A0712: What is it about the so-called light name of the incarnation?

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The light name is nothing special because a name actually has no meaning. If an incarnated person knows the name of the incarnation, he can contact the suprathreshold consciousness directly. We, the masters and teachers of a person, come from this suprathreshold consciousness. The person with his or her personality consciousness also originates from this suprathreshold consciousness and the name of the incarnation is, so to speak, the direct extension to this suprathreshold consciousness. Now, if we as the masters and teachers of the person and the personality consciousness are descended from the same supra-threshold consciousness, then why are we all quite separate beings, we ask? That is only partly true, because we as the masters and teachers of the person are each independent, as is the personality consciousness of the person, but the suprathreshold consciousness that makes up the incarnation in the incarnation cube is the conglomerate of these consciousnesses, more than that, the incarnation consciousness in the incarnation cube is not fully incarnated, because a partial consciousness is still as active there as it was on the first day when the incarnation first animated your body on earth. The superordinate consciousness is all of us and yet also not, because although we are all represented there, the superordinate consciousness that we all make up is also in turn independent. We are the independent consciousnesses of the incarnation and the conglomerate of all the partial consciousnesses in this incarnational cube is a being that you can call upon if you know its name. If you call out the name of your suprathreshold consciousness and desire a conversation, the suprathreshold consciousness from the incarnational cube will thereupon communicate with you. The answers of the suprathreshold consciousness are different from what the masters and teachers of you would give. Is this often practised by the individuals and what would be the advantage in doing so, we ask? We would put it this way: When the suprathreshold consciousness is asked for advice, the answers are received unfiltered, so the answer is always very direct, by that we mean the content of the answer. If a person is not stable in himself and asks the suprathreshold consciousness personal things, then this consciousness will answer in such a way that the person could possibly fall into depression. If the person is stable in his or her nature, the suprathreshold consciousness can give many hints that could help the person. Why can’t the person’s masters and teachers also provide these clues, we ask? Because we are only allowed to reveal certain information and we are bound by many rules, which is not the case with the suprathreshold consciousness. What is another advantage of this, we ask? The suprathreshold consciousness is empowered to unlock abilities that the person has already earned and that are still being withheld. The suprathreshold consciousness can initiate healings, so this consciousness has many possibilities that we will discuss, but for all the euphoria that you are feeling right now, you also need to find out what the name of your incarnation really is. Which people even know the name of their incarnation, we ask? Almost no one, because it is usually not necessary. If a person lives a normal life, he will never know that name. If you are spiritual, you will not know the name, but if you are a person who has mastered many virtues, then you might find yourself in a situation where you know your true form and your incarnation name. What are these situations that a person experiences so that he knows the name, we ask? If you meditate a lot, many people will eventually see images or scenes in their mind’s eye and if one day you experience something that seems so real that you think you are actually there, then you have taken the first step. At some point your desire will be very great to move on in your development and that again is the next step for you to experience your incarnational name. So you have grown very much as a person because you have overcome many problems and you are now already quite calm and serene so that other people would say of you that you appear very wise. You have dealt with yourselves so that you could dissolve your inner blockages and you have experienced something else that is crucial because you have made a leap in consciousness. Furthermore, you have mastered one virtue and another, for only then are you also worthy of having your incarnation name revealed to you. By the time you are ready, you could have learned many skills because you have earned those skills. If that is so, why do you need the incarnation name, we ask? Not at all, because this name does not guarantee any added value. You have attained all that you are entitled to, so the incarnation name is not really of any importance to you. However, if you are a person who acts calmly and serenely, who has mastered many tasks and also virtues, and you do not have any special abilities, then your incarnation name would be a significant help, which you could very well use to unlock abilities within you that lie dormant and are still sealed for the following reasons, although you have long since earned them. 

  1. The time has not been favourable for the masters and teachers to unlock the abilities one by one. It is up to the masters and teachers to unlock them. If you are in the middle of a relationship crisis, it would be disastrous if you were suddenly distracted by skills when ending the argument should be your top priority as a person.
  2. The person still lacks a quality that the masters and teachers need beforehand for the abilities to be unlocked. Imagine an alcoholic who has really come a long way, but who cannot renounce alcohol. If alcohol or drugs are involved, then the masters and teachers will think several times about whether they should unlock abilities for the person, because all the abilities you have gained through hard work will not be taken away from you, no matter what bad things you do with them. This is why very few people get abilities that seem truly incredible. A person who permanently renounces an addiction has done very hard work on himself and such a thing is always rewarded. If a person is addicted to sex and alcohol, then the person will only attain abilities when all addictions have also been overcome, therefore only very few people manage to attain a spiritual development that allows the person to rise to become a guru or an extraordinary healer who stands out because of their extraordinary abilities. All other persons also achieve abilities, but they can hardly be compared to them. Gurus are not sexually active, nor do they indulge in addiction. They have sexual intercourse and they also like to eat and drink, but in such moderation that none of this can be attributed to addiction. Real gurus are really rare and most gurus are not gurus in the way we mean. There are special people who can do extraordinary things, but that falls under a different category. 
  3. The person does not wish at all to acquire special abilities because he has no use for them. Such persons nevertheless obtain abilities which they can use very well in their lives unconsciously.

You see, it is not simply that you gain abilities just because you would like to have them, but abilities are earned and the more human a person appears, the more abilities are unlocked in that person. But if a person should actually receive the abilities and the person’s masters and teachers think that it is not yet the right moment, then this person could ask the suprathreshold consciousness to unlock the abilities and this consciousness has more decision-making power so that it can order many things that then have to be carried out by the masters and teachers. How then does the evolved person now receive the incarnation name, we ask? The person will somehow change into a state of consciousness that seems like an astral journey, but it is not, and the person will experience things that will explain a few things, and in the process he or she will hear the incarnation name. The suprathreshold consciousness is so much more that a separate series on it would be appropriate. Lastly, we would like to state that the suprathreshold incarnational consciousness is not your higher self because higher self is a misinterpretation that we have already cleared up because the higher self is the representative of the soul from which the suprathreshold incarnational consciousness is derived. A soul creates an incarnation and the soul corresponds to a consciousness so powerful that it can create independent consciousnesses called incarnations. You are such an incarnation, but you are not a soul.

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