A0721: If all forms of a being are deposited in the energy field, what can evolution do?

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Not much, because the Wingmakers predetermined evolution when they conceived the blueprint of every living being. All beings of a species will evolve there, no matter what the intermixing of differently evolved populations of that species. This is so because because the body energy field carries all evolutionary jumps. Before the next evolutionary leap is triggered, the conspecific populations will generate some variance, but this variance will then suddenly become less significant when the trigger for the next evolutionary leap appears in the Earth’s energy field. All living beings on the surface are directly influenced by the Earth energy field and when the trigger for the next evolutionary leap appears there, all living beings will look in their energy field to see what the next evolutionary stage of the species looks like. The first changes in appearance will then be seen and a few generations later the leap will have been made by all living beings on the surface of the Earth. The planet as a whole is undergoing this evolution because the planet is also undergoing change. Whenever the planet thinks it wants to evolve, it starts to expand its flora and fauna because the evolutionary leap continues for several years. The flora and fauna will receive this change as will the planet. The planet is starting to radiate new frequency patterns in its energy field and because all life forms exist in this energy field of the planet, they will respond to these changed frequency patterns. The beings take these frequency patterns into themselves and because the energy field of a living being communicates directly with the DNA, the changed frequency patterns will also lead to a change in the DNA, whereby we speak here of the trigger, which initiates the next evolutionary development phase, so that tumours do not suddenly develop because the body thinks it must now develop new attributes. If a living being is only briefly exposed to these triggers, then the DNA also only changes if the evolutionary stage that the being is to reach also represents progress and is not a regression. The living being can only evolve and not vice versa. The situation is different with the descendants, because the descendants will directly express the given evolutionary stage. Not many evolved beings will found their family on a planet that has a more primitive evolutionary stage than they do. They can shield their offspring from the energy field of the planet, so that the mother sets the revolutionary level of the offspring, but since it is much easier to give birth to the offspring on the home world. There are many pitfalls that immigrants from other worlds must be aware of, because so often these triggers are not emitted. After a trigger has been emitted, the life forms will prepare and the planet will also begin to generate a different energy field, but after the triggers have subsided, only the altered energy field of the planet remains. Now, when extraterrestrial beings appear on the planet and give birth to offspring, the difference in evolutionary stages is not very great, so special attention must be paid to the phase when the triggers are active. You will experience these triggers after your first contact with an intelligent alien species, because your first evolutionary leap will be triggered after that. You will develop into true telepaths and this will take several decades. This is your first evolutionary leap, as you have not experienced an evolutionary leap in the last 16.8 million years since modern humans have been on Earth. You have evolved many races of humans on Earth because some alien races of humans have introduced their gene pool into the Earthly races, but this does not represent an evolutionary leap because the first evolutionary leap is locked into the blueprint of the human species and all other species. Humans will evolve into telepathic beings when the trigger for it is active. All other species have already experienced some evolutionary leaps on Earth because the triggers sent out in the energy field of a planet always affect the species differently, because all species on a planet will evolve in the same way, so to speak. Every living being recognises the triggers in the energy field of a planet and all will react to them somehow, so that intelligent life on a planet cannot be a coincidence. Intelligent life will never evolve on a planet by itself, but when the planet is ripe for it, intelligent life will be created on a planet by the Wingmakers. When the planet has undergone countless evolutionary leaps, it will be at an evolutionary stage that supports intelligent life. The environment will have changed to the point where the intelligent species can find everything it needs to develop under the conditions that support the growth of a race. When the planet is ready for an intelligent species, it emits the necessary frequencies for it and the Wingmakers then decide which species can thrive there with which settings. When the proto-races of the new species have developed the best characteristics, then the proto-races are used to determine the best settings for the intelligent race and that race was modern man on Earth. All the proto-races were inferior to modern man, so they could not prevail in the long run. Modern man is very successful on Earth and so is every indigenous intelligent species because they are given the best attributes that apply to the planet. The planet supports intelligent life, even though the race often exploits nature, but the developmental thrusts of an intelligent species are also predetermined, so that the development of a human race is often similar, and when the official first contact starts, you will know what we mean by that, because the species that is making this official first contact with you is a human race that is similar to you in very many ways. This extraterrestrial race of humans also exploited their nature and they too fought cruel wars, but they are now a very peace-loving race of humans. They have developed similar technological achievements as you and their social development is equal to yours, but you earthly humans differ in some characteristics that make earthly humans very special. You are made up of many races of people on Earth and this is not usually found on any planet because the intermingling of a native race with extraterrestrial races of the same species only happens after official first contact. There is usually only one race of humans on a planet and these humans are very much alike throughout the planet, so the division of native beings on a planet is only so pronounced with you. You are made up of different races of people who usually segregate themselves from each other. This segregation is not seen in a homogeneous native human race on a planet. There is an evolution of species, but only until the triggers for the next evolutionary leap are broadcast in the energy field of a planet, then the evolution starts for each species with the characteristics that are deposited in the blueprint of a species. The evolution that has appeared up to that point is revised within years so that the evolution of a planet can be precisely controlled with the beings on the surface. The beings living below the Earth’s surface are hardly affected, so the evolutionary leap you are about to make does not count for the New Lemurians in the underground cities, unless they populate the surface of the Earth for the time of the triggers in the Earth’s energy field. We do not assume that this is something that the New Lemurians do want to accomplish, so for the first time in over two million years, the modern humans of Earth will evolve a trait that is an advantage to the New Lemurians. Evolution is interesting and the evolution of Earth is right on schedule.

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