A0711: Why is Japan special? – Part 12

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The Wanderers are a people who are not only physically and mentally very advanced, but they were culturally and technologically so far ahead of you 70,000 years ago that it will take you a very long time to reach this advanced level after your official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. Why then was it so difficult for the Wanderers to make contact with their own kind, we ask? Because the Wanderers were on a mission that was scheduled for many years, and unlike you on Earth, these missions do not require constant reports and messages to be sent to the home planet, because these beings operate very independently, which is related to the fact that their form of society is different from yours. Wanderers can do whatever they want to do, because the society of the Wanderers has few fixed rules of behaviour. If a society progresses because the beings in the society can evolve further and further, then this society needs fewer and fewer laws that prescribe the behaviour of the beings because these beings have reached a stage where these rules are no longer necessary. The more primitive a society is structured, the more laws and rules of conduct are needed. The more developed the society, the freer the beings are because they already take most of the rules to heart out of humanity. Even in advanced societies there are individuals who carry out terrible things, but society does not encourage such behaviour, that is why such individuals are the exception and other individuals of this society see through such individuals quite quickly, so that they do not allow themselves to be included in their plans and therefore avoid these beings. You on Earth are exceedingly primitive when we look at your forms of society and when we compare societies of 70,000 years ago to this, you have indeed evolved very little except that you can do more damage today. Your cultural and social quantum leap occurs with your official first contact, so your society is different before the start of your first contact than it is during and after first contact. The Wanderers actually laid the foundation for this 70,000 years ago, because Japan experienced its first cultural quantum leap 70,000 years ago in such a way that the official first contact is neither impaired nor accelerated by it, but the Wanderers have transferred so much knowledge to the villagers over all those years that a culture and society could emerge from it that is unparalleled on Earth. Today, Japanese culture is still far ahead of the rest of earthly cultures, even though the technological revolution was not long ago. You Japanese are culturally the most advanced people on Earth, and you Japanese will integrate official first contact into your culture as quickly as no other people on Earth could, because you have had the right conditions for it for 70,000 years. The Wanderers laid the foundation for Japanese culture and Japanese culture is quite strange to the foreigner because, strictly speaking, it is already showing the signs that every culture on Earth will adopt when official first contact has been accomplished. What those signs are we will reveal in later blog entries on official first contact, but for now let us explain how the Wanderers were able to attract the attention of their own people so that they could return to their homeland after many years on Earth. Fifteen Wanderers waited 25 years for their people to locate them in the universe and it took so long because the mission time was already several years, which the Wanderers had to wait on Earth anyway. Edo was the perfect home for the Wanderers and in those 25 years they were able to be of great help to the villagers, so those 25 years also mark the birth of Japanese culture. In 25 years, a small village that did not know the wheel or how to write became the most advanced village outside of Atlantis. Edo marks the origin of civilisation as you perceive it today, even if hardly anyone can understand our claim, but Edo is the origin of all the progress your world has experienced up to then. Before Edo, there was only Lemuria and the conglomerate of city-states that Atlantis represented, but these societies were not the native species of Earth and they shared nothing with the societies of modern humans, so it was Edo from which the cultural and also technological progress that you live today in one form or another emanated. Edo was far ahead of its time and the island chain that is now Japan has benefited greatly from this, but only because extraterrestrial beings had to endure a very long time in Edo 70,000 years ago. However, since they were barely able to salvage achievements of their race from the sunken spaceship, they were unable to draw attention to themselves through technological means. These beings spent their first years in Edo instructing the villagers on how to improve their living conditions. Afterwards, much knowledge about the spiritual world was passed on in the form of myths and in such a way that they themselves, as the embodied spirits, also found their place in it. A lot of advice from the Wanderers led to an improvement in interpersonal relationships, which resulted in the emergence of Japanese culture. When all this was set in motion, the Wanderers began to implement the plan for their rescue, and Mount Fujiyama was of great importance for this. Not only does this mountain have great spiritual significance for the Japanese today, but even 70,000 years ago the villages worshipped this mountain because they had always given it mystical meanings. This mountain was chosen by the Wanderers to draw attention to their stranding because this mountain is a feast for the eyes from the airspace above Japan. So when an extraterrestrial spaceship flies over this island chain to map the earth, this mountain is highlighted when mapping because it can be used as an anchor point. 70,000 years ago, this mountain already had a considerable height, but even if the mountain were to change its outer appearance due to volcanic activity or erosion, it could still be considered a geographical centre of Japan because its size and sight still fascinate many people today. Not only the people of Earth are fascinated by this kind of elevation, but also extraterrestrial beings, because mountains always take on a mystical significance in every culture, and it doesn’t matter how far a society has progressed. The mountain is an eye-catcher, so to speak, and that’s exactly what the Wanderers are after. They invented a festival to pay homage to the spirit of the mountain and because this mountain can also be climbed, something was to be installed on a plateau that could give extraterrestrial researchers a clue that help was being requested from extraterrestrial beings. If the clue was decoded one day, then the Wanderer people could be informed about it and a rescue mission would search the area around the mountain for their people. That was the plan and that was exactly how it was implemented. The rescue of the Wanderers took a while because the signs first had to be interpreted correctly so that the Wanderer people could be contacted. The clue was Japanese characters that were laid out in such a way that they were easily seen from the air. The characters were placed in such a way that the following message was written there.

“We need help, ask at these coordinates if they are missing scientists in this quadrant“

That was roughly how the message was structured, with the coordinate mapping the Wanderers’ home planet. When the message finally reached its destination, the rescue mission flew off to find the Wanderers in Edo. A spaceship landed at the gates of Edo and collected the Wanderers. The Wanderers were contacted mentally beforehand as the spaceship flew over the villages to locate the Wanderers, so that the Wanderers still had time to prepare their departure properly. When the spaceship landed, it caused quite a stir, but the villagers had always known that the Wanderers would one day return to their realm. After their return home, the Wanderers were able to report many things they had experienced, so that the episode of the Wanderers also found its way into the history books of their people, because something like this had never been experienced before. Many explorers get stranded on alien planets, but usually they are rescued quite quickly, so they never really have to stay on alien planets for long, but the Wanderers were different because their situation was almost unique in your universe, so that many extraterrestrial explorers take the Wanderers’ events as an opportunity to derive research work from them, which is then brought closer to the young explorers. Much more happened afterwards, so that the Wanderers were celebrated on their homeworld for a long time for their tireless perseverance on Earth, but this chapter is now also coming to an end, because the Earthly population now also knows where their cultural heritage comes from. The Wanderers redefined the way of life on your planet and it all originated in Edo, so it can be said: Edo is the cradle of your civilisation and no other village has developed as Edo did and you owe it all to the Wanderers who brought their culture to you on Earth 70,000 years ago.

Question: How can the decapitated villager and the dragon form be explained?
The Wanderer went alone to the force and the villager was a holographic projection. The dragon form could not be represented in this way, so all the other Wanderers were busy projecting the dragon into the consciousnesses of the people. Spiritual beings do nothing else when they train people. They can focus a being’s attention on something and they are able to manipulate what they see so that you see something that the spiritual beings want you to see. When you meditate and you see something in your mind’s eye, you see a form where you look with your eyes closed, only on another plane of existence, which you commonly call an astral plane. We prepare the meditation or dream stage for you on this astral plane so that you are also shown something that makes you grow, but strictly speaking it happens exactly where you are standing or lying, because all planes of existence lie on top of each other like transparent foils, whereby with your eyes open you can only perceive the foil with your plane of existence. That is why the Wanderers made the dragon appear on an astral plane at the place where the Wanderer was standing in front of the force, and the Wanderers made sure that all the people in the surroundings could also perceive this special astral plane on which they made this dragon appear. All this is not difficult at all, because you can already do something like this today if you imagine something in front of your inner eye with your eyes open. Very imaginative people can create whole worlds and other people only a ball. But if you think about it very precisely, then you could also perceive this imaginary ball in front of you in the room. The Wanderers did something similar, so it was neither witchcraft nor a big deal, but the effect on the beings who perceived it for the first time was overwhelming. The holographic projection of the villager was achieved with the few things they were able to salvage from the spaceship. The villagers were not allowed to realise that this was achieved through technology, so the Wanderers used many tricks to impress the villagers as well. They succeeded and the dragon was so impressive that the dragon also gained a significant role in Japanese folklore. 

Question: Why is there apparently no evidence of this ancient culture in the form of written documents or other achievements?
Quite simply because even today you don’t preserve all your written documents and milk cans. At that time, they were all just utensils, and clothes spun from silk 70,000 years ago don’t survive the test of time because they are used up after a year or two. The same goes for archiving Japanese knowledge. There were no books back then as you know them today, but knowledge was written down on parchment-like sheets and renewed every now and then, so that knowledge could be passed on, but it was not set in stone, which would have survived the ages, but it was copied again and again and, like everywhere else, knowledge was embellished more and more, so that the folklore and the sagas are still very well preserved in essence, but they too have been expanded. Seventy thousand year old knives or swords do indeed still exist, but not from the time when the wanderers were still present in Edo, but a few generations later forging became very popular in the villages, so that these achievements can still be found in Japan. If the material were analysed, the age could also be inferred indirectly, but no archaeologist today would seriously consider that he has a 70,000-year-old forged knife in front of him. All this will only come to light after the official first contact, because then every culture on Earth will be looking for its extraterrestrial influence, and the Japanese will uncover a great deal in the process that points to this extraterrestrial group of Wanderers. Our explanations of this are more than authentic, so they will surely find their way into Japanese culture one day. If it all sounds unbelievable to you readers today, then you have never really thought about the implications of an official first contact, so we advise you to look for the entries on first contact in the blog entries, then you will also understand what we mean. 

Question: Why couldn’t the wanderers contact their people mentally or through the spirit world?
Because it is actually not that simple. The Wanderers were very advanced mentally, but even these beings cannot establish communication over long distances. They always need aids for this, otherwise it will not work. Imagine a buoy in space that can be contacted mentally by someone, then communication must be relayed from this buoy and this becomes increasingly difficult the further away the destination is. If you now think that the Wanderers were able to contact the extraterrestrial scientists on the moon after all, then that is not possible either, because even the distance to the moon cannot be overcome without aids. Could the Wanderers astral travel, we ask? Yes, they could, but again their radius of action is limited. Nor was it the case that they could simply appear astrally in their home world and then ask for help, but they were limited to the earthly astral planes, which could hardly offer them any help. Why did they not ask spiritual beings for help? Because not every being has such a strong connection to the spiritual world as the writer, and even if the writer were to become stranded on another world, we would indeed not be able to help him, because every spiritual being is subject to regulations that determine exactly what these beings may and may not do in your universe.

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