A0701: Why is Japan special? – Part 2

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The extraterrestrial beings had been present on the Japanese island chain for some time and when their research was completed, they were about to travel to their next research object, when something occurred that caused their research target to be out of reach for the time being. It then took quite a while for this research mission to be reported missing, so the extraterrestrial researchers also had to make sure that they could survive this transitional period. There are countless research missions, some missions do not last long and some missions can last for years. The explorers had to use apparatus for long-range communications that went missing when the spaceship sank, so they were unable to send out calls for help that would notify their race. When you as Earth humanity become true telepaths, because you will make this evolutionary leap in just a few decades, the offspring will already be able to communicate telepathically with their parents very well. These generations will then learn to speak telepathically with strangers, but this will only be possible from a short distance, because you will not yet be able to muster the strength for communication at a great distance. Parents already have a much more far-reaching connection with their children than you understand today, so it is precisely telepathic communication between family members that is trained and practised. Telepathy is not the transmission of words, but feelings and images are also part of it, so that more arrives at the receiver of a telepathic message than the so-called spoken word. All connections in the family generally enjoy great trust, so that at first this kind of communication is practised only between family members. Later, when your society has become accustomed to it, it will also begin to use it more and more openly among itself, because telepathy also reveals much of the feelings and motives of the persons. Telepathic connections, which can be conducted over very long distances, are not easy for human beings to initiate. What do we mean by this, we ask? If an earthly human being practices a telepathic connection today, then at the present time the telepathic connection must be established by a being with heightened consciousness. Once a telepathic connection has been established, a human being of Earth can also communicate telepathically with another Being. All your mediums and the persons who speak to your so-called God hope for such a telepathic connection, and only very few of these persons actually speak with another being, because you earthly human beings are at present dependent on a more highly developed being establishing this connection with you. Once a being has established such a connection, you can communicate very easily and it is irrelevant whether the communication only involves words, images or feelings, because all these forms of communication arise from a telepathic connection. When you communicate in this way, the being on the other side of the communication link always wants to speak to the human being so that it establishes the link. We have already described how this works in several blog entries. When you become a true telepath, you will spend some time practising this type of communication only with very familiar people. If you have been trained for several decades, then you will also practise communication with unfamiliar people, because you will have learned to transmit only the important information telepathically without revealing too much about yourself. But even if you are more than trained after that, you cannot establish a long distance connection because your consciousness does not reach that far. We will explain exactly what this means in a later entry on this. The beings who approached the villagers were very good at suppressing their own thoughts and feelings when communicating telepathically, so it didn’t seem strange at all to the villagers when they were contacted telepathically. They heard the voice in their head, so to speak, without suspecting that nothing was being said at all. Everyone present found the evening visits more than strange, but it was also an exciting change and the villages were not very well networked among themselves, so news did not get around so quickly. When a being came to a village, even at dusk there were still people outside the huts, so that the beings always met people with whom they had a short conversation and then quickly said goodbye again before the attention of the rest of the villagers was aroused and they came out to see why there was such intense talking, because then the beings would have been discovered quite quickly. What do we mean by that, we ask? When a more highly evolved being establishes telepathic communication, it knows beforehand who its interlocutor is supposed to be. If you could do this now, imagine the following situation. You are a teacher and you come to a class that is to be taught telepathically. You enter the room and notice six children sitting in their chairs. You establish telepathic communication by beginning to look at each child and imagine that in looking at them you would be able to establish the connection with that child. The teacher looks at each child and creates a group connection, so to speak. The teacher has the children’s attention and is able to get his message through. The children hear the teacher, but not the other children, because the establisher of the communication also determines how this telepathic communication is used. Like an earlier telephone lady who controlled the network of telephone connections, the establisher of a telepathic communication can also determine how that connection should be. When the being sought to talk to the villagers at dusk and established telepathic communication with the villagers present, it could only talk to these villagers, all the other villagers who noticed in their huts that people were talking outside could only hear what the villagers were saying, but not what messages the being was transmitting telepathically. If they had come out of their huts en masse, the being would hardly have managed to extend telepathic communication to all the other villagers, so that the being would only ever talk briefly to a few villagers and then quickly move on. During these conversations, everyday things were spoken, so you can compare it to friendly small talk. When one day the beings decided to open up to a village community, there was little anticipation because they could not completely rule out the possibility that the villagers might overreact and they knew that if that happened their survival would be in danger, so they chose a very special village where the villagers seemed very open-minded. It was still a dangerous venture so many precautions were taken to keep the villagers calm. Some of these villagers were very open-minded and others were not, so contact was first intensified with one person who was most suitable. This man was middle-aged and more than curious, so that this man also always had the most unusual conversations with the beings. This man was to be the key to becoming more intensely friendly with the village community. They contacted the man during his daily work, but without being physically present. We are now reproducing the first contact and we will not use names because the writer is not familiar enough with the language or the culture of the Japanese. Take it as written, even though for the sake of simplicity we will use a present-day and ordinary formulation.

“Hello, we haven’t spoken for a while. How are you today, my friend?”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed you”

Astonished, the man turned around and around, not really guessing from where he was being addressed. He recognised the voice but did not see the people belonging to it.

“Well, are you a little confused? We just saw each other yesterday, but we didn’t get a chance to continue our conversation from before. What do you say we do it this way, my friend?”

The man looked around in confusion again to find that he was all alone.

“Do you wonder that you can hear me but not see me? My friend, we want to tell you a secret today if you like and that is why we are talking to you at a long distance. Isn’t that great?”

The man did not understand at all what happened to him, but by the end of the day he had found so much trust that a few days later the beings had a meeting with this villager where they revealed themselves to be extraterrestrial beings. We will reveal what happened at this meeting in the next blog entry in this series.

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