A0696: Why was the water so special at the time of Atlantis?

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If we want to talk about the earthly water, then we must also tell you how the water of a planet is formed, or rather, where it comes from. If you have the knowledge about it, you will also understand that water is something very special and we will also clear up some myths around water so that you are free in thinking when you discuss the subject. You as biological life forms seem to need a lot of water, otherwise you could not exist. So far so good, but how do you explain that there are people who do not need to eat or drink for a long time to survive? Exactly, they hardly need food because their bodies can use the body reserves to get the energy they need, and since these people breathe, they will also take in air molecules through the air they breathe, which will carry water particles with them. All of this is sufficient to not have to eat or drink for a long period of time, but there is one thing you have forgotten in this consideration and that is the air itself, which is neither inhaled nor otherwise in direct contact with a fasting person. The person who practices this extreme fasting actually lives on the air that he neither inhales nor comes into direct contact with. If you take a closer look at an air molecule, you will notice a peculiarity because an air molecule seems to be very rich in foreign substances. An air molecule is not only oxygen, but also contains nitrogen and many other components. These components don’t make it special per se, but something strange happens to an air molecule in the atmosphere. When an air molecule is blown around by the winds it comes into contact with many other elements and absorbs components of the other elements. If an air molecule is transformed into a cloud because events cause many different elements to react with each other, then water will be bound to the air molecules, so to speak, and since there are always interactions among them, an air molecule will change components of the water atom so that the water molecule will accomplish something that is seemingly impossible. Electrical impulses will cause the water to become highly energized. What do we mean by this, we ask? Water has many components, but the water molecule consists of only three atoms – oxygen and hydrogen. Each atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. The shell of the atom is the energetic bubble, which also ensures that the electrons remain within the atom’s sphere of influence. The space that exists between the outer orbits of the electrons and the nucleus of protons and neutrons is not simply empty, but such an atom can absorb many energies via the so-called shell of the atom, which you neither know nor can describe at present, because you completely lack the knowledge about it. We will close these knowledge gaps more and more and when the first years after your official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species have passed, then your science will experience a fundamental change. We anticipate this change by teaching you now the concepts that will find their way into your global knowledge edifice much later. The space in an atom can be seen as a storehouse of energies that are highly energetic in nature. You know the heavy energies because you have been studying these energy forms for a while, but the heavy energy forms are based on light energy forms that give a heavy energy form its apparent properties. Everything is currently limited by your science to the atoms because you only perceive the gross picture of the energies, but if you knew the light energy forms, then you would know why different atoms have different properties. If you limit all properties to the neutrons, protons and electrons, you think much too short and we also say: These heavy energies have been discovered only fragmentarily by you, because you have read, so to speak, only the first chapter in a book of energies. Light forms of energy belong to the realm of the subtle world and let it be said to you: The spiritual world has emerged from the subtle energies and a really insignificant and tiny area in this subtle world has been reserved for the universes so that spiritual beings can also experience a physical life for once. Everything you can perceive takes place in the physical world of your universe, but it emerged from the subtle spiritual world. So, when you perceive an atom, the energies of the subtle world were previously combined in a way so that a heavy element was created from subtle energies. Therefore, an atom is a combination of subtle energies which, by combining, have produced something like electrons, protons and neutrons, but these constituents are, strictly speaking, a subtle expression of subtle energies which always react differently depending on how they were previously combined. We will discuss this topic in more detail in other blog posts. Since the shell of the atom is subtle in nature, it can also hold other subtle energies within it. Different atoms are made up of different combinations of subtle energies. Each subtle energy has different properties, so an air molecule will come in contact with different subtle energy forms on its journey, and since there is always an energy balance, an air molecule will give off subtle energy forms and take in other subtle energy forms on its journey. Therefore, we said, an air molecule will become energetically charged and when such an energetically charged air molecule is in the vicinity of a receiver, it will also give off these subtle energies. You are such a receiver because your biological body creates an electrostatic energy field around itself and when this electrostatic energy field encounters air molecules that are energetically charged, then an energy balance occurs where the air molecules release subtle forms of energy to the electrostatic body energy field so that the body energy field is energized by the air. Your body can feed off your body reserves, but the body also needs subtle energies to be properly balanced. If the air contains components that become water, then a downpour will also carry subtle energies back to the surface of the earth, and biological life on the surface will be indirectly supplied by the subtle energies in the water molecule. That is why not only is a downpour so refreshing, but you are recharging yourselves in nature with the subtle energies that are then abundant on the earth’s surface and in the air for a time. Why does a planet have water at all, we ask? At present, your scientists think that water is already present in the constituents of a planet during its formation, and that geological processes later bring water from the layers of the earth to the surface, and then start a water cycle. This is not wrong, but it is not the whole story because the water does not originally come from your planet, but spiritual beings have many ways to irrigate a planet and when the first small lakes and seas are formed on a planet by the geological processes, then the spiritual world transports a lot of water to a planet to enable the water cycle for the emergence of life. Now where does the water come from, you ask? The water comes from a planet where water is bred, so to speak. You know rock worlds and you know water or ice planets, but there is another category and that is worlds where water molecules are constructed. There are extra planets where water molecules are grown for other planets because water molecules have a special consciousness that is specially trained for a planet. We are not saying that a water molecule is a life form, but just as a programmed crystal has a special static consciousness, a water molecule has a special consciousness that has been trained to bring forth life on a planet, and it always promotes that life because the water molecule binds special subtle forms of energy for it, which are then released back to biological life forms so that those life forms can recharge themselves energetically. At the time of Atlantis and also before that, the water molecules could fulfill their task very well, but after the downfall of Atlantis and the creation of the global hemisphere, the water molecules can no longer charge themselves with the subtle energies as well as before, so that the biological life can also no longer be promoted by the water as strongly as in the times of Atlantis or even before that, but that also has an end, when the official first contact on Earth is completed in a few years, because then the global hemisphere generated by the pyramids will be switched off and you will then be supplied again by the water molecules with the subtle energies that will help you not only to maintain a healthy body, but you will then constantly receive an energy boost that will no longer make you seem so sluggish. We want to clear up one more myth with you about water, and it has to do with the fact that your water is becoming more and more contaminated because people also dispose of their garbage where the water cycle picks up the dirt particles. Water has a self-purifying property, so pesticides or nuclear contamination are automatically neutralized by the water molecule. Atomically contaminated water will regenerate in the long run because the water molecule is able to do so, so even though your oceans are polluted, the planet is not in danger of ecological collapse because of it. Rest assured, everything is cleansing itself and we also know that the cleansing process is being accelerated by many extraterrestrial species so that you can really take off after the official first contact.

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