A0694: Was black magic practised in Atlantis?

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This is a question that is indeed easy to answer. No, of course not, because black magic simply cannot exist. If we now explain to you what this so-called magic actually represents, then you yourself will understand that there is neither black nor white magic, because magic is an ability that many beings in the universe have mastered and they themselves would not compare this ability with magic either, because only beings call this ability magic who have no clue about the processes of so-called magic, otherwise they would also call this ability something else. What is so-called magic, we ask? Magic is a method used to impress other beings. You know the status symbols of your time. Whether it is a car, a computer or a degree from a university, all these status symbols can be used to leave a lasting impression on another person or group. A mental skill, such as playing chess, also leaves a lasting impression when a person quickly and very skillfully checkmates his opponent. Even then, you are impressed by the mental performance of the outstanding chess player. You can compare chess very well with magic, because the result can be judged similarly. When a less gifted chess player attends a world class chess match, the less gifted chess player sees the tournament as an overall game and since the less gifted chess player knows the rules of the game and he also understands what the outstanding chess players do in their tournament, he is still surprised by their moves because a chess player has to plan ahead very well not to fall into the trap of the opponent. The outstanding chess players play at a level that the less gifted chess player is not comfortable with because he does perceive the moves, but why they place their chess pieces in this way is beyond him, to say the least. Even when the tournament is over, the less gifted chess player still cannot understand how the chess players could act with such foresight. For the less gifted chess player, the outstanding chess players are like the magicians at a chessboard, because no matter what the less gifted chess player does, he could never muster the mental capacity to stand up to an outstanding chess player. It is similar with magic, because magic is a matter of the mind. Just as there are outstanding chess players, there are also outstanding persons who are mentally capable of things that most persons could neither understand nor copy.

Example 1
Suppose a person were able to make skin spots disappear. All people know birthmarks or freckles. These skin pigmentations can appear in different forms, but let us assume that a person has these skin spots where they are disturbing. If such a person goes to a so-called magician to have the skin spots removed, then an outstanding magician can make these skin spots disappear without the need for surgery. The person who now has fewer skin spots will trumpet to the world that the magician used good magic because the magician’s magic accomplished exactly what the person wanted. Now there is a second magician who can also remove skin spots and this second magician is disturbed by the reputation of the first magician because he now has hardly any customers who go to see him themselves to have their skin spots removed. The second magician now launches a publicity offensive and describes his magical procedure as the best procedure currently available among magicians. The second magician is clever because he now integrates actions into his magic that stand apart from the actual magic and he calls his magic “The white magic of skin beautification” for better marketing. If there is a white magic, then there must also always be a black magic and since the second magician has claimed the white magic of skin beautification for himself, all other magicians can now only use the black magic for their magic of skin beautification, although the magicians’ magic does not actually differ because they are all based on the same laws. Now you know why there should be black and white magic, but you still do not know what magic represents in its original state. Let us put it this way: magic is the ability to redirect energy flows on the astral planes through consciousness. The better you are at manifesting something, the more magic you could perform. When a consciousness begins to redirect large amounts of energy, the consciousness can manifest something in your physical world with those amounts of energy and that will always have an impact on your environment. How can there be black or white manifestations in such processes, we ask? There are not, therefore you may think that magic exists, but there is no good or bad magic per se, but what the magician does with the manifestation may be considered good or bad by persons, but that is all it is. A magician is a person who has a heightened consciousness because he is able to manifest large amounts of energy in such a way that the manifestation causes physical interactions in your world. If you had never understood why you could transform a rock crystal into a healing crystal, you would think that only white magic could do that, but when you understand the mechanism behind it, it is a very neutral process. 

Example 2
If a man thinks that his hair has become very thin and he fears that he will soon have a bald head, then the man could go to a healer and the healer now starts to conduct the manifested healing energy into the head of the soon to be bald person. You know that healing energy always has a healing consciousness and that most healers just be the body to body interface and they should not start influencing the healing energy on their own because then the healing consciousness may not do what it does best. The healing consciousness in the healing energy will always find the cause of a disease in order to heal the cause. If a healer thinks he has to focus the healing energy on one part of the body, then the healing consciousness may only heal that part of the body and since most healers can never properly locate the reason for a problem, the healing consciousness is condemned to do little or nothing. The healing energy accumulates there and because there is hardly anything to heal at this part of the body, the healing energy, so to speak, fizzles out. This is only described in this way for illustrative purposes, so we will go into this subject in more detail much later. The healer who knows that dead hair roots cannot be reactivated easily may know that the body energy field holds information about the hair growth of the person. The healer may know a process by which the skin on the head may assume that the man’s head is 20 years younger and if the cells of the head in the man’s body energy field recognise that there should be many new hair roots on the head, then reproductive cycles of the body cells on the head will assume they are now cells of hair roots. After a period of time corresponding to a reproductive cycle of the body’s cells, many small hairs would be seen growing where they had long fallen out. If a healer starts something like this through a healing session, it would be like good magic for the bald man. The healer who directs the healing energy to the head and focuses it there will not succeed with it because he does not understand at all what he is doing and how the mechanisms of the bodies and energy fields work. 

Magic is something that cannot be explained with the present state of knowledge. When you understand the mechanisms and processes behind it, magic gives way to realism and you are able to expand your current knowledge through research and investigation. When the official first contact with an intelligent alien species has been made in a few years time, there will be no more magic, because you will understand what magic actually is. Do not hope that a magician will use white or black magic on you, but understand why the magician can perform anything extraordinary at all. The knowledge of this can be so enriching and reassuring when it is understood to that extent. Finally, we would like to address all persons who practice white or black magic. When the official first contact has been made, in a few years other people will surpass you in your magic, because they understand what they are actually doing and because they have the knowledge of it, they can develop very quickly. You magicians of today will then be looking down the tube because you believe you are practising real magic, although all other people understand that it is all just energy diversions on the astral planes, nothing more, and yet you can do wonderful or cruel things with it, but it is always the so-called magician who does good or evil, but never the technique itself, because there is no good or bad diversion of energies.

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