A0698: What does the body energy field say about the living being?

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Every biological living thing will create an electric energy field around itself because there are processes in a life form that usually create a voltage through friction, therefore an organism, however small it may seem to you, will always create an electric field around itself. If an organism creates an electric field around itself, how can specific information about the organism be contained there, we ask? The first cell that represents that organism will provide all the necessary information about the form of the organism and when the cell is alive it creates a small energy field around itself. Because the cell has a DNA strand, the cell knows what kind of cell it is by the energy field. If the cell then looks in its DNA to see what kind of cell it is, it will know from the energy field that it is the first cell of an organism. The first cell of an organism has a special area that is only ever held by the first cell of an organism and that is where the information for the body energy field is stored. Take a human ovum. In this ovum there will be an area where all the information for the body form is stored. At first it is only apparent what species this ovum is to produce, but if you manage to study this area extensively, you will find a lot of information describing the being at all stages of its development. When the ovum has been fertilised, many characteristics of the father are added to this body energy field, because the sperm cell also has an area that gives the shape of the body energy field. When the sperm cell meets the ovum, they will identify each other through their body energy fields and when they realise that they are of the same species, they will unite and the areas reserved for the body energy field information will blend so that the first cell division will ensure that there is an adapted body energy field for that life form. Each new cell will perceive itself in the ever-expanding body energy field and as the cell perceives its place in the body energy field, it can look up in its DNA strand what characteristics that cell should have, so that the cell determines whether it is a skin or liver cell, for example, based on its location in the body energy field. This is how it continues with each cell division. The mother and father dictate how this body energy field is created because they inherit their own characteristics, so to speak. So far so good, that should be understandable to all readers up to this point. First, let us summarise what you have learned so far. 

  1. Every living being generates an energy field around itself through biological processes, which has different characteristics depending on the stage of development.
  2. Each body energy field houses information about the body form of the living being, depending on their age and evolutionary stage of development.
  3. All mitochondria that develop in a body contain information about what is to happen as the body grows.
  4. When a body energy field is recreated by the union of two cells that are destined for it, the characteristics of the two individuals are blended and the new being represents both family branches of the parents.

What information must be contained in a body energy field so that the body is also created in the way that seems right for the species, we ask? The place of each individual cell is contained there as information. All the body forms are stored there that a living being will go through in phases, so that an ovum can become an embryo, a baby, a child, an adult and then an old person. All the phases of a life form are represented there as a separate body energy field and whether a person’s hair falls out in old age or the person gets lots of skin spots is all information that was not only negotiated when the first two cells were joined, but each body energy field is not only unique but autonomous. What do we mean by this, we ask? If there are characteristics in the family branches of the new living being that were present in the kin but not in the parents, then the negotiation during the union will ensure that not all the characteristics are taken over in the process, but they can be stored in body energy fields. If the grandfather had an exceptionally large nose but the mother did not, then the size of the grandfather’s nose is nevertheless represented in the body energy field, so that all ancestors with their individual characteristics are represented in the body energy field of a living being. How is it then that body characteristics only break through in a living being after generations? When we explain to you how you can imagine where and how the information of all your ancestors is stored in a body energy field, this is only for illustrative purposes, so that we have to add a passage at the end of our explanations so that you know exactly how it is actually constituted, so that you can research it with your means and possibilities already today. When you start researching the body energy field, you should start with plants because plants also have rich body energy fields that are easier to research. If you look at a sperm cell of a small plant, you will notice some peculiarities that you will not find in a sperm cell of a higher life form. Suppose you could look at such a plant sperm cell at close quarters, you would notice the following.

  • The sperm cell is almost empty.
  • The sperm cell is in a static state so that you hardly notice any movement.
  • The sperm cell does not seem to look quite like a human sperm cell because the outer layer is different. When the sperm cell comes into contact with something that looks like a counterpart of the sperm cell, something happens that fuels the reproductive cycle. 
  • When the reproductive cycle has been started, the sperm cell tries to take up its second body energy field. Here, each new cell of the plant perceives itself in the second body energy field so that the plant goes through the second phase of its growth. When the body energy field is occupied by cells of the plant, then the second growth phase is completed, so that, at least very often, the third growth phase starts directly with the third body energy field. Every change into a following body energy field must be initiated by a trigger, because only then is it clear to all body cells that the next phase of growth is starting. If a cell does not experience this start, this cell will mutate because it takes on new characteristics as the physical body grows, because the body cell now thinks it is something else. Mutations are not uncommon, but rarely do they result in a tumour because the body cells are using false information to be something completely different, which they are not at all according to their location in the new body energy field. These mutated cells grow in a body tissue and the surrounding body cells recognise a foreign body in the wrong development phase of the mutated body cells, which they try to fight. The mutated tissue, however, thinks it is being attacked and immediately starts countermeasures, which are then perceived by you as tumours. 
  • Every body cell contains more or less components of a substance that ensures that the body cell is supplied with sufficient energy. This substance is not the so-called power plant of the cell, but receivers are stored in membranes that search the bodily fluids for substances that are necessary for the daily production of energy. These membranes are well hidden and a scientist in this field will certainly guess what exactly we mean by this.
  • A plant body cell has another special ingredient, because plants metabolise differently than higher organisms.

Now, when we explain how all the characteristics of your ancestors can be contained in your body energy fields, we must first explain how the ovum and sperm cell negotiate the characteristics of the new creature. A human being who begets a child has reached a certain age and therefore the body energy field of that parent is used to negotiate, which was active in the parent at conception. If the second parent also brings into the equation their body energy field that was active there, then the characteristics of these two body energy fields are used to negotiate the basic configuration of the new living being. The body energy fields are superimposed, so to speak, and where both body energy fields are congruent, this characteristic is set for the new living being. Where there are great differences, the younger body energy field will always set the characteristic that the new living being receives. How is it that children can look so different when the parents are always the same? This again has to do with the ancestors that both parents have. If two congruent body energy fields occur, then we said this characteristic is set, but this is not always so, so there are still factors that we will explain later, but if the congruent characteristic is not used, then in the family tree of both parents is migrated back. If these characteristics of the ancestors are compared with each other, then there are again factors that determine which ancestor may now donate the characteristic. All you need to know about this is first the concept behind it, everything else will come to you later in great detail when the writer wants to approach this subject with more attention. You should know, however, that your theory of inheritance is already very well established, even if the processes behind it will still be explained in detail by us. Unfortunately, we are now coming to the end of this blog entry, so we will have to go into the open points in more detail another time. However, we will start soon, because we know the list of the writer.

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