A0695: Why do some Atlantians have to pay for the sinking of Atlantis?

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When Atlantis was destroyed on the Giza Plateau because the Atlantians wanted to create a huge hemisphere, many Atlantians died trying to do so in the city-state of Atlantis. When we told you the story of this, we also said that the dead Atlantians were given a punishment for abusing the earthly energy stream, in which they must incarnate again and again as humans on earth, to show all species in the universe that the reckless abuse of a planet’s energy streams has consequences that are very far-reaching. About four thousand Atlantians have incarnated again and again since the fall of Atlantis, and not only on Earth. They are people who have experienced many epochs on Earth at first hand since that time. They also do not always incarnate at the same time, but many places are reserved for this group of beings so that they can also radiate their punishment out into your universe, for this is precisely what they have received the punishment for. When they incarnate, their energy bodies radiate this punishment out into your universe because the energy bodies, through repeated incarnation, carry richer and richer frequency patterns that are not missed by any extraterrestrial beings that can travel between star systems. How do we mean this, we ask? Imagine a person and suppose that person radiates their condition outwardly. They can do this quite well through their energy bodies, because the energy bodies contain the consciousness of the original incarnation and because the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation experience your entire human life with their energy bodies, they will carry on the mood swings of the person. When the person feels great joy, the energy bodies emit strong frequencies that represent the person’s joy because the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation in the energy bodies also feel that joy. When a person feels hatred or anger, the energy bodies also radiate the frequency of the hatred or anger because the subconsciousnesses also, in a sense, feel that hatred or anger. We say in a sense because incarnations are not able to feel the emotion of anger or hatred at all. They feel something similar, but in a very attenuated form. When an incarnation incarnates, the nature of the incarnation is to a large extent taken over into the being of the person, but more than that, the partial consciousnesses of the person have a natural frequency, because the spiritual being has also already enjoyed a development in the spiritual world, so that the further development of the spiritual being is deposited in the so-called natural frequency. A quite young incarnation has less fine frequency patterns stored in its natural frequency than an older incarnation, which has already developed much further in terms of its nature. The frequency spectrum of the older incarnation is much richer and since we perceive everything in frequencies, every spiritual being can recognise how far a being has developed. A human being carries around in his energy bodies this frequency spectrum of the incarnation and the further the incarnation has already developed, the richer the frequency spectrum of the energy bodies. A human life is special because a human being experiences so many profound behavioural changes in his or her lifetime that a human being will also evolve tremendously and this is all reflected in the frequency spectrum of the energy bodies. If a human being has experienced many great moments during his lifetime and has discarded many behavioural patterns that he had acquired earlier in his life, then the human being has to evolve for this and if he succeeds, then many new and rich frequency patterns are created in the human being so that the energy bodies shine this evolution more and more strongly into the universe because the change in the frequency spectrum is now so rich that the energy bodies do not simply shine, but now the human being shines and this shining is so immensely strong that every extraterrestrial being perceives the shining of these evolved human beings. When the human being dies, and let us assume that the human being had led a normal human life on earth, the human being has nevertheless experienced so much in his apparently dull life that the frequency patterns have become so rich as the incarnation could hardly have managed in the spiritual world. When the human being dies, the incarnation shines so strongly in the spiritual world that the shining cannot be overlooked by any spiritual being, because the entire spiritual world can recognise in the shining of the incarnation the growth that the incarnation can only receive in a bodily life. These incarnations can be felt from very far away by means of this appearance, because this is the growth that all spiritual beings desire, but very few of them summon up the courage to live a bodily life. If an incarnation is so courageous because it wants to receive such growth in a bodily life, then very few incarnations among them will be so crazy as to incarnate on earth, because earthly men are the most brutal race in your universe, who have the most dangerous life. Even a dull earthly life is so dreaded by most incarnations that they prefer life on other planets to earthly life, but in return they do not get the increase in power which they would like, but as an earthly life seems really unpredictable, most incarnations would prefer to live a predictable and apparently quiet life on another planet. If an incarnation in the human body emits the frequency spectrum first, it is only because the incarnation has experienced little growth. If the person experiences some growth in his or her life, it will cause the person to appear more and more calm and wise, so that the shining will then replace the previous radiating of the person, because the experienced growth will cause the energy bodies to react differently than before the growth. When an incarnation has lived a human life and awakens in the spiritual world, it shines out the growth. When this incarnation incarnates again, the energy bodies of the young person will not radiate, but will shine and because the growth is contained in these people, this person already seems very wise at a young age, even though we confess that this is not always the case. Should the person die at an old age and awaken as an incarnation in the spiritual world, the incarnation shines more than before the second incarnation, but the difference before and after the first incarnation was much more enormous. The increase in power after the second incarnation is much less, so that this increase in power does not really seem relevant. When the incarnation incarnates for the third time, this will result in the incarnation receiving more and more power, but always only a little more. Nevertheless, any increase in power can be seen in the appearance of the incarnation, but since the increase in power is only truly significant for the first incarnation, no incarnation would incarnate again if the increase in power was very small. That is why we have said time and again that almost all persons from Earth incarnate only once in their entire existence as an incarnation, because only for the first incarnation does the incarnation receive such an enormous increase in power that these incarnations dare to live a bodily life at all. All subsequent bodily lives are hardly worth the effort because there is almost no gain. But if a being incarnates more than once, the energy bodies of the incarnation will shine out this increase in power and all higher species will register this. When the species then investigate in amazement why so many powerful incarnations live a bodily life on Earth, they will quickly discover the reason for this and they will think several times about whether they should treat the energy currents of a planet so carelessly and this is precisely the reason why almost four thousand incarnations constantly incarnate on Earth, although we must also explain how the renewed incarnation is practised. When the incarnations awoke in the spiritual world who died in Atlantis trying to enlarge the energetic bubble around Atlantis, they were astonished to find that they had received a punishment for their behaviour on Earth, because even a brutal murderer is no longer bound by his deeds. No matter what you do on earth, you will not accumulate karma that you will have to work off in a subsequent life and you will not be held accountable for it in the spiritual world either, because the bodily life can be seen as a game and no one has to atone for their deeds on a planet in the spiritual world. You no longer have any connections at all with the bodily life, therefore a murder victim will also not seek and punish in the spiritual world the spiritual being who was responsible on earth for becoming a murder victim. Here, however, an exception was made because the actions of the Atlantians were indeed very dangerous. When Lemuria perished, the spiritual world did not yet know that the people of Earth did not want to learn from their mistakes, so that the fall of Atlantis advanced something that led to the punishments of the Atlantians who had died. The incarnations were surprised by the punishment, but they also understood that an example had to be made so that many races could learn their lessons from it, and we also think that these Atlantians hardly have to endure anything in their lives because they themselves have already experienced so much, so that they are promoted separately. Are these returners special people, we ask? Not necessarily, because you humans cannot yet perceive the appearance of beings, so that they actually live normal and inconspicuous lives. 

Question: How long do these people have to incarnate as punishment?
They do not have to incarnate again because the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species initiates the end of their punishment. Now, if one of these four thousand returners were to die, he would not have to prepare for incarnation again because the official first contact will start in just a few years and it was determined at that time that this event would be the end of the punishment. The incarnations who are now already in the spiritual world have an incredible shine to show for it, for despite the small amount of power they have received after each bodily life, their frequency spectrum is extraordinarily richly marked, so that in retrospect this is not really a punishment for these four thousand incarnations, but a gain they could not even have imagined before the first incarnation.

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