A0718: What is the structure of an atom?

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An atom is something that does not exist in the spiritual world, so energies from the spiritual world were used to create atoms. Why do atoms exist at all, we ask? The spiritual world is constantly evolving and a long time ago the Wingmakers experimented with the subtle energies because they wanted to create something that would last forever, by that we mean the subtle form that we as spiritual beings are constantly producing. When we think a thought, the thought will form a subtle form on an energy level from which we draw our main energy. We use the 8th main plane as our energy source and most human beings are 4th main plane beings. When a person has a thought, the energy of the 4th main plane is usually used to create a form on an astral plane of the earth. If a woman fancies a pair of exclusive shoes, she will not only imagine the shoes, but she will see herself walking with these shoes in front of other persons and all persons will acknowledge that this pair of shoes looks very beautiful, so that the woman’s self-esteem will experience an increase by wearing the shoes. When the woman thinks all these thoughts, she will use the energy of her source of origin and this energy forms the shapes on the astral plane. The forms are, among other things, the shoes and their appearance. Do these forms really look the same as the woman perceives them in her thoughts, we ask? No, the forms would look alike if the woman had the same thought again, but extraterrestrial beings could not immediately draw conclusions from the form as to what this form means. However, this has nothing to do with insect-like life forms having no reason to wear exclusive shoes, but each species thinks differently, so there must be an energy that can decode such thoughts. In a blog entry on telepathy we mentioned the energy stream that can decode anything so that different species can converse without barriers. This energy can also translate images, sequences and feelings so that we as spiritual beings can recognise the true forms and all other beings will see this form through a translator in a way that is appropriate for their species. You think of forms as, for example, a pair of exclusive shoes and every being will perceive the same shoes so that the pair of shoes looks the same to all human beings because the translator in the consciousness of the human being transforms a form of energy on the astral plane of the earth that is indefinable to you into a form that is fair to the species. Therefore, the original form is something else that is decoded by the translator into a pair of exclusive shoes. The translator is already very old because the translator was created when the first universes were created. An atom has nothing to do with a translator, you would think, but that is not so because the translator does have something in common with an atom. A translator has a task and this task was defined by the Wingmakers so that they created an energy form that can learn and that is to identify the forms that physical beings form through their thoughts and whenever a human being or any other living being forms a completely new form on the astral plane, the translator will know exactly what that form is supposed to represent and so this energy form archives all thoughts that are of a new nature. When another living being sees the form on the astral plane that a being has created there, the translator can translate that form so that the other being can also perceive what was thought as a form there. The translator translates a form on the astral plane the same for all beings, although the form looks completely incomprehensible to most beings. If the translator has translated the indefinable form in a manner appropriate to the species, then every being knows what was thought there. Whenever a new being comes along that didn’t know what the form was before, then the translator jumps in and will translate the form in such a way that the being also understands what this form is actually supposed to represent, so that all beings have an equal understanding of what this form is supposed to represent. An atom is similar to an indefinable form on an astral plane because an atom is made by a translator into what it represents to you. We had told you that your Universe is made up of many planes of existence, so that on Earth you populate the planet with very many unknown species side by side, without the other species and you meeting on Earth. Where you live and work, the Bigfoot or, for example, the Archons also live and work, but on different planes of existence and these planes of existence consist of atoms that are translated differently depending on the plane of existence. The translator knows to which plane of existence an atom belongs and depending on which plane of existence is represented, the translator translates the atom in such a way that the atom takes on the properties that are intended for that plane of existence. Because the holding power of matter is different on the planes of existence, matter can also be treated differently on the planes of existence. What do we mean by this, we ask? If you imagine a plane of existence as a transparent sheet, then you could see a place on that sheet that contains matter just as your plane of existence does for you, except that this place is not real for you on the other plane of existence, and that has to do with the different holding forces of the atoms, which are different than on your plane of existence. Take a ball on your plane of existence and put it in the grass in the garden. Suppose that on another plane of existence a being puts another ball in the grass in exactly the same place on earth. Let us further assume that a being is standing one meter in front of the ball and on your plane of existence you are also standing one meter in front of your ball. If you now assume that planes of existence can be seen as transparent sheets, then the ball and the living being in one place exist twice, but this is not in fact the case because there are two balls and two living beings in the same spatial coordinates that do not influence each other because their atoms that make them up cannot influence each other. You can only kick the ball on your plane of existence and the ball on the other plane of existence remains untouched because your atoms that make you up only influence each other on your plane of existence. The atoms of the other planes of existence will occupy the same space in your universe, so that almost all celestial bodies have something in common that they share with all planes of existence, so to speak, and that is a ball of energy that is supplied with energy by the cosmic network. All the suns in your universe also exist on other planes of existence, only the composition is different because each plane of existence has different properties of the atoms. If your perceptible universe is made up of a certain number of atoms, then that number multiplied by the number of planes of existence of atoms really exists in your entire universe, because all the atoms of all planes of existence occupy the same space in your universe. You see, everything that you cannot perceive exists right around you, except that the holding forces of the atoms are different and that is why you can walk across a field even though there is a large building in the same place on another plane of existence. The atoms of the plane of existence have a holding power among themselves that only applies to this plane of existence and the atom itself is endowed by the translator with other properties that are appropriate to the plane of existence. Your atoms exist in a certain area, which you have also been exploring for some time, but there are areas before and after that which neither you nor your present instruments can grasp, which is why you know nothing of these planes of existence. The structure of an atom is already known to you to a certain extent, and now we want to fill in your gaps. An atom has a shell because every consciousness builds an electric field around itself. This energy field contains a lot of information about what this atom is like. In this energy field there are actually free charge carriers that travel through the space of the atom and they do so quite quickly because they want to occupy every point of their shell plane. If they were too slow, then only a coincidence could cause charge carriers to be exchanged. Because they are so fast, the reaction time of an atom is also very short. The shorter this reaction time, the faster an atom reacts to its environment. The nucleus of an atom does not consist of neutrons and protons, but something similar is there, which we will now describe. If you assume that every particle of matter also contains consciousness, then consciousness must also find a place somewhere. If a fractal of consciousness is more potent, the more delicate the fractal of consciousness appears, then such a fractal of consciousness has its place in the centre of an atom and the charge carriers that circle around the fractal will shield it from all other fractals of consciousness. The charge carriers represent the interface that the consciousness fractal needs to react with the external environment. If the fractal of consciousness appears to be located on the quantum level, then the quantum level is an area in your universe where all consciousnesses in your universe can be located. The plane of quanta describes the area in the spiritual world where your universe is located. The spirit world in which we exist is so vast in its proportions that the area of your universe seems to disappear, but all beings that have something to do in your universe must focus a partial consciousness right there in order to exist in your universe. You as incarnations have done exactly the same thing, except that you still have a connection to a physical body, but your consciousness fractals are on the quantum level and that level spans your entire universe, but commonly only your plane of existence. When we say commonly, we mean your conscious plane of existence because you leave that plane of existence the moment you sleep, meditate or make a conscious astral journey. The astral planes of your earth are different layers of your plane of existence, so that each plane of existence can be subdivided and living beings on earth that exist on another plane of existence also have their own earthly-astral planes. The atom, on the other hand, is conscious on all these planes, so that it can be said that the consciousness of an atom is not only aware of the obvious plane of existence, but all the gradations, which you also call astral planes, are known to an atom, so that it makes no difference on which plane of its existence it is perceived. If you were to travel to an astral plane, you would not encounter any solid matter, even though this astral plane is a sub-plane of your existence. If, however, you could pass from an astral plane to your material plane with your consciousness, then your consciousness could influence the atoms of the real world, because although you yourselves are astrally present on the surface of the earth, the consciousness of the atom makes no difference as to which subplane of your plane of existence that very atom influences. We as spiritual beings could influence your matter in the same way as the consciousness of an astral traveller who actually manages to consciously shift from an astral plane to the material plane. Some of your more advanced people do this, but largely unconsciously, because they do not have the understanding of these planes of existence at all. All those who tell of their astral adventures experience them almost exclusively on an earthly-astral plane. We say again that there is almost no human being on earth who can consciously change to the material plane in a so-called astral journey, because that is reserved only for those people who have developed very far, all other people see images of the material world on an astral plane, but it is, so to speak, only a copy of your reality, therefore actions on this image also have no influence on the atoms of the worldly world, because they are not changed at all. From now on we will go more and more into the subject of the planes of existence so that you can understand the concepts behind them. Everything that makes up you and your environment has to do with the planes of existence.

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