A0724: How to create a mental tunnel to objects? – Part 2

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A mental tunnel will lead you to where the next stop is on your journey to the spiritual world. Any tunnel can be used to make an astral journey, although the journey in a mental tunnel is to be evaluated differently than an astral journey. What happens in an astral journey and what happens in a journey through a mental tunnel, we ask? An astral journey is nothing more than becoming aware of your personality consciousness on an astral plane of your Earth. A journey through a mental tunnel represents a so-called soul journey, although soul journey as a technical term is completely misleading. What should a journey of the soul represent, if you are incarnations? You see, it should actually be called an incarnational journey, but you are neither familiar with this term nor does it describe anything that happens, so that the term of a journey through a mental tunnel represents exactly what it is. You open a portal and through that portal you enter the spiritual world. An astral traveller usually experiences his journey on one of the seven astral planes of the earth and very few astral travellers experience the spiritual world. The so-called soul journey is very rarely undertaken because the destination is usually not known at all. A traveller who is really allowed to enter the spiritual world has been invited to do so and this traveller is supposed to learn something important in the process. The learning task always has something to do with how spiritual beings live, otherwise it would be an absolute waste of time to lead a person through a portal only to learn no special lesson. Everything you can learn on the astral planes is quite sufficient under normal circumstances, so that only highly developed persons actually get the opportunity to experience the spiritual world. The spiritual world has more to offer than all the astral planes put together, so the lesson for the person can always be considered a lesson for life. When a person is ready for the lesson to be learned, the person has been trained by spiritual beings for a long time. If the journey through a mental tunnel is to start, then the person must be able to visualise very well in order to even have the access requirements for this journey. A person visualises himself on an astral plane and if this person has the feeling that he can see more details when visualising than under normal circumstances with open eyes, then this person has assumed a state that is to be valued higher than the state that an astral-travelling person assumes. This is because the astral-travelling person remains as if in a twilight state. In retrospect, the person will remember this journey, but it is never the case that this person was fully conscious during the astral journey, but the incarnation also did many things during it and the personality consciousness was only present. If a person can become more and more conscious during an astral journey, then the consciousness of the person will hardly change, because this person has already developed to a very great extent towards the incarnation. These people can initiate an astral journey very spontaneously and they are completely aware of it. They don’t feel much difference when they accomplish something on an astral plane or on the mundane world. Such a person visualises an object in great detail so that the object has a lot of holding power. If that person starts to visualise themselves in great detail on an astral plane, then that person can also open a portal that leads exactly to where the person wants to become conscious. If the person would like to stand on the Eiffel Tower, then the intention is enough for a portal to appear in front of the visualised person and pull the person away. This person then stands on the Eiffel Tower, but not on the copy of an astral plane, but on the mundane world, because the personality consciousness has teleported itself there. The personality consciousness can leave the human body because it is never located in the body, it is only attached to the body. If you can visualise yourself, then you have detached a part of the personality consciousness from the body and you are then looking at yourself on the mundane world. Isn’t that terrific? If you look at yourself, you could mentally leave your home to find your way to the Eiffel Tower or you open a portal that teleports you there. Your personal consciousness is then on the Eiffel Tower and what happens to your human body, we ask? That is a good question, what happens to your body when you are asleep, we ask? The body is asleep and your consciousness fractals, which are your personality consciousness, have disengaged. The same is true of the personality consciousness that dwells on the Eiffel Tower, except that the personality consciousness is focused and exactly where it wanted to go. A portal is just teleporting the fractal of consciousness and this mental act is usually described as passing through a vortex. You leave the sphere of influence of your body so that the body remains in a kind of trance. If anything were to happen to the human body during the trance, the personality consciousness on the Eiffel Tower would hardly notice, so mental journeys through a tunnel should only be undertaken when the human body is kept safe, otherwise the return of the personality consciousness might cause surprises. Just like an astral journey, nothing can happen when travelling through mental tunnels, so the bad tidings of persons claiming that a person has died through an astral journey because the so-called silver cord has parted are utter nonsense. Nowhere can you travel more safely than on astral planes. If you can visualise yourself well, you could also test becoming conscious in a certain part of your body. If you choose the big toe on your foot for this, then the surprise will be enormous when your consciousness dwells there and you feel that your whole body is one big toe. If you can do that, then leave the toe again and look at your body very closely because you now notice something crucial. Your self-perception is different because you perceive yourself as a cloud of consciousness that has no body. A thought of where you want to look at your physical body from is enough to change the position of your gaze. You can look around and you will discover many things that you cannot perceive with your physical senses. You will see many spiritual beings that you would not otherwise perceive. We emphasise that you are not seeing an image of an astral plane, but you are aware of the mundane plane, only now you are perceiving the mundane plane as it really is and no filter is blocking information that you do not otherwise see. This method has nothing to do with dissociating, because in dissociating the personality consciousness perceives only one of the seven astral planes, which is only an incomplete image of the mundane plane. People who dissociate mistakenly think that they can now see true reality, but this is a fallacy because they perceive almost nothing that happens on the worldly plane. They superimpose their filtered information of the worldly plane with the information of an astral plane, but the true reality remains hidden from them. A person who becomes aware outside of his or her own body and who, for example, focuses his or her personality consciousness on the big toe in order to perceive himself or herself as a big toe, will also quickly begin to experience the true reality. This person can then also become aware quite quickly on the astral planes and this person will know exactly how to interpret these differences. People who dissociate will perceive a superimposed reality that will only disturb them because they mostly do not understand at all what the astral planes are for. If they do not know this, then it is not surprising if they can tell exciting and disturbing stories about what they have experienced. In the next and last part of this series we will explain how you can become conscious in a body cell and what an atom has to offer.

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