A0723: How to create a mental tunnel to objects? – Part 1

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Suppose you want to ride a bicycle to a destination far away. Suppose the destination is not straightforward, so you have to choose a route to get there as quickly as possible. If you look at this route, you will notice that the destination is hard to reach that quickly in terms of distance, so intermediate stops are to be evaluated as stage destinations. All of this has something to do with how you can mentally manage to become conscious in a cell or in an atom, so that this represents a mental tunnel into a physical object. The Lemurians and the New Lemurians used this method to change objects. What exactly did the New Lemurians change with it, we ask? Let’s take your modern times. If you take a piece of thin sheet metal, you have to physically act very strongly on that sheet metal to make it take a different shape. A New Lemurian would open a mental tunnel and change the sheet of metal  and with a flash of thought change the sheet metal to such an extent that it can change shape very easily because it can now be treated as pliantly as a piece of cloth. Once the shape has been chosen and the superfluous pale has been cut off with standard household scissors, the New Lemurian again opens a mental tunnel to the sheet to give it its old properties or to change the properties in such a way that the sheet acquires completely new and more resistant properties. For this, only a mental tunnel to the object has to be used and your possibilities are thus inexhaustible because you can do so many things with it for which today you have to use large and expensive machines. A New Lemurian has much more mental potential than you modern humans, but more advanced humans could achieve similar results and this little series on travelling through a mental tunnel is to give you an overview so that you also learn the methodology to experiment with it. All that we will reveal is unknown at this time, so you will be the first modern humans on the surface who can not only apply the methodology, but you will also understand the concepts behind it, which will enable you to refine and research the methodology. One day many new branches of research will emerge and this branch of research will revolutionise many things on Earth because the possibilities are limitless. What exactly is such a journey through a mental tunnel supposed to represent, we ask? A mental tunnel is the methodology to penetrate a physical structure on a meta-level. What does meta-level mean, we ask? Meta-level refers to something that you cannot grasp at this time. A consciousness fractal is a concept that you cannot physically grasp, but theoretically this explains much that you perceive indirectly to the concept of a consciousness fractal. When a so-called magician performs his so-called magic, everything about it happens on the meta-level and even a magician does not understand why his actions have any effect at all because everything about it happens on the meta-level. When we speak of the meta-level, physicists would mean the quantum field, but the term meta-level in this series on travelling through mental tunnels is meant to illustrate how you use terms differently and how most people are not able to understand the connections. The meta-level is at present a realm that cannot be more obscure to you, but our concepts around it will lift the mystery so that you do not discover the spiritual world scientifically unprepared. When our concepts about it have been understood, every human being can deal with it scientifically and the knowledge gained can then complete the picture of the spiritual world, but you will not discover anything in the process that we have already addressed as a concept before, because only spiritual beings can also explain the spiritual world impeccably, since we exist in the spiritual world. Your universe is only a very, very small part of it, so everything was created from the energies of the spiritual world. Therefore, we are also able to describe the spiritual world as such in great detail. A mental tunnel will ensure that you perceive parts of the spiritual world and that on a meta-level, because this meta-level enables you to accomplish something in the spiritual world that will have an impact on your life. If you could change the specific properties of substances on the meta-level, you would not need machines or energy in the form of electricity or heat, but on the meta-level there are areas that have been set aside precisely for this purpose. The physical beings are also supposed to develop technologically, and so that harmful overexploitation does not start on the worlds, you can influence your world on the meta-level. The meta-level offers much more than just changing the specific properties of a substance, but the meta-level can be used to visit far away places. What exactly we mean by this we will explain another time. The meta-level offers you many opportunities to gain a better understanding of your environment because the meta-level contains all the information that makes up your environment. When we talk about all the past or future forms of a living being already being in the blueprint of a species as information, that information is in the body energy field of a living being and that energy field has a direct connection to the meta level so there is an interface between the mundane and the meta level. You are that interface because your subtle energy field is connected to the meta-plane. When energies flow through a subtle medium, the energies come from the meta-plane and they use the subtle interface of a human being to accomplish something on the mundane plane. Why is there this strict demarcation between the mundane and the spiritual plane, we ask? Because the spiritual world wants to protect itself from the mundane worlds. We are spiritual beings and all that constitutes us is our consciousness. Everything is made of energies and now there are many experimental laboratories where there are mundane worlds and where physical beings live. These species are becoming more and more powerful and even though we inhabit these beings, they react quite differently and so that these life forms do not exert any influence on the spiritual world, the area where these life forms exist has been so isolated from the spiritual world that no universe can ever exert any influence on the spiritual world. No matter how powerful the life forms ever become, they cannot make any difference in the spiritual world. Before such a thing could ever happen, the universe would collapse and the being in the universe would be dead and awakened as an incarnation in the spiritual world. Such a thing has never happened and so that it never comes to that, the universes have been encapsulated from the energies of the spiritual world. Every spiritual being that has something to do in a universe, whether as an incarnate being or as a being that ensures law and order, also creates the respective universe. It is not that there is a delimited area in the spiritual world where this universe is located, but all spiritual beings that have something to do in a universe ensure that the universe can exist at all. We told you that an incarnation must enter a special state if it is to incarnate and that it must place itself in an incarnation cube in order to inhabit a life form in a universe. There is the main plane of matter and this main plane provides space for a universe bubble to come into being. There are also physical objects in it, but the universe would collapse if spiritual beings were not present in the universe, because a consciousness of a spiritual being is not only present there, but the incarnation body in the incarnation cube is a part of the universe, because this incarnation body provides the energy that makes the universe expand and expand. If as many living beings died as incarnated, then your universe would stagnate. If more incarnated beings die in a universe than incarnate, the universe would reduce more and more. Each incarnation enriches your universe and in order for a living being to be able to do something with the energies of the spiritual world, the subtle barrier between the plane of matter and the subtle energy fields is used to convey the energies to the worldly world. In the next part of this series we will reveal something about the methodology for travelling into objects.

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