A0714: Are there physical beings that exist in space without technology?

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Yes, there are physical beings that can exist in space without technology because it is only on your plane of existence that space appears so hostile. We have told you that your plane of existence can be seen as a transparent sheet, and as there are countless planes of existence in your Universe, there are also countless transparent sheets, so to speak, each of which can be assigned to a plane of existence. You can only clearly perceive your plane of existence through your known senses and since all planes of existence are far apart in the frequency spectrum, you hardly perceive the other planes of existence. Each existential plane is unique, but in the frequency spectrum, the existential planes that are next to each other are similar, so there is the greatest difference between the existential planes that are furthest apart in this frequency spectrum. If we were to locate your frequency foil in the total frequency spectrum, we would say that you are neither at the beginning nor at the end with your frequency foil and you are also not in the middle, so that you tend to be towards the end in the total frequency spectrum. However, there are frequency foils that are above you in the overall frequency spectrum, but there are many more existence foils below you. When an existential foil is located below you in the frequency spectrum, it is said that the beings on that existential foil use a lower frequency to exist, but they are just as human or inhuman as beings on your existential foil or the existential foils above your existential foil. A being living on the lowest existential foil in the total frequency spectrum of your universe can be just as loving, caring or brutal as a being on the highest existential foil in this frequency spectrum of your universe. The myths of lower beings whose frequency is below yours and who commit evil and heinous acts are true, but there are equally beings at your frequency or above who act in the same way, so the plane of existence and therefore the frequency range in which beings exist is not an indication of whether they are benevolent or malevolent beings. The different species on the different planes of existence do not differ in terms of frequency, but in terms of the laws to which the different planes of existence are subject. The differences in the laws between the planes of existence become greater the further apart the planes of existence are in the overall spectrum of your universe. We as spiritual beings exist in the entire frequency spectrum, therefore we can perceive the environment of a place in all existential foils simultaneously. Let us take your earth. The earth has a very special appearance on your existential foil and everything you see and feel exists on your existential foil. If we look at the neighbouring existential foils, the earth looks similar on these existential foils, except that not everything appears as it does on you at the moment. The living beings on a neighbouring existential foil look different on Earth. The Bigfoot’s are such living beings and their existential foil almost overlaps with your existential foil, so that a Bigfoot perceives the environment on their existential foil similarly as you do on your existential foil. However, we do not mean the achievements of humans, but the environment itself. These existential foils are similar and since Bigfoot’s are intelligent beings, they can also use the proximity of their existential foil to your existential foil to check up on you. They are extremely curious, but also skittish. Another existence foil in your vicinity is very similar to you in its achievements, so that these beings have also founded cities on Earth and they are also technologically on your level, so that you can hardly notice a difference. What are these beings that populate your planet, only on a nearby foil of existence, we ask? They look nothing like you and we would think creatures of the underground from your novel scary stories come very close in appearance, while living on the surface and having established very civilised and peaceful societies. Planet Earth is more different on their plane of existence than the plane of existence that the Bigfoot’s exist on, but at first you would think it appears like your world. If you look at the Earth’s planes of existence from space, the continental plates are similar, although the water on the coasts usually has different courses. There are always greater differences the further apart the planes of existence are. If we look at the earth on the most distant plane of existence to your plane of existence, then the planet earth also exists there, but the laws on this plane of existence are different from yours. How is that possible, when the Wingmakers set beforehand how the laws of a universe should be, before they let the universe come into being through a tremendous explosion, we ask? The difference in the regularities of the universes is greater the older a universe is compared to a particular universe. The difference in regularities from one universe to a succeeding universe has an amount which in turn can be taken to determine the variance of the different planes of existence in a universe. The foil of existence that lies at the lower end of the total frequency spectrum of your universe is very similar to the foil of existence that lies at the upper end of the total frequency spectrum in the previous universe. The frequency foil that exists in your universe at the top of your total frequency spectrum is very similar to the existence foil that exists in the following universe at the bottom of that universe. This is how all universes differ, so that there is a sequence of existential foils that differ in frequencies to the extent that new universes always have a higher overall frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum of the Creator Being, which we call All That Is, is very large and in a partial frequency range of it exist the spiritual beings that we represent. The souls also exist in a higher frequency range, so that we as incarnations must first receive this grant of power in order to also be able to exist in this range of All That Is, but at present our frequency range is limited to the spiritual world. The Wingmakers, in turn, also exist on an even higher plane of existence than the souls, so that there are still some gradations in All That Is, which we will gradually address. The universes exist on many planes of existence, but there are far fewer, in terms of frequency, than the spiritual world in which we spiritual beings exist has to offer. Now, if there is a person on a mountain on your existential foil, there can also be a tree right there on a neighbouring existential foil. A mountain can also have a different appearance on other existential films, but we would say that on most existential foils the mountain and therefore the continents and oceans are the same. When nuclear bombs were detonated on your existential foil, there were shock waves that reached into the neighbouring existential foils of your planet, so that far advanced species of your Earth that exist on other existential foils looked to see what you were doing on your existential foil and were shocked at what you were doing to gain a military advantage. No matter what you do on your existential foil, it will have no direct effect on the other existential foils. Even if you were able to destroy the planet with your weapons, the other planes of existence would not be endangered. The other planes of existence will know indirectly that your planet has been destroyed by humanity and that the Earth no longer exists on your plane of existence, but their Earth would still exist, so there is no need for these beings to intervene on your plane of existence at this time. When you are able to change your natural frequency enough to appear on the other existential planes, then there will be something like diplomatic relations with the Earthlings of the other existential planes, but this will take time because you must first understand that you are not alone on your existential plane. There are existential foils where the laws of your universe vary so much that physical beings can actually exist in space, because on these existential foils space is not as hostile to life as it is on your existential foil, so that the beings on these existential foils are also exposed to other conditions. These beings live in space as fish live in water on your existential foil. If you were on the international space station and you had the ability or the apparatus to somehow visualise these distant existential foils, you would be amazed at what you could see.

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