A0692: How do the New Lemurians relate to the expected changes for humanity?

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The New Lemurians live in their underground cities just 72 kilometres below the Earth’s surface in a very special phase transition of your Earth layers and the New Lemurians are hardly interested in what you are doing on the surface. But if you start abusing the Earth’s energetic currents, as the Lemurians did in Lemuria and the Atlantians did on the Giza Plateau, which always led to catastrophes because the Lemurians and Atlantians did things with the Earth’s energetic currents that were hardly under their control. So as long as you do not begin to misuse these earthly energy currents for ever more dangerous experiments, the New Lemurians will not lift a finger and feel compelled to pay you a visit. If out of the blue you were able to harness the earthly energy currents for your own use, then you would also start to extract ever greater amounts of energy from these energy currents, and because the Lemurian race has been closely observing the earthly energy currents for thousands of years, they would immediately notice these energy fluctuations in their underground cities. If they then investigated what the cause of these energy fluctuations was, they would quite quickly realise that it is you who are causing the energy fluctuations. If they find that you are technologically advanced enough to be a danger in the long run, they will instruct the Solar Council to enact an option that was conceived when the ideas of the pyramids and the global energy field were conceived, so that Earth humans would not become a race of galactic conquerors. When the pyramids began to generate a global energy field so that the people of Earth could be better guided, a useful side effect was that it was difficult for you to develop your mental abilities under that energy sphere, so you could not develop all the abilities that the New Lemurians already have. But there have been ascended masters on your world for thousands of years who have ensured that chosen individuals are able to develop these abilities. Since the ordinary person does not know what earthly energy currents are or what you can do with crystals, these people are hardly dangerous even to the New Lemurians. Even the people who are instructed in the mysteries of crystals by the ascended masters are not a threat to the New Lemurians, because their spiritual and religious orientation leaves little scientific room for these people to develop all that it takes to effectively create an energy crystal. Partial knowledge of this is available in isolated cases, but those who still believe that a stone or crystal really represents a living being have only the spiritual or religious knowledge of it. These people will do extraordinary things with crystals, but because the knowledge about it was not only handed down wrongly by the ascended masters, but also does not allow any further interpretations about it, a spiritual or religious person can hardly work scientifically in this subject area. Those who still believe in spells or healing prayers today do not understand the mechanisms behind them and their faith will also hardly allow them to scientifically expand their knowledge about it, because then the persons would come to realise that everything they knew about it up to now is only fantasy, which somehow works, but which only describes very vaguely what exactly happens in the process. You are dependent upon what the ascended masters think is right for your development. If they think you should program crystals, then they will give you the knowledge in a spiritual-religious context that does not allow you to question the information because it is a divine procedure that is not to be questioned. You cannot then start any research on it at all, because you neither know how the programming of a crystal works, nor are you allowed in your spiritual-religious context to think outside the so-called box. What does this explanation have to do with the option that was already considered at that time, should people get behind the secret of the earthly energy currents too quickly, we ask? It has always been clear that one day the ascended masters will also appear with you on Earth, because one day they will come to every race on a planet to instruct them in the art of spirituality. If the ascended masters can find their way to a young race on their own, then they can be asked to do so and this option has been devised in the dispute between the New Lemurians and the other alien human races to nip in the bud any accidental use of the energy currents on the surface of the Earth and its exploration. If any group of modern humans had started to use these energy currents for their own purposes, the ascended masters would have come out with much fanfare and branded it as the devil’s stuff. Since the earthly people would then have adopted a religious faith in no time, the contempt of the earthly energy currents would also not have been difficult to accomplish. Many options were devised to cushion contingencies that would have affected the intended progress of modern humans on the surface until official first contact was made with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, because then a native race on a planet would not only be pacified, but they would also learn how to program crystals and be expertly instructed in how to use the earthly energy currents safely. Spirituality is giving way to realism because the mechanisms behind it can now be explored and this is only possible when realism enters into all facets of your life. All that you have attributed to the divine Father is now discarded as theoretical considerations because the new knowledge of things no longer requires religions or spiritual direction. This change of belief to realism happens with every native race that experiences an official first contact and the ascended masters will then slowly take their leave and our group takes that place because we are spiritual beings assisting a young race to move from spirituality into the age of realism. Because your planet is special, we have appeared before to correct the wrong decisions of the ascended masters. We are now ready to reveal our name to you, because we ourselves are a group who, in the later stages of your evolution, will carry out the mental trainings that we have already partially described. We call ourselves the group of the Wise because we also teach the knowledge in the way that you can best process it. The ascended masters have already almost fulfilled their purpose on your planet, and shortly after the official first contact we will take care of their protégés who today still practise spiritual misbelief or have manoeuvred themselves into a religious dead end. We are already taking care of many people, but we still have to take into account many belief patterns that people have acquired themselves. The writer is already bringing to you much information that accompanies this change, but even the writer does not know everything yet, so the next few years will still be exceedingly exciting. We are already bringing realism to a small group of readers who, with the start of the official first contact, will no longer have any fear of contact when realism enters all areas of your life, because the global mass panic, in the first two days after the gigantic spaceships appear, will show the way to realism, because you will suddenly become aware that you are not unique and then every human being will have the opportunity to question all the existing knowledge. When humanity begins to do this, it will not stop at its old and cemented dogmas. If all people are allowed to question everything because a situation has arisen that makes this possible, then old patterns of belief will be discarded much more easily and the realism will appear in your society that you also sorely need. If all this starts in just a few years, then no New Lemurian will lift a finger, because by then you will not be able to understand at all how the energy stream can be handled, because all your belief patterns and dogmas will ensure that no serious scientist will be allowed to deal with it seriously. You readers, who are becoming more and more realists the more you learn of our knowledge, you already know many secrets, but even you would not be able to use your energy stream appropriately in the short time available, so that anything you could do today would not cause any fluctuations in the Earth’s energy stream and therefore the New Lemurians have no reason to change anything about the status quo. When a few generations have been born after the official first contact, you will be mentally and technologically capable of using the Earth energy stream in such a way that the New Lemurians will discuss with you how you can safely use the energy of the Earth energy streams for yourselves and all the beings in the underground cities. Since there are always two spheres of life on Earth, the sphere on the surface and the sphere in the underground cities, you will never get in each other’s way, we are sure of that. 

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