A0697: Is it true that the great fears of men originated in Atlantis?

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We are telling you today something that no human being has ever heard before. When Atlantis was destroyed on the Giza Plateau, there were people who hardly developed fears as you know them today. Before the pyramids were built to create a global hemisphere to better guide the people on the surface of the Earth, there were no fears as you perceive them today. There were fears and the fear of death was also incredibly strong at that time, but all other fears were only perceived in a weakened form by the people of that time, therefore it can also be claimed: The great fear attacks did not exist at the time of Atlantis and before, and you only experience these strong fears when Atlantis has long since been destroyed. After the destruction of Atlantis, it was decided to build several pyramids, which then together create a global energy hemisphere, so that certain frequency patterns are stored there, which are to help that the people of the surface can be better guided, other frequency patterns were also deposited, which strengthen your fears, because only people who suffer from a latent fear can be better guided. The fear in a person will always cause a person to act irrationally and these people can be better guided by beings than people who act rationally. If a person does not feel fear because, for example, the person can see very well behind the façade of society, then this person can be badly harnessed for a cause which is of a dubious nature or which in itself is not convincing at all. The person who is not guided by fear can rationally see through that this thing seems shady or not significant, so that person turns away from the thing. Your society is structured in such a way that a few persons determine where the great mass should move. If the few persons known as the rulers of the society do not have good arguments to steer the mass in a certain direction, then they will start intimidating the society with dubious arguments which will always cause a mild or severe fear attack in the persons. If a person has allowed himself to be frightened by one of these social leaders, then the person will try to compensate for the anxiety attack with something that will give the person the assurance that the cause of the fear has been subdued. The ruler of society not only stirs up the latent fear, but also has the solution to the fear problem ready at the same time. The solution will always indicate the direction in which the masses are to be steered. A person who cannot be frightened because the person sees through the concept of fear-mongering will also very quickly have seen through the methods of the social leaders. If such a fear-free person appears as an antithesis to the fear-mongers, the leaders of society can only try to discredit this fear-free person, otherwise it will become clear to the masses quite quickly that the fear they had previously stirred up was completely unfounded and the leaders of society fear that like the so-called devil fears holy water. What else can fearless people do if society is once again to be led by the social leaders in a direction that can only be initiated by fear and scaremongering, we ask? The fear-free person only has to stand next to a scared person and when the scared person realises that the fear-free person is not scared at all, something strange happens. We have told you many times that one’s own strong frequency patterns always stimulate the frequency patterns of other beings, so that a fearless person radiates the frequencies of serenity very strongly and other beings near the person are stimulated by this serenity, because only non-serene persons can be frightened. The frightened person no longer feels so frightened in the presence of a non-frightened person because the strong serenity of the non-frightened person strengthens the serenity of the frightened person. It does not go so far that the frightened person is now no longer frightened, but the fear will subside a little and when he or she is no longer so intimidated, he or she will start a discussion with the nonfrightened person, who can usually open his or her eyes at least partially. We say one more thing: a frightened person is not sane, so do not make fun of them because they are led by their fear without wanting to be. If you have strongly developed the frequency pattern of serenity, then hardly anything can upset you. This frequency pattern is weak in most people because you are not supposed to appear calm at all. Serenity is strong in you under normal circumstances, but the global hemisphere generated by the pyramids prevents you from developing this serenity further and further. Only highly evolved individuals have this strong serenity and all other individuals live in constant fear of something, so the prevailing frequencies of your global hemisphere promote insecurity so that you cannot strengthen serenity. Why has the global hemisphere been given the frequency of insecurity, we ask? So that humanity suffers a constant fear and so that the masses of people can be better guided. When confidence is undermined, it stirs up fears, which can then also undermine the prevailing serenity. If serenity is lost, fear will determine the person’s future actions. Fearful people always strive for security to compensate for the fear, and this is where the leaders of the masses offer a solution against the danger they have previously fomented, which restores serenity or even confidence, because the fearful person now experiences security that seemed lost before. All that rulers of masses have to do is to deprive the masses of their serenity and thus of their confidence in a thing, and already the prevailing feeling is fear. Fear can expand immeasurably and when a person feels a mortal fear, he will do things he could never have imagined before, so fearful people are driven by their fear. If a person is afraid of spiders, then the fear may decrease with greater distance from the spider, but the fear is present even if the person only suspects that a spider must be in the immediate vicinity. If the fear of a small spider can go so far that the fearful person only senses the spider, then other fears can be stimulated in a person that are not present at all. If a person is afraid of a nuclear war, that person only has to sense that a nuclear war could start soon. It almost doesn’t matter where this person gets the news from, because only the assumption about it immediately stirs up the fear. If a person appears very calm because he or she has seen through the small and big leaders of society, then the possible frightening news is analysed and this person immediately recognises the small tricks that the small and big leaders of society use. So if the person can see through how the steersmen steer, then that person can hardly be steered. If persons do not have the knowledge of this, then these persons will develop fears which the small and large leaders of societies have provided to steer the masses in a predetermined direction through a fomented fear. If a person can see through all this, then he or she virtually no longer belongs to the prevailing social system. Your politicians, who actually hold a weighty position, partly belong to this category of people, because as leaders of the masses they also have to understand how society is to be steered. They themselves know that only stoked fear can make society rethink. That is why they are careful in the selection of the stoked fear, because the political opponents also know how society can be steered by stoked fear, so that the true leaders of the masses do not stoke fear themselves, but have a network among them that can stoke fear in society through many detours. The leader of the masses only has to announce the solution to end the state of fear so that the masses think that the solution is the only way and then society will agree to things that it would never have agreed to without the stoked fear. The creators of the so-called matrix have always wanted to have a way to better guide earthly people, and so they have ensured that you cannot go through life carefree, but your lack of serenity will always ensure that you develop fears that are completely unnecessary.

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