A0722: Where do the voices often heard before falling asleep come from?

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The voices heard by some people before they fall asleep or shortly after awakening are the conversations of spiritual beings that you hear because twilight sleep raises the curtain to experience the spiritual world. You heard correctly, twilight sleep is the ticket to experience the spiritual world with your personality consciousness so that you can still remember it. What exactly is this twilight sleep and how can you use it, we ask? You actually use it all the time, but you cannot remember it. Why is that, we ask? Because the twilight sleep is very short and only those who can control the twilight sleep will notice the spiritual beings on the astral planes who are constantly talking because they don’t have much to do either. Who are these spiritual beings on the astral planes of the earth, we ask? They are mostly yourselves who are having all kinds of conversation there and when you awaken you hardly know anything about it. Why is that, we ask? Because you are having these conversations, but not only that part of your personality consciousness, but that part consciousness of your incarnation that inhabits the astral plane is also a part of the spiritual being that is having these conversations with you. When you are asleep, we had explained to you that a small portion of your personality consciousness becomes more conscious on the astral plane and we also said that we train this small subconsciousness on the dream stage, which is tantamount to further development, even though most of the time you cannot remember these trainings. What you experience on the dream stage will change your nature over time, because you will gain many insights on the dream stages that will cause your behaviour to change. This small subconsciousness is you, just as your entire personality consciousness is you as a being. But there are the other subconsciousnesses of incarnation, each inhabiting an astral plane. You are a multidimensional being, which means you are more than just your personality consciousness, so the other dimensions are the subconsciousnesses of incarnation, each inhabiting an astral plane. Since all human beings are multidimensional beings, all the partial consciousnesses of all human beings also inhabit the seven astral planes of the earth. Each astral plane has a special task that is undertaken by the partial consciousnesses there. Each partial consciousness of yours inhabits an astral plane of your Earth and each partial consciousness of yours has taken on the task of the astral plane it itself inhabits. If you assume that at present almost seven billion human beings live on the surface of the Earth, then at least almost seven billion partial consciousnesses inhabit an astral plane of the Earth. That is how many partial consciousnesses are theoretically present when you become conscious through twilight sleep on one of the seven astral planes. Which astral plane is chosen for you as a personality consciousness depends on which energy node you concentrate on before and during the twilight sleep. If you think about many unpleasant things before you go to sleep and you get a bad gut feeling, then it is the second energy node. When you visualise something in your mind’s eye, you become aware on the sixth astral plane because you are concentrating on the sixth energy node. When you fall asleep and you become consciously aware of the twilight sleep, the fractals of consciousness around your body dissolve and you become more and more unconscious. When you fall asleep, all the fractals of consciousness have detached from the body and these fractals of consciousness are in the physical energy field. Each body generates such an energy field because the partial consciousnesses that inhabit an astral plane take on the characteristic tasks of an astral plane and since everything can be measured in frequencies, each partial consciousness has a different frequency. Seven subconsciousnesses of different frequencies make up your energy field, as does a person’s body consciousness and personality consciousness. Many fractals of consciousness are in this energy field, but your so-called aura is only a small area around your body that medially gifted persons can perceive. When we tell you that your energy field actually encompasses your entire Universe, it is true, although there is still much to learn about it. Medially gifted persons can see or feel this energy field around a person’s body. Highly evolved species can perceive a much larger area of the energy field and spiritual beings have the certainty that you enrich your entire universe with your energy field. If a single fractal of consciousness of yours reflects your personality, then countless I’s of you could be having countless conversations on the astral planes simultaneously. But this is not so and why it is not so we will now explain. Think of the consciousness fractals as the processor cores of a computer chip. Each individual processor core can do exactly what the other processor cores can do, but only together can they work fast enough for you to run a computer properly. If your computer had only one processor core, then that processor core would have to do everything that the computer can do. If the single computer core is very potent, that is, it can do its tasks very quickly because the processor architecture is very sophisticated or because it can run at a higher clock frequency, then that processor core could do a lot of tasks in a very short time. Today, a computer chip does not have one highly clocked processor core, but many cores together form a very potent computer chip that can perform all tasks at lightning speed. If you assume that a consciousness fractal can be considered like a processor core, then a consciousness fractal can do everything it needs to do to represent your personality. However, since a person’s consciousness consists of not just one but countless consciousness fractals, the number of these consciousness fractals determines your speed of thought. Processor cores that are built very effectively can work more effectively at the same clock frequency and it is the same with the consciousness fractals. The number of consciousness fractals will change in the course of a human lifetime, but you can think more effectively because the consciousness fractal changes during your human lifetime and these changes occur as you evolve. Every time you gain a great insight that will generate new frequency patterns within you, the fractal of consciousness changes. By this we mean all the fractals of consciousness that make up the being. In terms of the computer, it would mean that the processor architecture undergoes a change and always in such a way that the processor core can do its job more and more effectively. When you fall asleep, your consciousness fractals around your body dissolve and these consciousness fractals are now available to the consciousness fractals of the other subconsciousnesses of your incarnation that populate the astral planes. If you have concentrated on seeing pictures or scenes in your mind’s eye before going to sleep, then after the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness have been detached, these fractals become conscious on the sixth astral plane of the earth. The partial consciousness of your incarnation there will automatically attract these consciousness fractals and you will focus your personality there. You become conscious there on the sixth astral plane and you change, so to speak, into the partial consciousness of the incarnation there. The personality of the partial consciousness of the incarnation is very similar to your human personality, for whenever you carry out a spiritual development and thereby your fractal of consciousness undergoes a change, the rest of the fractals of consciousness of the incarnation also change at the same time. You change the personality of the incarnation that became conscious with a partial consciousness in your universe, and this personality is the same in each of these fractals of consciousness. But there is a difference between the personality consciousness and the partial consciousnesses that inhabit the astral planes. You have the body consciousness which dictates many behaviours for the time of human life, so that as a personality consciousness you are directed by the body consciousness, so that your core personality is always influenced by your body consciousness. Your other subconsciousnesses do not have this, so that their tasks on the individual astral planes also lead to a change in personality, but by far not as much as is the case with the personality consciousness. Highly developed persons have not only succeeded in expanding their fractal of consciousness, but they are able to limit the influence of the body-consciousness more and more, so that we can say: A highly evolved person will not only develop a potent fractal of consciousness, but their core personality will shine through more and more in the person’s actions, so that there is little difference from the partial consciousnesses on the astral planes of Earth. You are so much alike that an astral traveller can hardly notice any difference in your behaviour when he travels the astral planes of the Earth. When twilight sleep sets in, there is a moment when the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are attracted to the subconsciousness on the astral plane where the memories are still present, and since the subconsciousnesses talk tirelessly with other subconsciousnesses of the other persons, you can then perceive such snatches of conversation in your memory because they remain stored as memories for a time. How does the subconsciousness inhabiting the astral plane behave when the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are attracted, we ask? The partial consciousness will hardly perceive anything of it. It is different with highly developed persons who have been able to increase their fractal of consciousness. When you as a human being fall asleep, the consciousness fractals detach from the body, but in your total consciousness, which includes all the partial consciousnesses, the body consciousness is also represented. When this highly developed person lives his daily life, the body consciousness will hardly dominate, therefore the personality consciousness has much potential to use. If such a person falls asleep, it also has much more potential as a personality consciousness, so that after the person falls asleep, the partial consciousness develops new ideas because the personality consciousness now dominates action. The partial consciousness on the astral plane is of the same stroke, so that this does not represent a change in behaviour, but the more conscious a highly developed person becomes on the astral plane, the more the person dominates the behaviour of the partial consciousness of the astral plane. Twilight sleep forms this transition and some persons still have the memory of what they themselves or what the partial consciousnesses of the other persons said at that moment when these conversations were held either when they went to sleep or when they woke up.

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