A0720: Are dreams always dreamed by the personality consciousness?

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What happens when a person dreams, we ask first? A person has to sleep on average once a day so that all experiences do not have to be processed, but the experiences are transferred to another level so that all your daily experiences are archived forever. When you experience great moments, they are archived just as if you do not do much every day, so that it can be said: Every single moment of a human life is archived and the information content is much more extensive than you humans perceive this moment yourselves. A moment not only contains the data that let you perceive your surroundings, but your feelings and thoughts are also part of the information. Where and with whom you experienced a moment is particularly significant because the information of other people is intertwined with the experience. You share that moment, therefore all the information that makes up that moment is part of each moment. An extraterrestrial being who has been given permission to look at another being’s records will experience the moment as a whole and really nothing is hidden from the being because the archived moment contains all the information that made up that moment at the time of the experience. You could use that one moment to reconstruct your entire universe at the time that moment was experienced. If someone partially relives moments of a deceased person in a regression, then these are precisely those moments that will be archived forever and ever. But in order for the entire amount of data that a living being holds to be transferred to where it is archived, a living being must enter a state where the moments experienced can be safely transferred. You are constantly transferring moments into the archive, but only when the body is at rest and the being does not produce any more moments, so to speak, can the moments already transferred before be completed. The amount of data is not transferred directly into the archive, but some intermediate stations collect this information and send it on as large data packets until it finally ends up in the archive. There they can be viewed by all beings who receive permission to do so. Physical beings must be able to demonstrate a reason to view this information and only when this has been granted will these records be revealed to the being. If you wish to view such records, you must first justify why it is important to you. If you can justify that this insight serves no selfish purpose, then it will always be granted, but if you want to spy on other persons, then you must choose other means. When the person is asleep, the body uploads this information to the next intermediate station. Because this information is so vast, we call it the inner universes. When the body loads a copy of the inner universes to the next intermediate station, the time of a person’s masters and teachers has come, because we now use this time to teach our protégés many useful things. What exactly happens in the process, we ask? When a person becomes tired, not only does the body signal its readiness to pass on the data, but the body can actually appear exhausted, so there are several reasons why a living being needs sleep. When a person’s body sleeps, the personality consciousness is decoupled. Here you should think of this partial consciousness as innumerable consciousness fractals attached to the body from outside, so that this partial consciousness represents your personality consciousness. These fractals of consciousness are in your energy field, which you commonly call the aura. When these consciousness fractals are attracted to the human body by the body consciousness, the personality consciousness becomes more and more conscious in the body, although it is actually attached to the body. The body attracts these very fractals of consciousness when the body ends its sleep and you awaken. Now, as these fractals of consciousness are attracted to the body, you become more and more conscious and when these very fractals of personality consciousness have been attracted, you are awakened because many fractals of consciousness will ensure that you become more and more conscious. The body focuses the personality consciousness fractals around the body and you become more and more conscious and have the feeling of awakening. When you fall asleep, you become more and more unconscious as the personality consciousness fractals slowly lose focus around the body because the body removes the attraction of these consciousness fractals. You lose focus and this is what you call falling asleep. Where are these fractals of consciousness when you sleep, we ask? They are close to the body, but they themselves will not usually begin to focus, otherwise you would be conscious on the astral plane and could astral travel. The more consciousness fractals can focus outside the body form, the more conscious the personality consciousness is on the astral plane. If only a few of these fractals of consciousness have been able to gather, then the person is not yet very conscious and the less he can remember what he has experienced on the astral plane later. When we as the masters and teachers of a person start a teaching session, we make sure that some fractals of consciousness can focus, but only so many that the person is not fully conscious. This portion of the personality consciousness thinks very slowly because it also consists of only a small number of consciousness fractals, but it is your personality, although we must also note that the body consciousness will have little influence on your decisions. When this subconsciousness of your personality consciousness begins to become more and more conscious on the astral plane, then we have already prepared the dream stage for the dreamer. This subconsciousness of your personality consciousness is the dreamer who is now being taught by us. As you all have many problems in interpersonal relationships, we will teach you how to become a calmer and calmer person, because all your belief patterns are currently preventing you from doing so. The dreamer will experience situations on the dream stage that are not common and he will be confronted again and again with his fears and belief patterns in a way that these situations usually escalate. Then at some point the dreamer’s personality consciousness will decide that it wants to change something about this. Something like this can rise up in the dreamer during the dream as a realisation or the person will face such a situation in everyday life and decide that he will now change something about it. But the person can also suddenly remember these dream experiences during the day and then decide of his own accord that he would like to approach such a situation differently. One day every person will come to such a realisation, because dreams accelerate your development, no matter how curious the dream was in retrospect, it will always have a positive influence on your development. When people claim that they almost never dream, that is so, but actually they just cannot remember. If people have no memory of their dreams for a long time, then they are simply not interested in their dreams or the development of the person is to be accelerated again, so that they will go through such disturbing experiences on the dream stages that the dream memory of them will be erased. Everything that the subconsciousness of the personality consciousness has experienced that is disturbing will ultimately promote development, because the further development is not only generated with the memories of the person, but every experience will fire the inner universes and the greater a moment is, the richer frequency patterns will be developed in the process. If the memory is missing, the frequency pattern gained is still active and will cause a change in the behaviour of the personality consciousness. For this to happen, however, the dreamer must also gain knowledge in the dream that represents this new frequency pattern. How does the dreamer experience a dream, we ask? Either the dreamer experiences a situation on the dream stage in such a way that the dreamer believes he is awake and the situation is taking place in the mundane world, or the dreamer is only dreaming the dream. What does this mean, we ask? Imagine the following situation. A dreamer wakes up from a dream and instead of becoming directly conscious, he watches a scene through virtual reality glasses that is supposed to play something for him from which he learns something for his later life. The person wakes up and half asleep, the person becomes aware of the situation through the virtual reality glasses. Since the person is not yet fully conscious, he or she cannot perceive the difference. The insights that the person gains will generate new frequency patterns again, even if the consciousness then rises to the point that the person notices that this situation did not happen in his reality. We can play processes to the dreamer that we can change at will. The partial consciousness sees a 3D simulation of something, so to speak, and thinks it is experiencing this situation. The dreamer is always a subconsciousness of the personality consciousness and no other subconsciousness except the personality consciousness dreams, because for all other subconsciousnesses of the incarnation all actions and situations on the astral planes appear completely natural. When a subconsciousness of the personality consciousness becomes more and more conscious outside the body because more and more fractals of consciousness join together for this purpose, then the person experiences an astral journey and the number of fractals of consciousness focussed then also determines how well the person can still remember it after awakening. Many people experience such astral journeys without ever remembering them.

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