A0715: What beings inhabit Jupiter?

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We introduced the beings that inhabit Jupiter a long time ago, because there are many legends about these species that contain no more than a shred of truth. These beings are known to you, but no human being has ever come face to face with such a being, so all stories about these beings have originated differently. When people begin to take an interest in the spiritual world, there is usually an incisive experience that leads the person to learn more about this plane of existence. If a person has experienced a haunting moment or had a near-death experience, then the person will be a different person than before, because within a moment the horizon of this person has greatly expanded. If a person experiences such a moment, he or she will suddenly become interested in these subjects because he or she has perceived something that seems to be of an unbelievable nature. If a person now considers how he can obtain information about the spiritual world, then he can turn to a religion, study myths and legends or he can immerse himself in the vastness of the spiritual scene, which has so many facets to offer that the curious person can spend years sifting through all the information and also try to classify and ultimately process it. Where does the information from the spiritual scene come from, we ask? They have a lot of sources and only a few of these sources are in any way well-founded, because the spiritual scene lacks something crucial and that is the correct handling of the information, as it is practised by recognised researchers today. Instead of first checking a piece of information for its truthfulness, spiritual people soak up every piece of information like a sponge without critically questioning to what extent the information seems realistic at all, so that everyone in the spiritual scene can start changing the information again and again until it turns into a theatrical horror story that terrifies the spiritual reader. All your spiritual authors either lull you or want to frighten you into attending their lectures and purchasing many of the authors’ products. What exactly do these spiritual authors do, we ask? They look for unbelievable stories to weave into their own belief constructs. Hardly any authors will critically question this information because they will then very quickly realise that it is worthless. They never explain why a person has actually had a strange experience, but they embed this experience in their murky constructs in order to somehow generate an entertainment factor, but they don’t question anything, they always just add something. How would a real scientist proceed if he had as his object of study the spiritual scene, we ask? The scientist would first determine the information arms so that he can categorise the spiritual scene. Then categories would emerge that would disentangle the spiritual scene. One spiritual arm could be the spiritual world, another arm would be extraterrestrial beings and yet another main arm could be miraculous phenomena. This categorisation could produce many major and minor arms, but the scientist would then choose one category and look at it more closely. Suppose the scientist chooses the category of extraterrestrial beings, then he would next begin to fathom what information is available on extraterrestrial beings. If this main arm of the spiritual scene produces new side arms, because now the scientist begins to continue to categorise the circulating stories, then he will notice something crucial that escapes any spiritual person. All information about extraterrestrial beings comes only from hearsay, because there has been no real evidence of them. Whether ancient texts tell of gods descending from heaven or whether close encounters actually took place that these contacted people report, they are always only stories and there is never any real proof. What does the scientist do now when he has neither proof nor can he know whether a story is true or made up, we ask? The scientist examines each of these stories and tries to find commonalities, which then provide a better picture of the information situation. When the scientist does this, he will again discover something amazing, because apparently all the authors of history have more or less copied from each other, because at the core of every story, the same information will appear again and again, around which a lot of crazy additional information will then be spun. When the scientist has discovered this, he will categorise the stories again, because now the wheat will be separated from the chaff. The few testimonies that then remain will again be investigated, because it is now clear from whom all the information originated. Once the researcher has completed this task, he has been able to identify a few handfuls of sources. If all the authors who use the information to make a book are filtered out, then there are very few sources of information left and that is the information worth investigating. Now the scientist has to start questioning the sources separately to determine the truth content. Once he has done that, there are fewer and fewer sources left and all the sources will then report unbelievable things because they have been changed by the experience and that is without exception. All information is subjective in nature and scientists know this, so many questions are asked to clarify the facts. What then remains of it is the core of information, which is incomplete, but which can reveal an ever larger picture of the actual situation, the more core information the scientists can gather. All this is not undertaken by any spiritual person, because then the beautiful façade of the spiritual scene collapses from one moment to the next. You spread so much information in which there is hardly a tiny nucleus of information. There are these small kernels of information, even in your sacred writings, but they are hidden by all the information around them that the authors have made up to spin an exciting story. A scientist’s approach is not difficult to copy at all, because you only have to start by looking for the originators of the actual information, because then you can trace back the core information and then you will also recognise the authors who keep spinning more and more information in order to offer their readers something new again and again. Once you have found the author, your intuition should determine to what extent you can trust the information, because even the author cannot provide you with proof. The more trustworthy core information you receive from a source, the better you will be able to assess that source. All other information givers just take the core information and rebuild it, just to make it seem more unbelievable, so that they can somehow gain an advantage from it. What does all this have to do with the creatures that populate Jupiter, we ask? You have received the core information about these species, but there is very little of this core information about these species, so many information distributors have set about embellishing the core information more and more, and here is always the problem. Many information providers have twisted the actual information about this species to such an extent that today you actually only have false information about this species, which you tirelessly spread in the spiritual scene and cheerfully keep spinning something new, although you know next to nothing about this species, unless you have read our blog entries about this species. We are spiritual beings, we see the bigger picture behind everything and we can give you authentic core information without another information provider spinning their own scare stories around it because we want to enlighten you and not entertain you. Spiritual beings are always trying to generate an evolutionary increase so that you can expand your horizons. So who are these beings on Jupiter, we ask? On Jupiter live the Original Archons and your other planets in your star system are also populated by Archons. Neither do they live underground on Earth, nor do they hide from you, but they live on another plane of existence and therefore you will not meet any Archons, neither on Jupiter, nor on Earth or elsewhere. In the previous blog entry we told you a great deal about planes of existence because we explained that planes of existence can be seen as transparent sheets that, when placed on top of each other, show everything that exists in your Universe. The further away a plane of existence exists from your plane of existence in the overall frequency spectrum of your Universe, the more differences there are in the laws of that plane of existence. Jupiter, on the plane of existence of the Archons, is a very large planet where there is vegetation and water. On your plane of existence, Jupiter is a large gas giant where life can hardly exist. If one day in your distant future you are able to change your natural frequency enough to appear on the plane of existence of the archons, then you will have long since become an interstellar-travelling species that has been able to expand its horizons to the point where there is no longer a spiritual scene, because you have been scientifically exploring this realm for a long time. The scary story writers will still exist, but not in such numbers and the readers will know that these are just stories for entertainment. Readers can then also filter out the core information in these stories so that they will not believe stories about evil archons because archons are just as evil as the people of Earth. We have covered a lot about the Archons and you will not find more multi-layered information about the Archons anywhere than on the Writer’s Blog because we have not only described the lives of the Archons but also detailed their history. We conclude by saying that not a single person on earth really knows what constitutes an archont because no human being has ever faced an archont.

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