A0691: Where are the achievements of Atlantis still to be found today?

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If we want to talk about achievements, the first thing that comes to mind are the crystals that were programmed by the Atlantians. Many of these crystals have stood the test of time and if you find an ancient crystal that has been hidden somewhere for many millennia, it will be a Lemurian or Atlantian energy crystal that holds within it the signature of the programmers, because a creator of a crystal consciousness will always reveal much of themselves in the crystal, as everything is really stored in a memory crystal. You can connect to a prepared crystal and when you mentally walk through the rooms in the crystal that the spiritual beings have created for you in the crystal, then every single thought and feeling that came forth in you when you mentally searched the crystal is stored in the crystal as information. If you program the crystal because you want the crystal to glow a little, for example, then all your attempts to make the crystal glow are stored in the crystal as information. If you take the crystal a day later to program it again, you could theoretically see yourself making the crystal glow a little the day before because all that information was stored in the crystal when you were connected to it. What exactly would you theoretically perceive from this, we ask? Imagine the following situation and observe carefully what images arise in your minds. Suppose you are in your room and you pick up the crystal. You connect and program it. When you have finished, you marvel at the result and let’s say you have been able to make your crystal glow. If you now marvel at this situation again in your mind, you will perceive fewer and fewer details because your short-term memory only retains what made up the situation. A room; a crystal; you holding the crystal in your hands and a slight glow from the crystal. All of this is stored in your energy body as a memory package for a longer retention time. When you begin to relive the situation in your mind, these important memories are replayed in your mind. If you now think about what you were wearing when you programmed the crystal, you will not be successful at first and now your consciousness intervenes because it searches through the information in your energy body. It will initially only find the important fragments of memory and there it is not clear in self-awareness what you were wearing, so the consciousness digs deeper into the memory packets and when it finds frequency packets that seem to belong together, you begin to remember how you were dressed. You see, the short-term memory prepares energy packets for you to access, but everything else you perceive has also been stored within you as memory packets, but you have difficulty accessing them. When you connect to the crystal you will store all of your perceptions there and we also think you would be amazed to know what is stored there. Not only the situation you experienced in the crystal is stored there, but also your own perception. When you had to relive the above-mentioned observation, you played something that comes very close to your self-perception, because you always perceive yourself and your position in space as an unconscious self-perception. The time that this self-awareness takes to create such a memory package usually depends on what your state of consciousness is in that situation. When you connected with the crystal, so to speak, a small period of time before the connection was still part of this self-perception and therefore the time before the connection is also stored in the memory package. If the information from the short-term memory was stored as self-perception, then the crystal continues to receive all the detailed memories for the time of self-perception and thus the time before the connection with the crystal, as well as the time in the crystal, is stored as very detailed information in a crystal. If you have your crystal prepared by the spiritual beings and then use it for years, then not only will the last programs or mental achievements be contained there in that crystal, but each connecting with a crystal will have a short time before the connecting stored in detail, so that these connections can be viewed like a time film. The short-term memory will record real life with all its facets before a person connects with a crystal. So if you could theoretically access this data, you would perceive exactly where a person was in your physical world when they connected to that crystal and you could perceive a brief snapshot of people in your mundane world. You will get detailed information from it because all the details are there. If you find such an old crystal that was used by the Atlantians or the Lemurians, then you would perceive many achievements that these cultures already had at that time and even more, you could understand the people because their motives were also deposited in the crystal when they connected and did something with this crystal. Since there are main crystals that created the energetic sphere in the city-states, all the inhabitants were also constantly mentally connected to this main crystal, so that theoretically a present-day crystal programmer would be able to relive all the life in the city-states, if he knows how to get the information, and here the writer will certainly publish a lot of information on this one day when he acquires his abilities that make this possible. What can you find today that would point to Atlantis or Lemuria, we ask? Not much, because the Atlantians or Lemurians never had possessions in the true sense of the word, but they were provided with all the necessary paraphernalia, and since they maintained a form of society that did not produce status symbols, there was not much that was special and endured. When the city-state of Atlantis perished on the Giza Plateau because it was pulverised, there was nothing left to indicate this city-state and since abandoned city-states were always dismantled and not abandoned, nothing can be found there either. Anything that would point to New Atlantis is at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea off Cyprus because that’s where the island of New Atlantis sank because the New Atlantians did something they shouldn’t have done. At the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of Cyprus, lies New Atlantis at a depth of about 800 metres and there lies everything you will ever find of New Atlantis, even if it was not the original Atlantis. The original Atlantis was impressive but technological achievements you will hardly find there either because Atlantis was not a technological city, but in Atlantis on the Giza Plateau energy research was done that did not produce great technological achievements, but these Atlantians were traditionalists who promoted knowledge and stored it in energy crystals, for these are the extraordinary achievements of the Atlantians. The New Atlantians also did not make technological advances because the modern people on New Atlantis only cared about power and prestige. The New Atlantians did little research because they had crystals that held the knowledge of the Lemurians and Atlantians. All the knowledge they needed they could easily extract from the crystals, but they were only concerned with wielding power and accumulating wealth, which still lies today in the Mediterranean Sea off Cyprus. The treasures of New Atlantis will one day be recovered and the wealth of this city is immeasurable, but absolutely none of it was created by the New Atlantians, they only collected it, nothing more.

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