A0690: Why will the ascended masters make you experience spirituality? – Part 5

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We are telling you something today that we are sure you did not know, because these are revelations today that seem to be quite delicate. What do we mean by delicate, we ask ourselves? If the information can cause discomfort in a receiver of information. Who is the recipient of the information, we ask? That is you and we also think that the writer is also one of the recipients of information, because he knows that this blog entry will set something straight, but even the writer does not yet know what it is that is now coming to you as very delicate information. We told you at the very beginning, before we even started this series, that by the end of this series you will not be able to become religious or more spiritual because we will provide you with information that will nullify all the concepts that can strengthen the spirituality in you and to our great regret you will not be rewarded by the ascended masters because you will no longer be spiritual. We mentioned all of this in the last blog entry before this series and a few readers were not very happy about it because they still wanted to learn skills because the ascended masters reward people with skills who learn some kind of spirituality. All this is true, but we have not revealed all the information about it because we wanted to show something to the spiritual people among the readers and we have succeeded. Who among you hesitated to read more blog posts when they read our explanation before starting this series? All those people who really thought of skipping this series or turning away from the information on the blog are not worthy of being trained by us because they do not show the open-mindedness and dedication that we consider worthy of respect. All the people who have read this series with excitement and without hesitation deserve our respect and we tell you, you too will learn the skills you want to have. We told you, you can still learn these abilities because you have to do more for it than spiritual people, but this is actually not so because we have not told you something about us yet – the writer rolls his eyes again – because today we will reveal who we really are. We once told the writer that we were his masters and teachers to assist him in his life. There is nothing wrong with that, because we do that too, even if the writer has his doubts about it. Then we told you and the writer that we are the surrogates of the writer and that is also true because we are the other partial consciousnesses of the incarnation that incarnated into the body of the writer. We are, so to speak, the energy bodies of the writer because each energy body of the writer is inhabited by a partial consciousness of its incarnation. We said again and again that the writer is a spiritual being created in the spiritual world and this statement is just as true because the writer represents an incarnation that once in its existence had itself recreated from the energy of the 8th main plane, but we never said what kind of being we all represent. It is up to the writer to find out one day. So what does the writer have to do with the delicate information, the writer also asks? The writer is an embodied being and the incarnation has taken on a special task and this task has exactly to do with what the writer is doing at the moment. The writer puts down on paper the revelations that once Jesus and many gurus and prophets already received, only that the writer is very precise in not changing the revelations in his favour, but in bringing them to you in the way he already imagined it as an incarnation. There are the ascended masters and there is a counter-movement that was once summoned to earth because the Middle Ages were becoming more and more inhuman due to the erroneous beliefs of the ascended masters. The counter-movement does not have the capabilities of the ascended masters because we as a group consist only of spiritual beings, but we have one thing in common, we are allowed to give abilities to people who take our revelations seriously and the readers who did not hesitate when we started this very series on the ascended masters are rewarded by us. We are allowed to give exactly the same rewards to the believing people as the ascended masters, only that our believing readers are not spiritual or religious, but they are realists who want to understand what we reveal and do not accept the explanations as God-given without questioning them. The writer questions just about everything and when we explain something to him that has not yet convinced him, he always mentally raises his eyebrows and then we know we have to go much further with our explanations. The writer has no skills because we have ruined everything he has trained himself, to teach him that only the knowledge of the concepts is enough to believe in them, even if he does not like to say the word belief. When you understand our concepts and start programming crystals, for example, our group of many spiritual beings will start rewarding you for your efforts, depending on how far your understanding of our revelations has been understood. We have existed as a counter-movement to the ascended masters for quite a long time, but our interpretations of the knowledge from the spiritual world have only now managed to be perceived by you, and this was precisely the special task that the writer had taken on as an incarnation. Therefore, you do not have to fear that you will not be rewarded with abilities if you read our revelations, but quite the opposite, anyone who can deal with our revelations in depth and internalises the concepts behind them, because he does not want to follow dogmas but seriously wants to understand what the spiritual world is all about and how life on earth as well as in the spiritual world is shaped, has earned our greatest respect and we reward that just as also the ascended masters do. We would now like to announce that we are not fallen angels because there are no fallen angels. Again, this myth has something to do with the ascended masters who have ignited many a curious story with their interpretations of knowledge from the spiritual world. We report the information in the same way as Jesus first heard it, only that we do not have to take into consideration any patterns of belief, so that we can bring the knowledge of things to you in an unadulterated way that is quite comprehensible to you today’s people, and for this we are very grateful to this mediator of information. To those who hesitated or only later found faith in our information, we say the following: We do not exclude anyone so that you can also deal with spiritual issues and when you have understood the concepts of our revelations, we also reward you. We felt this information was delicate because we never know exactly how the writer will react to something like this. We will teach you many more concepts and perhaps the knowledge from this series will motivate you once again so that our group will reward you richly.

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