A0719: How can food be enriched with energies?

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What do you expect from these energies, we ask? Energies can do many things, so you must determine beforehand what effect these energies are to have. If the food is to be fresh longer, then there is an energy that slows down the decomposition of the food. If you want the food to have a different taste, there is an energy for that too. If you want the eater of the food to benefit in some way, again there are many energies that you can transfer into the meal. When you have decided what energy you want to transfer into the meal, then you need something else that we have often talked about. You have a consciousness and that consciousness is constantly redirecting energies so that with a precise thought you form a shape on an astral plane. This form exists on the astral plane and since the astral plane exists separately from your worldly world, matter cannot be influenced by this astral form. No matter how precisely you think the thought, the astral form exists only on the astral plane. So you have to do something in order for the astral form to have an effect on the material world, and that alone is magic, because until now you have not understood what magic is and how it can be used. Voodoo, magic or other magical arts, reduced to the actual process, are only the redirection of energies in a way so that the astral form that is created has an effect on the material world. It is nothing else and yet you make such a fuss about it because the so-called magicians think they have to spread their rituals or they are firmly convinced that only their way of practising magic is right and all other ways are worse or even evil black or dark magic. These so-called magicians hardly know how their so-called magic works. We had explained to you several times that the healing of beings of any kind can be practiced by anyone without having to attend seminars or buy books, because healing is a very natural process that is almost always assisted by a spiritual being. You just need to start having the intention to channel healing energy through your hands into other beings and if you simply practise this, you can achieve passable results after many practices. Those who practise this out of an inner urge will one day achieve extraordinary results and they will one day do nothing but heal other beings. That is magic as you define it, because to you everything seems like magic that you do not know how it could work. Healing beings is no longer magic to the readers of our information because they understand the concepts behind it and these readers know exactly what they would have to do to become a healer so the mystique around it has disappeared, even though almost no one knows exactly what the processes are in detail for a being to be healed. If these lines are read by people who think they are magicians and who do not want to understand how this magic works, then these magicians should stop reading and they should also not read any further or older entries from us, because then the magic behind everything disappears. You will realise that you are only diverting energies and so unconsciously that you are only capable of using old magic. Your rituals, dogmas and ignorance of things will prevent you from evolving in your so-called magic. Stop reading now or your magical world is in danger of being sabotaged. To all other readers we will now explain how these energy diversions work and what you can do with them. Once you understand the concept behind them, your possibilities are hardly limited, but again, the more you practice, the better your results will be. You will perceive the world with different senses after what we have said on this subject, because you have understood something that most magicians would only attribute to their special magic, although it is a very natural process that is practised by every being and with every thought that is thought. If a thought creates a form on the astral plane, then many thoughts will form many forms. Each form has a holding power that keeps it in shape and the more precise a thought is thought, the greater the holding power behind it, so that even many not so precise thoughts of an object will ensure that the astral form receives more and more holding power. If a thought diverts a form of energy on the astral planes so that a form can be thought there, then the amount of energy is decisive for how strong the holding power of the form is ultimately. If a normal and average person thinks of a ball on a lawn, then the holding power of this form on the astral planes is so small that this form will evaporate very quickly. There are spiritual beings who do nothing but use the volatile forms on the astral planes for something greater, so that you as humanity can benefit from it one day. Now, if a great many normal and average people think the same thought together, then the astral form will have a great deal of holding power and the spiritual beings who process the fleeting astral forms are not likely to dissolve this form, so that the form which is to represent a ball on a lawn will last for a very long time. This lawn and the ball will be reproduced in great detail by the many people, because many people will notice many details that will add up in this astral form. Now, if a very advanced human being thinks of a ball on a lawn, his image on the astral plane will have more details than the lawn and the ball could be perceived by your senses on the mundane world. Everything you see will always have less detail than reality provides because your visual experience is filtered so that the amount of data can be pre-filtered and reduced. However, a far advanced human being sees much more in an imagined thought and this can only be done by people who consciously practise astral travel or they are far advanced people who can imagine something in their mind’s eye. The more details are perceived in the process, the further the human being has developed, because his consciousness continues to rise through this further development. When a person has reached this stage, a precise thought will divert a lot of energy in order to also deposit this precise thought as a created form on the astral plane. If this person now thinks of this ball again and again, so that the degree of detail is increased more and more, then a vast amount of energy is stored in this astral form. Every thought thought has an identification of its creator, so that other people who instinctively or unconsciously perceive this astral form can hardly influence it, because only the creator of the form has the identification and can easily influence this energy form. When you have conceived such a store of energy, then you can use it again for something else, and here the mundane world comes into play, because the mundane world is another plane of existence, but it is far-reaching, so that the adjacent astral planes provide the possibility of exerting influence. When a far advanced person imagines something well in his mind’s eye, then in truth this astral form is exactly where the person is also looking with his eyes. If you were to see a ball lying on the ground in front of you with your eyes closed, then the astral form exists exactly there in front of you where you can see it with your spiritual eyes. You could not kick the ball, but that energy form is where you see it. If you practise this with your eyes open, you could see the ball lying on the floor in front of you, and since astral planes can also be seen as transparent sheet that map the universe on top of each other, this astral ball actually exists where you have thought it to be. If you manage to think a lot of energy into this ball, because you have thought of this ball very precisely and in great detail, then the ball will become more and more existent, because you can now not only see this ball, but you could also perceive it better with your other senses, so that the amount of energy is decisive for the extent to which the astral form can have an effect on the material plane. This can go so far that the energy can affect physical objects. This is not easy to practise, but when you see a food in front of you, all you have to do is think in your mind’s eye of a ball of energy around your food, and the intention of what that ball is supposed to represent processes your consciousness to use that very energy for it. If you can see this ball of energy very precisely, then the ball will contain a lot of energy, which will then act exactly where the food is. Every biological life will create an energy field and even when that life is processed into a meal it still retains an energy field and because that energy field is connected to the subtle plane, your conceived energy ball will feed that overall energy field of your meal with the energy of the ball so that the energy of the ball is transferred into the biological mass via the subtle energy fields of the meal. You are diverting energies from the astral to the mundane plane and have thus exerted an influence that will have more effect the more precisely you are able to think a thought. That is all it is and now the magic is gone because you have understood the processes behind it as a concept. Your possibilities of using this concept are now almost limitless. The magicians will continue to practice their magic even though there will be no new magic because no magician really understands what they are doing, but that doesn’t matter because then they can’t do anything bad. You can now train to see balls of energy or something similar when your eyes are open, so that you redirect energies from the astral to your material plane. We will take up this subject again and again in subsequent articles so that you can also get to know new ways of doing something useful with these energies.

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