A0699: Why is there a pyramid on the Mediterranean seabed that has alien vehicles depicted on its flanks?

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Today we tell you a story that will cause amazement, because we will reveal to you who the first alien inhabitants on your planet’s surface were. We have told you before that earthly man was created on your planet over 16 million years ago, and before modern man evolved from it, there were many intermediate versions of earthly man. If over 16 million years ago the planet was already inhabited by humans, why should an alien species also have started to settle on Earth, we ask? Because it is a perfectly natural process, provided certain rules are followed. We now list the most important rules that will interest you.

  1. An alien species must never displace the indigenous species on the planet.
  2. The alien species must mix with the native species on the surface so that there are not two separate species living on the surface of the planet.
  3. If hostilities occur among the species, then the alien species must retaliate only appropriately.
  4. Any other species that also wishes to settle on the planet must seek permission from the Solar Council, otherwise they may establish an outpost that cannot be reached by either the home species or occupy any habitat of the home species. Outposts on the planet’s surface must always be marked so that any alien visitor can identify which group or species lives there. If an abandoned outpost is discovered, another species or group may claim that outpost as their own, but the identifying marks must be redesigned to avoid confusion. When an outpost can be declared abandoned is precisely written down, so that a brief abandonment of all beings of an outpost cannot be immediately understood as an invitation for other groups or species. Everything we have described in the series on your moon also applies to all other celestial bodies.

When the indigenous race of earthly humans was created over 16 million years ago, there were already outposts on the surface of the earth. The beings who ran the outposts were invariably explorers who studied the flora and fauna of Earth. When they discovered that the Wingmakers had chosen a human species as their native species, there was great excitement at this discovery, because they could now see at close quarters the emergence and development of the native race from the very beginning. The news of this broke out like wildfire in your galaxy and many alien species have visited this planet again and again for their studies to witness how the human race is developing on Earth. This was also the time when another alien human race decided to colonise Earth and share its gene pool with that of Earth humans so that another race could emerge from it. When the body energy fields of the different races unite, then this is to be regarded as a stroke of luck, because now the family tree of the extraterrestrial race will be taken over into the still quite empty family tree of the native race and thus many physical characteristics of the extraterrestrial race will break through in the native race, which then led to the emergence of a human race in the Mediterranean that was very similar to the modern human being of today. The alien race’s radius of action was limited because they knew they would not be the only alien human race to settle on this planet to mix with the native humans of the area. Each race that settled on Earth will pass on their particular gene pool to the native race so that the physical characteristics are very similar to those of the alien race. That is why you have several human races on Earth and the most widespread race is the Asian race, which has taken over vast areas of land over time. As we said earlier, the alien visitors and settlers have to abide by rules, so on the planet the genetic code has been passed on, but not the technological achievements, because the indigenous species would be overly influenced in their natural development. Therefore, settlers were selected who only contributed to the gene pool and hardly surpassed the native race in their achievements. They had brought with them extensive knowledge, but hardly any technology. Outposts are allowed to act differently from alien settlers in this respect, so that alien settlers also only arrive on planets that have something special to offer, otherwise no race would decide to create a settlement on an alien planet unless there was a good reason to do so. The alien explorers were quick to recognise the future potential in the Earth human race because they could see in the blueprint characteristics how far Earth humans might one day evolve and this fact has more than surprised your galaxy because Earth humanity were given the most extreme attitudes by the Wingmakers ever chosen for a human race. This fact is not to be underestimated because there will never be a human race in your universe that can receive even more extreme attitudes from the Wingmakers. You are the crowning glory of creation, so to speak, because you are the most extreme manifestation of the human species that can ever be created. There can never be a human race that will be more extreme in its actions than you are, because you fully conform to the extremes of the human blueprint. That is why many settlers came to Earth, because they knew they could enter the gene pool of a race that will one day populate the entire Universe, because in the future it will produce beings that will develop mental abilities very close to a spiritual being and that race will become so powerful that it will control the destinies of your Universe. You will have a long way to evolve before that happens, because although you have been given the most extreme attitudes by the Wingmakers, you are at present the most brutal race in your entire Universe. You are becoming more and more peaceful as a race and in millions of years you will not only change your outer form, but you will develop more and more potential so that one day you will have the abilities of spiritual beings, although we must qualify that you will be very powerful in your universe, but you would not yet be equal to a spiritual being in potential, because spiritual beings are not subject to the limitations of a physical body, but you will always have a body. At least it can be said that no other physical being will be able to compete with a human being in the future who carries the gene pool of the earthly human being. So how is it that on the bottom of the sea near Gibraltar there is a pyramid with reliefs of alien flying machines on its flanks, we ask? The extraterrestrial people who settled in the Mediterranean wanted to immortalise their origins on Earth, so they built a pyramid there 5.3 million years ago, where at that time there was no Mediterranean Sea as you know it today, but your Mediterranean Sea was much smaller at that time, so you can assume that many things will still be discovered near the coast in the Mediterranean Sea that will indicate exactly that. We will describe the history of your Mediterranean in more detail, because that is where your human family tree actually begins. The race had built the pyramid because they wanted to set a marker for future generations so that you could explore for yourselves where these subtle features in your body energy fields come from that have not been discovered by you at this time. The Asian region also has these signs of origin, but it does not always have to be pyramids that are such a sign, so you will discover many things later.

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