A0689: Why will the ascended masters make you experience spirituality? – Part 4

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Jesus was a man who was inclined towards the female sex and Mary was at his side for a very long time until she too died one day. The two were bound by an intimate love and we also say that Mary was a competitor for many of Jesus’ followers because Mary received what no one else received from Jesus and that was physical love. Jesus and Mary were lovers and today you would say they lived a wild marriage, even though their love never resulted in offspring, which had to do with the fact that Mary could not bear children. Jesus and Mary wanted children, but they were denied them. Jealousy grew among the followers of Jesus, who formed the inner circle, because Mary held a higher status than any of them. The jealousy of the inner circle never reached a level where we would speak of faking feelings, but Jesus could hear the thoughts of his followers very clearly, so he was aware that Mary was not regarded very highly in his inner circle. When Mary died, Jesus was saddened, but because Jesus had been instructed by the ascended masters for a very long time about what happens after death, Jesus also knew what would happen to Mary’s soul when she awoke in the spiritual world and the process of great knowledge began. Jesus was able to travel the spiritual world mentally, but he also knew that after Mary’s death all of Mary’s connections to her life on earth would be severed, so that she would still know everything, but the love that Mary and Jesus shared as human beings would not survive this ascent, because the death of a human being is also always the ascent into the spiritual world, which has so often been described but never understood. Mary ascended into the spiritual world, just as every other human being ascends into the spiritual world, but how far a human being ascends into the spiritual world always depends on personal development on earth. If a person has hardly developed at all because he does stupid and barbaric deeds, then the ascent after death is to be assessed differently than after the death of a person who has developed very far. This is a key moment that has hardly been grasped by you people on earth in the way we have just described in a few sentences. On the blog of the writer, this ascension has been described by us in detail down to the smallest detail. After his death, Jesus also ascended to the spiritual being that he still represents today. After the tragic death of Jesus, his consciousness awoke in his incarnation body in the spiritual world and when he awoke, he was still the Jesus of the earth. After some time, which can be interpreted as two or three earth days, the consciousness of Jesus matured so far through the constantly occurring realisations that you could say: Jesus has ascended to the being which he now represents in the spiritual world. Jesus is still the person from earth, but without a body and without the connections to life on earth. Jesus appeared to the followers after his death, but not on the worldly plane, but on the astral plane, because all the followers from his inner circle were also rewarded with abilities over time by the ascended masters and some contacted Jesus after his death. Many beings were present at this meeting and almost all of his followers were there, except for one person who was never rewarded by the ascended masters because he did not have the initial requirements to be considered worthy by the masters. Matthew had many qualities, but the quality of being a diligent apprentice was not his, so the ascended masters could not bring themselves to reward Matthew with abilities. The reason for the appearance and work of Jesus was to spread the information of the ascended masters throughout the world. Jesus was to be the One who could unite them all under his religion and first Jesus had to ensure that his followers were properly trained so that they could train new followers with the presented faith like a snowball system. Every level of teacher was trained by the ascended masters, but only the inner circle around Jesus got the most attention from the ascended masters, so it can be said: Jesus was the most powerful person in this religious movement and every level below him who acted as teachers of this religious community received less and less power from the ascended masters. The power always showed itself through extraordinary abilities, so that new comrades-in-arms always compete with their teachers to attain the same status as the teacher has. When the ascended masters still support spiritual movements today, they still do exactly the same. The founder of a spiritual movement always receives the greatest support from the ascended masters and the founder is usually raised to be a guru or a guru-like person. The founder of a spiritual movement becomes a guru only if he also has the right qualifications. Should such a person found a spiritual movement, then this guru will always ensure that a certain number of followers form his inner circle and the ascended masters will ensure that the right people will join this inner circle so that the spiritual movement can also gain proper momentum. When the inner circle of the guru has been trained so far in the direction of the spiritual movement, then these persons automatically receive power and thereby abilities through the ascended masters. The guru’s apprentices can now train apprentices themselves, but the inner circle can never become more powerful than the guru and the apprentices of the inner circle can never become more powerful than the inner circle. Thus the spiral of power continues and the further away an apprentice is from the guru or a prophet, the less power the apprentice can gain through training. The inner circle around a prophet or guru is always particularly important, so that the inner circle does not consist of people who have been attracted solely by the frequencies from the second energy body of the prophet or guru, but the ascended masters will make an effort to select the right people for the prophet or guru, so that this selection of special people can form the inner circle of the prophet or guru. The so-called disciples of Jesus were these persons and they formed the inner circle of Jesus. Mary, strictly speaking, did not belong to this inner circle because Mary herself was supported by spiritual beings and today you would think Mary was blessed by the spiritual world, but that is another story. When Jesus died, not the whole inner circle was with him, because strictly speaking none of his disciples were there and everything you seem to know about it has been spun together to impute martyrdom to Jesus, but Jesus’ death was not a martyrdom, but Jesus himself was more than surprised by it. We will now give a brief account of how Jesus died and what happened to the inner circle around Jesus. You know when Jesus was born and we would say that the time is correct by half a year. The death took place in the year 56 and the death took place approximately where it was described in your stories. Pontius Pilate did not order the death of Jesus, but a representative of the prefect of that city did. As there were many important rulers present at that time, the representative thought it was time to distinguish himself in this society, so he ordered his soldiers to search for and kill the troublemaker Jesus. However, the troublemaker was to be hunted down in a socially significant way and so he ordered his soldiers to kill Jesus in the presence of the important rulers and since the rulers had already heard a lot about this troublemaker, the death process of this troublemaker was also to be humiliating. The soldiers did not have to look far because Jesus was already quite famous at that time. When the soldiers sought out the company around Jesus, the disciples present tried to protect Jesus, but they were unsuccessful, so Jesus was taken into custody. At first, everyone present thought that Jesus was to be brought before a tribunal, but quite quickly they realised that the situation was much more serious than they had previously suspected. The company around Jesus knew where Jesus was to be taken, so they set off there. The ascended masters knew what was going to happen, but they were powerless against the ambition of the representative, so their efforts came to nothing. Jesus knew nothing of all this and it was only when he could read in the minds of the soldiers that his end was near that he also realised that it was inevitable. Jesus was taken to a forecourt and many people were present. Many followers of Jesus were also among them, even though they would hardly have admitted it publicly. The invited rulers could now witness the death of the troublemaker they had heard so much about. On the forecourt, some soldiers filled sack-like cloth with objects and sealed them. Eight soldiers stood in a circle around Jesus and they were to execute the sentence. Jesus was very afraid because he knew that he was about to be beaten to death. When Jesus was standing in the middle of the soldiers and the soldiers were beating him with the filled sacks, Jesus felt every blow exactly until he died, because the ascended masters were of the opinion that this experience would be helpful for Jesus, because his later growth would be increased by it. When Jesus was dead, he was buried in a place where lowly rabble found their final resting place. Jesus’ body lay there for a very long time because Jesus’ followers knew what would happen to them if they continued to stay in that place. Jesus’ body was never recovered and one day this place was used for another purpose, so his bones were buried together with those of the rabble in another place. The body of Jesus is like any other human body because relics do indeed have an effect on people of faith, but it is the person himself who provides it through his faith and not the relic itself. A poultry bone can provide for miraculous healings just as much as real bones of persons, because only the belief in it manifests something in the person that corresponds to his heart’s desire. Not all the disciples of Jesus were present when Jesus died, because never all the disciples wandered with Jesus, but sometimes all the disciples were present and sometimes fewer. Judas had something to do in another place, so Judas was not with the other disciples when they fled the city. Jesus was dead and the disciples split up, so two disciples travelled to Judas to tell him what happened. Judas was in Galilee and when the other two disciples arrived, the news literally struck him because he did not know until that moment that Jesus was dead. Judas was a wise man and he had received the envy of the other disciples because Judas always used his wits and did not just believe what Jesus revealed. Jesus and Judas had many interesting conversations in which the rest of the disciples did not follow after a certain point, so they were always envious of Judas. Judas and the other two disciples gathered many followers of Jesus around them and they taught many generations of them near the Temple Mount, who then founded later Judaism. The rest of the disciples settled in other places and since some of them have always suspected Judas of having something to do with the death of Jesus, many myths and rumours were started that reflect this today. In the next and last part of this series, we want to describe again the procedure of the ascended masters, because until now we have withheld important information from you, which makes the overall work of the ascended masters appear even clearer. 

Question: Why could the ascended masters not protect Jesus or warn him beforehand?
Because Jesus, like any other person, lives an independent life. The spiritual world will never approach a person on its own and obviously give warnings, but spiritual beings set signs that are either recognised or not. The ascended masters also have to abide by rules and when they tried to convince the city representative that the death of Jesus was not necessary, they fell on deaf ears because egoists and power-hungry persons do not perceive the voice within a person. Only conscious persons can be guided in this way. All other persons neither hear the inner voice nor recognise the signs we leave behind, so that this endeavour seemed futile. For example, we may not warn the writer if an aeroplane were to land on his house tomorrow, but we would leave clues for him to ask us about it. We are not allowed to divulge further information on this subject because the life of Jesus also holds information that is not allowed to be divulged to the public at this time.

Question: Did Jesus have no patron saints and are patron saints allowed to intervene in such a similar situation?
No, Jesus only had the ascended masters at his side. Only persons with special tasks are given a patron saint to guard the person’s life.

Question: Was Jesus not a person with a special task?
No, Jesus had agreed before incarnation to contribute to the betterment of society, but he had not taken on any special task, so although Jesus was allowed to be guided more than other people, strictly speaking he was only a simple man who founded a spiritual movement. His disciples are those who made a prophet into the Son of God, but Jesus was only a spiritual teacher who was just as human as any of these readers. If a person wants to fulfil a special task that was already determined before incarnation, then this person also receives at least one patron saint who will ward off many things that the task may entail. Only rarely are there defence mechanisms of a physical nature among them, so that patron saints for special people mainly nip in the bud mental attacks that can come at the person with the special task from many directions.

Question: Why was Jesus never married to Mary?
Mary was special and we also said that Mary herself was cared for by spiritual beings, so Mary was a person with a special task. Mary’s life was not easy because persons with special tasks first have to prove whether they are worthy to be allowed to fulfil the special task, so that Mary had to suffer many things before she could prove herself worthy. Mary was already married and believe it or not, in former times people had the decency to marry only once, so that Mary also never wanted to marry again. Mary was Jesus’ first wife and after Mary died, Jesus did not love any other woman either, so Jesus celebrated physical love only with Mary. Mary, on the other hand, had a libidinal past that was meant to prepare her for her special task. Mary was a person who could particularly stimulate the drive of men and her special task was to become the wife of a great world leader who was to fall for her, so that Mary could thereby bring change into society. This never happened, but Mary had to train her second energy body especially, so that she loved many men before Jesus. When Mary met Jesus, it was all over her and since the love of a person is the most powerful feeling, the spiritual world also had to realise that the special task of Mary could not take place, so that Mary fell for Jesus and Jesus fell for Mary. The writer is just wondering why Mary should wrap an influential man around her fingers if she was already married. He thought that if she was already married once, Mary would not marry again and that is so, but she was not supposed to marry the world leader, but to seduce him and wrap him around her finger, because married women also lived dangerously if they were the wife of an influential man. Almost everything went according to plan until she heard about Jesus and met him, so Jesus’ story is already impressive, but the love story of Jesus and Mary is much more grandiose, if we disregard the diligent attempts of the disciples after Jesus’ death. All your religions based on the faith of Judaism include the interpretations of countless people of the teachings of Jesus, which were actually spread by the disciples of Jesus. That is what the followers of a prophet or guru are for, except that Jesus would have needed a little more time to formulate his religion correctly so that they would have gone down in world history as records. After Jesus’ death, many people continued to falsify his revelations.

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