A0693: Are there high priestesses in Lemurian or Atlantian culture?

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No, there were no high priestesses in Lemuria or Atlantis. There were cults in these cultures, but there was never anything like a high priestess. What is a high priestess supposed to represent anyway, we should clarify first, then the readers themselves will realise that there was no place for such persons in the Lemurian and Atlantian cultures. A high priestess is a woman who received a high status through cultic actions in a spiritual movement and the spiritual beings, such as the ascended masters, will reward these spiritual cultic actions, therefore so-called high priestesses are also always rewarded with abilities that seem useful for their spiritual orientation in order to be able to convince potential members with them. The more intensely the priestesses can identify with their faith orientation, the more they would be rewarded for it by the ascended masters. If a person has acquired an extraordinary ability through a lot of work, then that ability will never be taken away from the person, no matter how their faith develops afterwards, even if the person loses faith in the spiritual movement, they will still retain the abilities they had acquired through these spiritual practices. How does a priestess become a high priestess, we ask? Not at all. When the existing High Priestess vacates her place, a new Priestess is chosen from the inner circle of the High Priestess. How the selection is made depends on the denomination and we would think that the processes of selection have long been established. When a High Priestess is chosen, she is given more power by the spiritual beings who support that spiritual movement, but she will never be more powerful than the previous High Priestess because the mechanism of power distribution is applied exactly as it is with gurus and prophets. The first person in a new movement is always rewarded for this with the greatest increase in power and all subsequent disciples or followers receive less and less power because the distribution of power in movements is fixed in the spiritual world. If the founder of a movement builds up a small inner circle around himself, then the few persons as the apprentices of the founder of the movement will be rewarded with a certain increase in power and if this group of followers trains other persons as apprentices, then the increase in power of this generation of apprentices will be less than from the inner circle of the founder of the spiritual movement. If the inner circle of the founder of the movement were twice as large as in the previous example, then each follower from the inner circle will receive twice as much power as the few followers from the previous example. Why is this so, we ask? When a prophet or guru starts gathering an inner circle around himself so that these persons, as the mouthpiece of the movement, make the movement known all over the country, then a few persons in the inner circle find it much easier to be trained by the prophet or guru than many persons in such an inner circle. Therefore, few persons in an inner circle also get less increase in power than many persons in an inner circle. What about the guru or prophet, how is the increase in power for the spiritual movement decided there, we ask? A guru or prophet does not get up one morning and be such a person, but gurus and prophets have to prove that they are worthy of founding a movement that is promoted by special spiritual beings. A future guru is first taught and this teaching goes on for years because the guru is not only trained in humanity, but the guru is also supposed to guide the destiny of the spiritual movement, so he is taught the art of the special movement. The more the guru radiates this movement outwards, the more he is rewarded with extraordinary abilities. If the guru were only to receive the information because he could not establish a movement, then the guru would not receive any abilities either, because these abilities are only given if they are used to be able to convince followers. By this we do not mean the abilities that any person can train themselves, but gurus and prophets are given abilities that actually seem to be out of this world. If the guru manages to start a movement, he has already received many abilities through his training by the spiritual world, so that the extra power is given together with the inner circle. When exactly the guru or prophet receives this extra power always depends on the spiritual beings who pass on this power as a gift. If a guru does not want to found a classical movement because he feels that it can also be done less spiritually, then again it depends on the spiritual beings who train the guru how the extra power is given, but even if such a guru does not gather a following around him, his message will always meet with recipients, so that even then an inner circle will form. The high priestess who founded the movement was not a guru or a prophetess because that is indeed reserved for men, but this founder of a movement who lives out a spiritual movement of some kind will be rewarded for it and all the followers of this founder will also be rewarded. The female founder of a spiritual movement will never receive as much power as a guru or prophet might receive, so her female followers will also receive less power than would be the case with a prophet’s or guru’s inner circle. That male founders of a spiritual movement can receive more power than a female founder of a spiritual movement is always related to the human body, so that women can do different things with their second energy body than men can. So what does this have to do with Lemuria and Atlantis, we ask? In the time of Atlantis there were no religious beliefs, although we would say that modern people performed ritual acts, but that is hardly worth mentioning. In the days of Lemuria, only Lemurians were present on Lemuria and they had something like holy men, but again this does not represent a faith or a cult, but these persons conspired to explore the astral planes and we would say they travelled astrally most of the time to learn what else there is, in your universe and also in the spiritual world. These men were loners and they always wanted to train other Lemurians, but hardly any Lemurians were interested. When the Lemurians became the New Lemurians, because they founded the conglomerate of Atlantis with all its city-states after the fall of Lemuria, there were no religions or spiritual movements at that time either, which led to cults and priests or priestesses. When the city-states of Atlantis were abandoned and dismantled and only the city-state of Atlantis on the Giza Plateau existed as the last city-state, there were never any priests or priestesses there either, not even when more and more modern people lived and worked in the city-state. When Atlantis was pulverised and some surviving modern people from Atlantis founded the island state of New Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus, there were indeed such things as cults of the gods and there were also cults performed by men and women, but these spiritual movements were not even really taken seriously by the followers of the cults, so that there were also priestesses in New Atlantis who exercised great influence in their group, but since the cult acts did not follow a general cult of gods as you know it today or as it was practised especially in the times of Greece, the followers and priestesses were also not rewarded with very much power, because hardly any New Atlantians were very devout in this area. The New Atlantians only knew themselves and if they held a high status they would try to create a cult around their person, but this never really worked because the New Atlantians were for the most part narcissists and they were also brought up that way, so we have negated the initial question, although strictly speaking there were priestesses in New Atlantis, but they had neither much power nor a devout following and since the power of a so-called high priestess became less and less over the generations of priestesses, all this is hardly worth mentioning. We hope we have been able to bring some clarity to these myths, even if they do not seem to be really relevant.

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