A0717: Do dinosaurs exist on other planets?

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Yes, but not like there were on your planet. When the Wingmakers created the creatures, they did a lot of experimentation and the relatives of the big lizards have always been a species that liked to be scary. When we say the relatives of the great lizards, we mean the dinosaurs on the other planets. The relatives of the big lizards are rather small and we would think your land-living animals have a size that these relatives of the lizard do not exceed, so that there are predatory dinosaurs that do not grow taller than three metres, so they are fearsome and dangerous too, but not in the way that they were on your planet. All dinosaurs on Earth have been much larger in their evolutionary phases than on any other planet. When you examine skeletal finds on alien planets, your dinosaurs are much larger and this was for a very specific reason. When the dinosaurs were created by the Wingmakers, they were used as a template for intelligent life forms, as the dinosaur is a reptoid-like creature to which the Wingmakers applied the blueprint of reptoid beings. Just as you humans use a human-like species to create a human race on a planet, the dinosaurs are used to create reptoid beings. When the dinosaurs were created, the Wingmakers aimed for the reptoid creature, which was actually the first intelligent species. Before that there were many experiments, but the first intelligent species that can be inhabited by incarnations are reptoid beings. The species of greys came much later and the species of humans only at the end. The Wingmakers are currently creating new intelligent species, but the human species is currently the pinnacle of creation, so it will be a long time before the human species loses that status. At present there is no human race in your universe that can use the full potential of the human blueprint. There are countless universes and in many universes there are the species that exist in your universe, but in no universe is there a human race that can use the full potential of the human blueprint. The Wingmakers created the dinosaurs and one species of dinosaur served as the blueprint to create the reptoid beings. When a reptoid creature appears like a large iguana, the template for it looks like a giant snake. We say snake because the elongated body immediately allows this comparison. However, the snake-like creature belongs to the dinosaur genus, so the relatives of the terrestrial dinosaurs are the relatives of the reptoid species. The reptoid species has been around for a very long time and reptoid races are no longer created by Wingmakers on planets today, so a long time ago a reptoid race on a planet began to explore their origins in such a way that they themselves acted like Wingmakers and experimented with dinosaurs on Earth. They wanted to see what they themselves could create, so the experiments took place over a very long period of time to see what was possible with each dinosaur’s origin blueprint. The scientists accelerated evolution on your planet and they changed the appearance of the dinosaurs to such an extent that they created giants that were never meant to exist in this form, because this was not intended in the blueprints of the dinosaurs at all. The reptoid beings that were on Earth always wanted to create bigger creatures, so they had to adjust a lot of things in the actual blueprint to make that even possible. If they had only changed one species of dinosaur, the biological balance would have been thrown out of whack, so all dinosaurs would have been changed in one way or another sooner or later. Since there are countless species and races of dinosaurs, this change took a long time. The race of reptoid beings using your planet for their experiments also had permission to do so because the Solar Council had agreed to it. When the reptoid beings began to experiment on other worlds, it soon became clear that the experimentation would eventually get out of hand and so that no consequential damage could be done to the flora and fauna, this race was given several planets to choose from on which to carry out their experiments alone. Many scientists of other species and races followed these experiments very closely because they also hoped to gain new knowledge that they could use further. The reptoid beings first created beings from the actual dinosaurs that could not reproduce, but they quickly realised that this was not an effective approach, so the altered dinosaurs were able to reproduce and thus quickly grew populations that appeared larger and larger and more degenerate. They never intended to apply the blueprint of the reptoid beings to these degenerate dinosaurs because they knew that such an approach would not be tolerated. They researched your planet for a very long time and many creatures died very quickly, but some races were extremely clever, so they were able to prevail in the jungle against other predatory dinosaurs very quickly. These dinosaurs were modified more and more, so that it soon became clear that this species of dinosaur was too dangerous for the environment. The reptoid species then decided one day that the degenerate races should become extinct so that the ecological balance could be restored. To do this, the reptoid beings used a trick, because the altered dinosaurs were given a gene that controlled reproduction. When they decided to end the experiments, they were able to influence the gene via the environment, so that the dinosaur species that had been changed by the reptoid species could no longer reproduce. But since other dinosaur species had also adapted to the new conditions, the extinction of the mighty dinosaurs was much more far-reaching than the scientists of the reptoid race had previously assumed. The animal world received a collapse that could not be compensated for so quickly. The mass extinction of the dinosaurs really happened, but it was not a celestial catastrophe that led to it; rather, the termination of the experiment had devastating effects. What else is there to say about the dinosaurs, we ask? The writer had always wondered why the Tyrannus Rex had such small arms and we want to clear up the mystery. If such a huge animal has hardly any arms, then it doesn’t need these arms, so a body always starts to reduce body parts for which there is no longer any use. The Tyrannus Rex was the undisputed king of its territory and all the other predatory dinosaurs did not dare to stand up to the king, so the Tyrannus Rex only roamed around claiming the killed prey of the other dinosaurs for itself. It could see relatively well, but its olfactory system always led it to the nearest prey. The Tyrannus Rex was generally very good-natured because it only carried its huge body around and did not hunt prey. Old or injured prey the Tyrannus Rex killed on its own, but a full-grown Tyrannus Rex only went from one meal to the next, which the other predatory dinosaurs reluctantly left for it. The huge pterosaurs benefited from the composition of the atmosphere at that time, because it was denser and therefore guaranteed better buoyancy for heavy bodies. The pterosaurs were also modified by the reptoid creatures, so the greatest discoveries are still waiting to see the light of day. What about crocodiles, we ask? Not every species on Earth could be altered, so many species retained their original form and when the special gene in the altered dinosaurs caused them to stop reproducing, the unaltered species were not affected, so these lizards survived, although not all of them. Birds also existed at the time of the dinosaurs, but they were the forerunners of the birds, so the lineage split one day when the reptoids started their experiments. Birds evolved naturally, just as the blueprint of the species intended. The ice age over 10,000 years ago caused some very old species to die out. Your animal and plant life is as it was intended to be, and this animal and plant life will not change much because it has almost reached its final stage evolutionarily. A planet does not develop life by chance, but evolution is stored as a plan in the blueprint, so that a planet sends out triggers in its energy field for an evolutionary leap, which is then received by all living beings. The trigger tells all living beings how to prepare for the next evolutionary leap so that the planet as a whole takes that evolutionary step. The reptoid beings artificially initialised these triggers and they then changed the blueprint in such a way that the dinosaurs as a whole made their next evolutionary leap on Earth. The scientists were able to set the intervals of the evolutionary leaps at will, so that we can claim that the Earth at the time of the dinosaurs enjoyed an evolutionary development that progressed more rapidly than on any other planet. Finally, we would like to say that the palaeontologists here on Earth are doing extraordinary work, because they have already accumulated so much knowledge that we want to take our hats off to them with respect. We are watching the palaeontologists and archaeologists very closely and if these scientists would begin to listen more to their inner voice, then many more insights will be generated that will then rise up like a fleeting feeling in these scientists.

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