A0725: How to create a mental tunnel to objects? – Part 3

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A mental tunnel can be opened to any kind of object. Let’s take a water glass. This water glass is largely made of quartz sand, which has been given a new property in the oven and is now transparently clothed in a form. You can now become conscious outside your body and you will perceive the water glass in front of you on the table because, unlike astral travellers, you are actually perceiving the mundane world. The water glass is on the table and you are looking at it. If you think about what the glass looks like, you might cause your consciousness to zoom in closer and closer to the water glass. No sooner have you thought about it than you see the water glass from a very close position. Now remember to zoom out again and you will perceive the water glass from the previous position. You can change the distance to the water glass as much as you like, but what good does that do you, we ask? Not much, because you need to know exactly where you want to go, so a mental tunnel seems to be just the thing. Suppose you intend to experience what it is like to be a glass of water. You are aware outside the body and you are in front of the water glass. You think of becoming conscious in that water glass and that thought instantly catapults you into the glass. You had done the big toe test before and your consciousness took this toe as an opportunity to define its outer boundaries, that is why you could perceive yourself as a big toe. Now your outer boundaries are defined by the glass, so you perceive how it feels to clothe a body in the shape of a glass. Now, if you are clothing the shape of a glass, then different liquids in the glass could also cause you to perceive yourself differently in that glass shape. Should another person bring the glass to their mouth to drink from you, you will perceive all of that, but even more so because the outer boundaries determine the shape, so that the purpose of the quartz sand that previously made up the glass is now a different one. When the purpose of a shape is changed because the object has been rearranged in some way, these properties will redefine the energy field of the object. In the total energy field of the glass is stored how the atoms of the shape should react when other shapes interact with that shape. The form has been made and the holding power of the glass atoms not only holds the form together, but the properties of the form are stored as information in the total energy field. Now when you clothe the glass you can see this information. Perceive the glass as a great library, go inside and let the properties of the glass be revealed to you. Before you know it, you will be shown how the glass has been altered to create this form. You instinctively know what glass feels like and you know what sand feels like. If it is revealed there that the form is made of glass, then you can also determine that this quality is changed. Suppose you want to reduce the holding power of the glass, then the glass becomes softer and softer and the outer boundaries of the object change. This change is stored as information in the total energy field. If you think that the water glass should increase its holding power, then you could push it so far that the glass collapses and when it does, there are no shards of glass but the glass changes its properties so that you can gaze at the new object. When you become conscious in that object you can see every change of form and you will also perceive what happened to the atoms when that change of form was made. Each atom has been enriched with energy so that it can change its properties. The electron pairs have been reorganised and we tell you that each atom has the same number of electron pairs because a neutral atom contains everything that makes up an atom. The only thing that actually changes in an atom is the atomic nucleus because it is home to a consciousness fractal. The more fragile the atomic fractal appears, the more consciousness that atomic fractal has. If the atomic fractal has a lot of consciousness, then the atomic weight is higher than if there is only a little consciousness there. An atomic fractal has a certain potential and when this atomic fractal is enriched with energy, it changes its form. When it changes shape, that atomic fractal has different properties than it had before the change. The periodic table shows you this change to a small extent very accurately, but the atomic model as postulated is not quite correct because there is no exchange of charge across the electrons, but the energy potential of an atomic fractal can be exchanged with each other. So when you enrich an atom with your spiritual energy, the atomic fractal changes its outer form and the energy that was added can be stored in the atomic fractal. There are certain gradations for atomic fractals, so that such an atomic fractal can also release energy again to reach the next lower level. However, if you channel enough energy through your thoughts into the atomic fractal at one moment, it will retain a higher level. The energy in an atomic fractal can be released more easily than you can add it, so it is much easier to change the glass of water into a quartziferous mass than to change it into a diamond. How can you change the glass with all its atoms at the same time, we ask? By not changing each atom individually, but you become conscious in the glass and the total energy field of the glass can be used to change the properties. A single atom does not require much energy to climb to the next higher level, but added up to the glass, the amount of energy is considerable. The New Lemurians use a method called the Thought Flash to do this and with it they can provide the amount of energy in an instant. If you imagine a ball of energy, a quantity of energy accumulates there and if you look at this ball of energy for a long time and in detail, more and more energy accumulates there. You can then use this ball of energy for a thought flash. If you don’t know how much energy you need for this, then you have to try it out. Take a sugar cube and become aware of this single sugar cube. Let the properties of that sugar cube be revealed to you and then determine that the total energy field should be enriched with the energy from the energy ball. You will be amazed at what comes out of this sugar cube. What about stones, we ask? Take a stone, but not a granite stone, but a stone that you can easily work with if you want to. Then become conscious in the stone and determine that the holding power of the stone is to be changed. You are conscious in the stone and you have had the properties of the stone revealed to you. Determine that the stone will lose its holding power to the extent that it was when the stone was malleable. You have to provide energy for that too, but much less because the stone now radiates energy in the form of heat. The stone is malleable because it now has a clay-like consistency. Shape the stone as you like and become aware of the new form again. Now it needs much more energy, but when you have accumulated this amount of energy, the hardness of the stone will be restored. Now you also have an idea of how large monoliths could be set into a wall. Hard work was also done on the material, but thin surfaces could be reduced in their holding force so that ashlars could be stacked up to fit exactly. The pictures of these walls are also known and now you also know how to do it. What else is there to say about this subject, we ask? Suppose you want to go on a journey and suppose you have forgotten your favourite soap, then you can take a commercial soap and become conscious in that soap. If you allow the properties to be revealed to you, then you will see all the steps that have made that bar of soap what it is now. If you did the same with your favourite soap before, then your consciousness knows the properties of your favourite soap so that you can change the properties of the commercial soap so that your favourite soap is now in front of you. The outer form will be the same as the old form, but the smell and everything that makes up your favourite soap will be identical. The further away the original object is from the target object, the more energy you have to pour into the total energy field of the original object. If you do not have enough energy in stock, the result will be different, but if the source object and the target object are already very similar in their properties, then you will need very little energy. To the alchemists among you we send the following message: You will not be able to make a gold object out of any object because the properties of gold are special and you would never be able to accumulate the amount of energy for gold. The Anunnaki have been researching this for a long time because the Anunnaki culture is dependent on gold. Gold will one day be discussed extensively by us, but first we must train the basics of it so that you can become aware of what gold means to your Universe. Gold is the rarest of all metals in your Universe and there is a special reason for that, which we will reveal in the series on the Anunnaki when the time is right.

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