A0700: Why is Japan special? – Part 1

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When the Japanese island chain was inhabited by modern humans more than 70,000 years ago, there was an incident on the island at that time that could not have been more unusual. If you already found our series on the Roswell incident and the background to it curious, then you have yet to understand that these events are only as unusual as you first heard them, because the story on Japan will be another step up. The first UFO crash discovered by humans did not happen in Roswell, but 70,000 years ago on an island in Japan. What exactly happened there and what the effects of it were, we will reveal in this series on Japan. Anyone who has ever been present in Japan will undoubtedly claim that the Japanese people are the most unusual people on this planet, and not without reason, because Japan was the first country to experience a serious crash of a so-called flying saucer, and the crew of the crashed flying machine had to rely on the help of the inhabitants of this island chain for a long time, until they were rescued by their own race. We will tell the story in detail so that you really know what happened then and how the people reacted. The present Japanese have in their gene pool ancestors who had acquired the Asian traits long before the present island chain was even first discovered by modern man. Japanese are descended from a group of people that began in what is now the Orient when Asian-looking extraterrestrial settlers settled in the Orient. The Orient is not the Middle East, so Asian people originated there and continued to settle the Eastern region over many generations. The Asians had very quickly asserted themselves against other tribes and when, over 70,000 years ago, the Asians began to migrate to the island chain of what is now Japan, these Asians were still the closest in ancestry to an ethnic group founded by the Asian-looking extraterrestrial settlers. Thus, it can also be rightly argued that even today, the Japanese are the people who contain the least admixed genome in their gene pool. What do we mean by this, we ask? All the races of people on Earth did not develop diversity in their genome at first, but the diversity of people on Earth came about when the different races of people on Earth began to intermingle. How did it come about that the Earth has different human races, we ask? It all started many millions of years ago when the extraterrestrial explorers on Earth began to study the young human race of Earth. They soon realised that the Wingmakers on Earth had created a human race with enormous potential and when the news spread throughout your galaxy, many extraterrestrial settlers came to Earth to add their human race to the indigenous human race and because humans on different planets have different characteristics, the mixing of the extraterrestrial settlers with the Earth human race created different human races that do not exist twice in your universe. Normally, the different human races from different star systems do not mix so quickly, but when special characteristics are present, they dare and send settlers to the alien planet so that the genome of the settlers can be introduced into the native human race. The Asians are very significant because their origin is from a human race that exerts a great deal of influence in your galaxy. The Africans, for example, are descended from a human race not far from your solar system. Many different human races have sent settlers to Earth, and because not two different human races have settled closely together, groups of peoples have formed that have different human characteristics, and not only in appearance, but also in anatomical features that distinguish these human races from each other. The present Japanese have mixed least with other human races because their archipelago was also not easy to settle. Today, Japan still maintains a cultural revolution that is progressing so slowly that the Japanese roots will remain for a long time. The Japanese have hardly changed in the thousands of years, even if we think that technological achievements have already brought change, but strictly speaking they still maintain a culture that was brought to this island chain over 70,000 years ago. How did Japanese culture come into being, we ask? It all started when an extraterrestrial UFO stranded off Japan and the crew had to leave the craft in a hurry to save their lives. The flight crew was a human race, but they didn’t look quite as human as you would define a human appearance today. One crew member died and was buried in Japan. You will not find the grave because it survived well hidden. All the other crew members had to seek shelter on the mainland and so it happened that they came into contact with a native ethnic group. Fearing that they would be seen as alien invaders, the crew members had to devise a ruse. They wore long robes that also covered their heads and so that the local population would not become suspicious, they pretended to be important personalities. They went into small villages at dusk and made themselves known, and since the people could not then see so well who was talking, they had also not noticed that the strangers did not speak any language at all, but practised telepathic communication. So they kept going into some villages to talk briefly. When after a short time a trust could be built up, they revealed themselves completely, so that there was great astonishment in the village community when they saw very bizarre beings before them. The beings clearly had a human appearance, but the facial features were very unusual. If you put an African, a European and an Asian side by side, you will immediately recognise the human features and the next thing you will notice is the distinct differences that distinguish the human races of Earth. If you start travelling to foreign planets inhabited by human races, you could continue the series of the African, the European and the Asian indefinitely, because there are so many different human races that are always slightly different. After a human race has made its first evolutionary leap, it will be a true telepathic race because that is what has been deposited in the human blueprint. All further evolutionary leaps will initially change the outer appearance of the race more and more, so that sooner or later every human race will evolve into a being that you now call the great white grey. You too, as an earthly race, will look exactly like that in millions of years, no matter what your ancestors were. Africans will then look like great white greys, and so will Europeans and Asians, because the appearance still varies at present, but your last evolutionary leap will only produce descendants who look like the great white greys. The outer change, however, will start after your first evolutionary leap, which will turn all earthly humans into true telepaths. The beings who stranded off Japan over 70,000 years ago were humans who were recognised as humans, but whose outward appearance was somewhere between a human and a great white grey. We lean a little more towards earthly humans, but even today you would recognise such a human as an extraterrestrial being. The group of stranded beings was not large, but only a few beings ever went to a village at dusk. Once trust was established, the beings revealed themselves. We will reveal exactly how this happened in the next part of this series, but let us put it this way: the excitement surrounding the beings was so great that neighbouring villages felt it their duty to fight the village where the beings were sheltering, because the neighbouring villages believed that earth spirits had taken possession of the villagers and that these inhabitants were now a danger to all other villagers in present-day Japan. You will be able to read all this in the next few blog entries, because the writer has allowed us twelve entries for this.

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