A0713: Why can objects travel through solid matter?

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What exactly makes an object, we ask? Objects are substances that are somehow connected and objects have a certain shape in space that makes them up. An object can be anything as far as it can be somehow delineated. We cannot demarcate a sub-area in a homogeneous object, because all that constitutes an object is its outer form, because after the boundaries of this outer form something new begins that seems to be different from the object. If an object has a different structure on the inside, then there is another object in the object that separates itself from the actual object through the outer boundaries. There is something in the object that does not belong to the object, but this second object is enclosed in the object proper. If the inner object were a gas and the actual object appeared very porous, then the gas in the object could travel across the pores of the actual object and pass through it. This only works because, firstly, the gas molecules are barely chained together so they do not maintain their shape as an object with a strong attractive force and, secondly, a gas molecule can pass through the pores of the actual object. If a gas can pass through a porous object, what about objects that are not gaseous, we ask? That only works if the holding force between the atoms is weakened so that those atoms are not hindered by a barrier of holding forces from the object being passed. We told you about gravity, that two objects in space attract each other and that depending on the nature of the object, one object generates a higher holding force than the other object, so that these two objects also negotiate their weight with each other based on their nature. If an object has a strong holding force between the atoms, then this is to be judged as if the atoms of the object have known each other for a long time and therefore attract each other very strongly. If you were to separate two atoms from this object, they would still be strongly attracted to each other. If you had two identical objects made of the same material and you took one atom from each object, these two atoms would have a different holding power than if you used two atoms from one object. Why is that, we ask? If you take two identical particles of matter and place them next to each other in a room, the particle waves that each particle of matter constantly emits will cause an electrostatic attraction to develop between these two particles of matter and thus generate a holding force that is higher the closer you place these two particles of matter together. However, this holding force is much too low for solid matter to be created from it. So there must be a process that influences these two particles of matter in such a way that the holding force is strengthened more and more and can unite two loose particles of matter into one object. If there is such a thing, how does it happen, we ask? If we take a block of granite and look at the lattice structure of the atoms, we can see a very regular pattern in it. Furthermore, we can also perceive the holding force of the atoms among themselves, so that between the atoms of the granite block there is an empty space in which very strong electrostatic charges circle. What are electrostatic charges, we ask? The particle waves of the atoms will interact with each other so that, strictly speaking, there are electrostatic charges travelling between the atoms that hold the construct of the granite block together. Now, if you can sense an electrostatic field around an atom, then you can also influence it so that you can prevent the electrostatic charges from interacting with other atoms. If you can isolate an atom in the granite block like this, then it could tumble off the surface of the granite block and the granite block would have a hole the size of an atom under an electron microscope. When you act on the granite block with another object, it is not the atoms of the objects that push against each other, but the holding forces of the objects act against each other. If the holding forces of the objects are suddenly and briefly weakened very much, but without the objects losing their outer forms, then the objects could pass each other without meeting resistance. If the atoms of the objects meet, then they push each other aside and when they have passed each other, then the holding force of the different objects ensures that they resume their old position in the lattice structure of the object. If only one object reduces its holding force and the other object does not, the object cannot pass, so there must be a holding force that is so small that the objects can pass each other. We are spiritual beings and we exist on the level of quanta, even if these postulated quanta do not exist. We ourselves are only consciousnesses consisting of consciousness fractals. Our fractals of consciousness can focus in one place so that we are more conscious there, but strictly speaking the fractals of consciousness of a being are evenly distributed in the spiritual world. If we focus our fractals of consciousness in one place, then we can easily take on any form we like in the spiritual world because we have to expend very little energy to do so. Our subtle form also has a holding power, so we can also claim that we have a subtle body. However, this body is only an ornament and not biological, but the form is real on our plane of existence. When two bodies meet on our plane of existence, they can pass each other commonly because the holding force of the bodies is very small. If it were a little stronger, then the bodies could not pass each other because they would meet resistance. If we have a spiritual world that appears to be constructed like yours, why are there objects there that cannot pass each other or can pass each other only with difficulty, we ask? We love the mundane worlds because they appear so vast and because they could only come into being because objects can influence each other, but the spiritual world consists only of forms that influence each other directly, so that forms do not produce weights as they do with you on earth. When two enormous forms are placed side by side in the spiritual world, the electrostatic attraction of the enormous forms is just as great as between two small feathers in the spiritual world. This is all because the subtle forms in the spiritual world all have the same holding power. If you could endow an area on the material plane with the same holding power as the holding power in the spiritual world, then you could step through a block of granite into this influenced area without anything happening. What would happen if you stepped through the granite block and halfway the influence of the holding force diminished, we ask? That would be catastrophic because you would then be stuck in the granite block as a person and an object. What happens then, we ask? You are made of biological mass and a granite block is made of particles of matter that correspond to it. When the holding force decreases, the holding force of the lattice structure of the granite block will cause the biological mass that makes up your body to be concentrated at one point in the granite block and that point will correspond to your body. You will die and you will not even know it unless the holding power is very slowly reduced, then you will feel an oppressive feeling and you will be dead. If a person on earth makes an astral journey and seems to float through a wall of a house, then this feeling is the same as if the holding power of an area in the mundane world is reduced to the extent that it prevails in the spiritual world and a person in this influenced area walks through a wall. Astral travellers know very well how this feels. When you travel the spiritual world you will think you are walking on a path but there is no resistance there, in fact you assume you feel a resistance under your feet but that is not the case. Your consciousness sees a path in the spiritual world and knowing what walking feels like in the mundane world, you will feel that very same feeling in the spiritual world. You think you have to walk on this path because that is exactly how you know it from the mundane world and your consciousness will make it feel that way. For example, if you touch or kick a football in the spiritual world, the same thing will happen because your consciousness knows how it feels. When you pick up a football in the spirit world, it is not your subtle hands that hold this ball and lift it, but your consciousness redirects energy currents so that the subtle ball is moved in the space of the spirit world. You only use your ethereal hands for this out of habit, but actually only the thought of lifting the ethereal ball is enough and it will happen as if by magic. Extraterrestrial species are able to influence an area in the mundane world in such a way that the holding power of the objects is reduced to a minimum, so that the forms are permeable, as in the spiritual world, without changing their shape. Then even large spaceships can travel through an entire planet or star without anything happening to the planet or spaceship. Living beings can also walk through mountains without digging a hole, but when the influence of the holding force wears off, not much remains of the living being. What happens when a human being rolls through a granite block in a steel ball and halfway through, the influence of the holding force wears off, we ask? The steel ball has a higher holding force than the granite block, so that the steel ball and the human being in it are unharmed in the granite block. But the granite around the steel ball would change its properties because the particles of matter around the steel ball would be dammed up, so to speak. The granite block would not change from the outside, except that it would be heavier than before. You will undertake such experiments, and we assume that you will not use living beings for them. When you have done much research on this, you will also race your spaceships through space and you will change the holding power of the spaceship so that you can travel through asteroids or suns without harming the spaceship or its occupants.

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