A0710: Why is Japan special? – Part 11

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The force in front of Edo had been on its way for a long time to split up again among their home villages, so in Edo one festival after another was celebrated, because despite the Wanderers and guards of Edo, because the villagers had been very afraid ever since they had heard that a force had been on its way against Edo. All this had also raised doubters who were worried about their fortunes. They themselves practised the concept of wealth sharing, but only reluctantly because they were overly materialistic. These doubters were only a minority, but when they heard that the force was on its way to them, their fear increased to such an extent that they passed this fear on to many villagers of Edo. It so happened that some doubters left the safety of the village to bring their fortunes to safety. This did not go unnoticed, so that not many of the doubters reached the safe destination with their fortune. The armed forces were gone and the people of Edo celebrated very boisterously, so that many couples met in the evenings to do their bit for the continuity of the village population. The Wanderers never had a physical relationship with a villager because their appearance was too much of a barrier, but there were platonic relationships between villagers and the Wanderers, which we want to address today because affection can be expressed in many ways. What is affection and what is love, you may ask, and we want to clarify this because we have never described this topic in detail before. What constitutes affection, we ask? When a person feels affection for another person, the affectionate person is fascinated by the person who has earned their affection. You hear correctly, affection must be earned, so in an interpersonal relationship that is purely platonic in nature, at least one person has earned the affection of another person. A platonic relationship is neither physical nor irrational because that is only true when persons are no longer sane. When a platonic love arises, at least one person has earned that affection. How does a person earn such platonic love, we ask? By doing something that has an impact on at least one other person, and always in a positive way. If a Wanderer in Edo makes villagers feel better because the Wanderer does something that is viewed positively by the villagers, then that Wanderer earns affection from those villagers. If a villager feels affection towards a Wanderer, then that villager will always be in a positive mood when the person thinks of or faces that Wanderer. The body chemistry will make the body release happy hormones when the person is standing in front of or thinking about the Wanderer. If this happens often, it can also result in what you describe as the physical attraction to another person, but it is not love, as you might now think, because love in the real sense is something completely different. Now, if a villager is exceedingly fascinated by a Wanderer, then one day she will also feel physically attracted to that Wanderer, even though the outward appearance of a Wanderer is rather off-putting for a human being of Earth to judge. The villager’s body chemistry will now release more and more endorphins and this also means that the sex drive will be strengthened. When the villager experiences this transformation of her body chemistry, she is less and less in control of her sensations because automatisms are now started in the villager’s body that makes her less and less sane and you define this state as a person being in love, but it has nothing at all to do with the actual love of a human being because love is the humanity that a being can feel towards another being. We have often explained to you that advanced species of whatever kind no longer need the physical cycle of reproduction that you humans practise in order to procreate, and that these advanced beings create their offspring through a mental act. If this is so, then explain to us why these beings know exactly what love is when their body chemistry no longer practices physical affection at all? Exactly, because love has nothing at all to do with procreation, but the humanity in a being defines the love that this being is capable of giving to another being. Affection is earned and love is given because love is unconditional. We are spiritual beings, we don’t have a biological body that dictates a body chemistry so that we appear insane to produce offspring. We know all about it, but still we do not know this physical affection because it is only necessary for a physical race to continue. What then is this love exactly that everyone talks about and hardly anyone can explain what it is, we ask? Love is the possibility of a being to grow beyond itself and it is always positive. The Wanderers were selfish at first so that they would be accepted into the community of villagers, but the longer they stayed there, selfishness gave way and humanity took over. The humanity of the Wanderers took over and pushed aside the selfishness because they wanted to help the villagers and the whole of Japan to be able to evolve without gaining any further advantage, more than that, they trained the villagers in such a way that the Wanderers were not perceived as what they were, but as beings that do not exist like that. All of you reading these lines are doing many things that can only be classified as selfish, no matter how charitable you are. You are always thinking of your own advantage, even if you are hardly aware of it. Even the most self-sacrificing activity is somehow supposed to guarantee you a special status, even if the activity can be described as very charitable. When then would a person act out of pure humanity, we ask? Imagine the following situation and you know what love in its true sense means. A person is walking through a park and he sees a ball lying on the grass. He takes the ball and puts it where the owner can easily find it again, then this action was done out of pure love. If the person only acts in this way so that the lawn looks nicer without the ball, then it is pure egoism. If a person only acts in this way because other people can observe him, then it is also pure egoism. You see, only when you do something without gaining any kind of advantage from it, only then do you act out of the inner need to do something good and that is called love. All other actions are done out of pure egoism. When the Wanderers were accepted into the community of Edo, they did not have to do much to gain the affection of the villagers, but they did much more, and not to gain any further advantage, but because their humanity dictated that they should do so. The Wanderers offered all their love to the villagers and to all of Japan, even though they knew that none of this was at all necessary. They already felt that they were doing good, but that was not their predominant driving force that made them do all this, but they were filled with love that no villager could reciprocate because no villager knew love the way the Wanderers felt it. Human races are first driven by physical love, which the body produces but which the consciousness cannot feel in that body. A consciousness can only develop love and this love is given away because it cannot function otherwise at all. The villagers recognised great beings in the Wanderers and thus the Wanderers earned not only their respect but the affection of the Japanese in and around Edo. There were villagers who were physically attracted to the Wanderers because their affections had passed a level that caused them to be in love, but since Wanderers and the villagers never physically united, there were no descendants of the Wanderers on earth. We have told you about the beginning of Japanese culture in many blog posts and it all started with the ditching of an extraterrestrial-human race who had to stay in Japan for many years until they were rescued by their own kind. In the next and last part of this series, we will talk about the rescue of the Wanderers, because until then, a lot of things happened that seem worth mentioning. Do not think that the Wanderers only had to wait until their kind appeared, but they had to take many precautions until that time came.

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