored in a crystal is stored in the atomic fractals. When the crystal is charged with large amounts of energy, these amounts of energy are not in the crystal, but the image on the astral plane stores this amount of energy. The so-called shadow crystal on the astral planes absorbs the energies and via the energy field of the crystal the amount of energy can reach the mundane world. If the shadow crystal resides on the astral planes, how can you change the location of the crystal without losing the connection to the shadow crystal on the astral planes, we ask? By the two halves being mentally entangled, which means that each knows where the other is at all times. When you begin to charge a quantity of energy in your crystal in your living room, the mental entanglement ensures that the quantity of energy is diverted into the shadow crystal on the astral planes. You divert quantities of energy from the spiritual world to an astral plane into your shadow crystal and not much energy is lost because the mundane world is the main obstacle to the energies of the spiritual world. We told you that your universe, like all other universes, is strictly encapsulated from the spiritual world and this also means that anything that wants to enter a universe always loses energy at the phase transitions. But if the astral planes lie between the spiritual and the mundane world, then energies can very well be diverted and stored there. The shadow crystal will absorb any form of energy and there are practically no limits to the capacity of a shadow crystal. The crystal is connected to this shadow crystal through its atomic fractals and the shadow crystal exists on all astral planes simultaneously, so the shadow crystal represents something that supports multidimensional connections. As the shadow crystal is mentally entangled with the earthly crystal, the shadow crystal does not follow the crystal, but the mental entanglement can be used across the universe, therefore far advanced species also communicate through crystals and not through your known communication channels. If a being communicates through a crystal with another being from a galaxy far away, then it is to be judged as if the beings are having the conversation close together. Because of mental entanglement, there is no time component that delays the conversation, but everything happens in real time. If you have charged the crystal in your living room and we assume that the shadow crystal is on the same spatial coordinate on the astral planes, then the person can travel to a distant land with this crystal. The shadow crystal is still located in the living room on the astral planes, but the crystal is now far away. Now, if the person wants to use some of the energy from the crystal to do something with it in the mundane world, then the crystal consciousness, via the mental entanglement to the shadow crystal, will begin to redirect the energies from the shadow crystal to the distant land to the energy field of the crystal, and this consumes energy. Therefore, our statement at the time that stored energy is never lost is not entirely correct. When you travel around with your crystal, you are always unconsciously aware in that crystal and if there are amounts of energy in the crystal, then the crystal consciousness will also use those amounts of energy to respond to your thoughts. These amounts of energy are very small, but you should know this fact because we will discuss many more topics that are directly or indirectly related to this. What else do we want to reveal today on this subject, we ask? What comes to mind if we were to talk about flying crystals, we ask? Mages? Right, except that no magician would ever be able to do that, but theoretically it is possible because your so-called gravity is negotiated at the quantum level. If someone could alter an object so that this property is manipulated, then the gravitational waves hitting the manipulated object would be cancelled out so that the object would have less and less weight. If it were as light as a feather, it could be carried up by a breeze. We told you in a previous blog entry on mental tunnels how you become conscious in an object and how you can change the properties of the object. What we did not tell you was how you can manipulate the weight of an object. What exactly makes up the weight of objects, we ask? The matter particles will emit gravitational waves depending on their atomic fractal and depending on how the atomic fractal is created, the gravitational waves will carry different potentials that will continue to decrease as the gravitational bubble moves away from the matter particle that generated that gravitational bubble. A crystal is a little different because the atomic fractals of a crystal have different properties than conventional materials, but we will use a crystal to demonstrate how you can manipulate the specific gravity. The gravitational waves carry the potential, which is associated with the atomic fractal. Where does the atomic fractal get this potential that it constantly emits with each gravitational bubble, we ask? Precisely, from the astral planes, because the translator transmits to each atomic fractal its properties, which are intended for its plane of existence. If the translator determines how much potential the atomic fractal should emit so that it can negotiate with other objects how the weight will be between them, then this information is also represented in the total energy field of the object, so you must start here to bring about a change. When you use the total energy field to manipulate the gravitational waves of the object, you must be careful not to change the nature of an object. We have told you that you can channel amounts of energy into a total energy field to change the material or you can release energy from the total energy field, for you are also bringing about a change, but we have only explained the connections in a rudimentary way, so we will now delve into the subject. When you become conscious in a glass and you allow the properties to be revealed to you, you are shown how the object was created and how the atomic fractals were changed in the process. Quartz sand was heated and that is equivalent to an energy input. If the addition of energy causes the atomic fractal to change, then that is equivalent to an increase in weight because now the atomic fractal is emitting gravitational bubbles that are getting a higher potential. The translator determines these properties and the property of which potential a gravitational bubble receives is stored as a property in the total energy field. If you reduce the potential of the gravitational waves by a flash of thought, the object loses weight. If you increase it, the object becomes heavier. Reducing the weight is easier to do than increasing the weight. Any change in the settings requires energy that is used to change the basic configuration of the atoms. When you become conscious in the crystal you can display the settings and you are outside your body but without experiencing the mundane world, but the energy field of the crystal and your body energy field are synchronised so you can become conscious in a crystal more easily than in a glass of water. If you became conscious in the crystal, then you can display the properties of the crystal and if you look for the property that indicates the potential of the gravitational bubble, then by means of a flash of thought you can change the property so that the crystal appears lighter and lighter because now the other gravitational waves are hardly pulling on the crystal to give it weight. What happens if you leave the settings like this, we ask? The crystal will not keep these settings for long because the energy you have added will have been used up. When you change properties, there are certain levels that can be reached and the object will retain that property. Other levels and intermediate levels require energy to maintain the change, otherwise the old settings are used again. We will explain exactly what all this means another time.  

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