A0702: Why is Japan special? – Part 3

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As the day approached when the villager and the extraterrestrial beings were to meet, the villager was no longer comfortable with the proceedings and for a while he considered not going to the meeting. But because the villager was very curious, he finally decided to attend the meeting. The villager was able to reach the meeting place quickly and after being mentally contacted there again, the small group met in a place that was very rarely visited by a person. 

“Very nice my friend, now we meet and we can discuss the further procedure”

The beings were still dressed in their long robes, but now that the light of the sun was shining, the villager could better make out the features under the hood and he shuddered at what he could already guess. The beings had already alerted him to the fact that their outward appearance would meet with resistance from the population, but when he could now guess, it was too much even for him at first. The beings were very good at detecting the villager’s state of mind and they did something to calm the villager down so that he was not able to panic. Nevertheless, the villager was very upset and hardly were the beings able to bring their concern to the villager in a careful way because the appearance of the beings was too much of a distraction for the villager. The beings decided to take off their hoods completely, so this moment was of utmost importance. When the villager saw the face of the extraterrestrial explorers, he became speechless and a moment of waiting set in, with the villager constantly vacillating between running away and being curious. The beings did a great deal to make the villager feel at ease, but ultimately it was up to the villager whether he wished to have further contact with these beings. The minutes passed and the villager’s eyes wandered from one being to another until he remembered why he had agreed to the meeting in the first place. He wanted to experience something extraordinary and now he was in the middle of an adventure that could not have been more unusual. He took heart and spoke the following words, which were spoken in a trembling voice.

“Now it is so and I do not yet know what to say to it. Your appearance shocks me, but I know that you are beings like me, even if you appear quite different. I still need time to be able to cope with the appearance. Where are you from, if I may ask?”

“We come from another planet that is like yours, but we have a different sun, but it also shines like yours here. There are villages there too, but only much bigger. If you like, then we’ll tell you about them?”

The villager had never imagined that there could be other planets and the stars had never interested him either, so the beings began to inform the villager about life in the universe. The telepathic connection ensured that the beings could also show the villager what they meant by this, so that the villager completely lost his reservations about the beings. This meeting was a complete success and several more meetings were held until a plan was devised for the villager to convince his village elder that the extraterrestrial beings were not a threat but could rather be an enrichment if they were accepted into the village community, for that was the actual goal of the extraterrestrial visitors. Since the sinking of their spaceship, they had to live in makeshift dwellings, which they built away from the villages and their connecting routes so as not to run into any humans. They had been able to salvage very little from the spaceship because the accident was sudden and allowed little room for manoeuvre. They fed on what they found and they even stole to tailor their garments. The beings were a human race, but they did not look very human, by that we mean their facial features, which even today would seem very unusual. The face had all that your faces have to offer today, but as a human race is descended from a human-like being that you call an ape, you can also imagine what you would look like if another primate on Earth had to be used to create you earthly humans. This is what happens to many human races, so that they all appear to be human but are not the same, because the primates on foreign worlds are also somewhat different. If, on top of that, the physical change continues to progress, because that is exactly how it was intended in the human blueprint, then a human race develops more and more into a being that you now call the great white Grey. The beings that have revealed themselves to the villager have already progressed further in their physical development, so that not only different facial features characterise this race, but the physical form already resembled more of a Grey. By this we mean the stature of the beings. They were not small, but very wiry and they had very pale skin. The eyes were a little larger, but the pupil could still be seen very clearly. The body hair was reduced to a minimum because far advanced beings hardly need any body hair. They have five fingers and five toes and their sexual organs were developed in the same way as those of you earthly humans. They still have their offspring in exactly the same way as earthly humans. Their variety of food has changed because food is no longer as important in their society as it is for you, but they also had to eat in order to survive. The crew of the spaceship consisted of sixteen male beings, one of whom died shortly after the ditching. Fifteen extraterrestrial beings had to hope to be rescued, and they also knew that this could take a long time, because research missions can act autonomously for years far from home. There is no strict schedule in research missions as to exactly how missions must be carried out, so while one day the absence of news of that mission would be noticed, until exactly where the mission was last is investigated, it can take not just weeks but months or years. Therefore, the group had several goals to achieve, one of which was to ensure the survival of the group members and to send messages that could be understood by a rescue mission. Survival was the priority so the beings focused on that first and then thought about how to get the attention of the rescue mission. The first step was taken and the group revealed themselves to a native human in order to be accepted into a village community, which would provide protection for these beings. The extraterrestrial explorers were well aware that earthly humans could start a war quite quickly, but the social system was not their research mission, but the agricultural economy was their subject area and they wanted to harness that for the benefit of the village community, so that this knowledge would justify their stay in the village community. That was the plan and we can already say that this plan was not only crowned with success, but there was also a time when a great war almost broke out because of these beings, but more about that later. When several meetings ended very promisingly, the villager was asked if the village elder could not also take part in these meetings so that the beings could present their concerns. The villager, together with the extraterrestrial beings, devised a plan to get the village elder to attend a meeting without the villager having to be persuaded at length. So they devised a ruse, which we will tell in the next part. In the end, the village elder was convinced and the two villagers taught the rest of the villagers skills that eventually ensured that the extraterrestrial beings could be integrated into the village community, even though some villagers initially expressed strong reservations, but at that time the word of a village elder carried a lot of weight and even the sceptical villagers quickly lost their doubts as they got to know the beings better and better.

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