A0688: Why will the ascended masters make you experience spirituality? – Part 3

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When the ascended master chooses a person to instruct him in the art of spirituality, the person must have special qualities so that the ascended master can also work with the person. Ascended Masters never choose egoists as apprentices. By this we mean the nature of a person. If the person is an egoist by nature and if the person will go to any lengths to achieve his or her set goal, then no ascended master will begin to instruct that person in the art of spirituality, no matter how much influence that egoistic person has. If there are persons who are not selfish in nature, but society forces them to act selfishly, then such a person could be a future prophet or guru worth teaching. If a person is overly merciful and always thinks of other beings instead of himself, then that person is not worth teaching. If a person does not believe in anything and does not want to believe in anything, then the ascended masters would be only too happy to teach this person. This has to do with the fact that this person is to be regarded as an empty vessel in terms of faith, which can be trained without an existing faith having to be taken over into the training. All the great prophets were such persons who neither believed anything nor wanted to believe anything. These persons were not egoists, but they were not merciful either, so that we could say that these persons should never believe in anything, because they were mostly supposed to bring about something in a society and for that a faith would only be a hindrance. Why is there faith at all, we ask? So that a person can understand that life is not all that makes a person, but the work on earth will always have an effect on the spiritual being that makes a person in the spiritual world. When Jesus proclaimed his revelations it was precisely such information which he taught to his followers because he was more than convinced of it. Jesus was trained by the ascended masters and they taught him how they wanted spirituality to be spread as a faith on earth. Jesus was to become the prophet who would spread the one faith that has had already helped the beings on many planets to gather the native race under one faith so that the cohesion of the beings could be promoted. On other planets there is the faith as Jesus received it at that time, and this story we will tell truthfully in this and the next blog entry, adapting the dialogue so that you can take in the content in a way that you can understand. When Jesus was born, he was one of many children on earth chosen for a special task. Many incarnations declare their willingness before incarnation to do something for society in the bodily life. Because the person wants to do more than other incarnations, the masters and teachers of a person also have more powers through which they are able to support the person on earth so that the intended task can also be fulfilled. When ascended masters are present, they recognise these persons and depending on how the person’s level of maturity appears, such a person can be supported by the ascended masters. If a person is worthy of maturing into a prophet or guru, then the ascended masters will make a special effort for that person. If the spiritual world does not bring forth any objections that prohibit training by the ascended masters, then that person will be trained for years. In doing so, the ascended masters will proceed as follows. First, they will assist the person to become at peace in their environment. This means the ascended masters may manipulate beings in the chosen person’s environment so that the person does not appear distressed by outside influences. If the person appears to be pursuing a carefree life, then the ascended masters will introduce themselves to the person. Jesus was such a person and before he ascended to become a prophet, he lived a carefree life. When, at quite a young age, he heard that the spiritual world had something great in store for him, he was not at all enthusiastic about it because he felt that his previous life was perfectly adequate and did not want to achieve anything earth-shattering. How he received the news and how the further life of Jesus went, we will now give an abbreviated account. Jesus was 21 years old when a figure of light visited him in his hut. The figure of light did not simply appear, but the figure of light stood in front of his dwelling and Jesus’ attention was drawn to it. When Jesus noticed something standing in front of his dwelling, something shone into the dwelling that he could not explain, so he cautiously and fearfully looked to see what was causing the shining in front of his dwelling. Jesus went out and in front of him stood a person shining brightly. Jesus was startled and he was unsure what to do when the radiant person began the conversation with the following words.

“Greetings, I have come to teach you something you need for your future task. Do not look so frightened, have you not always known that you are called to more than this simple life? I have come to instruct you in the faith that is one and true. We are beings who have waited for you for a very long time, so that you may carry our words into the community, so that they may be repeated again and again. When you are ready, we will begin to teach you the secrets of life. What do you say we stride into your dwelling and consider what you can do next?”

Jesus stared at the enlightened man, not knowing what to say to that. The enlightened man strode towards Jesus and Jesus backed away, not trusting the apparition.

“We see the doubt in you and we also tell you that we only want good, you know that. If we wanted to cause you trouble, you would have already experienced bad things. Let us be together and discuss the task, then you will realise that we have nothing bad in mind“

Again the enlightened person walked towards Jesus and again Jesus backed away. When the ascended masters realised that they were not progressing in this way, the enlightened person said goodbye to Jesus and noted that they would return to discuss the task with Jesus. The enlightened man slowly dissolved before Jesus’ eyes. Jesus was quite shocked and at that time there was already something like a faith, but everything that seemed extraordinary was mostly attributed to evil spirits. Ghost cults were already widespread, but they were not uniform, so that cult practices and interpretations of the legends differed from place to place. Jesus did not believe what he experienced and hid his uncertainty from the other inhabitants around him. Jesus always knew that he must be destined for something else, but everyday life had a firm grip on him and the prospects of realising himself in anything other than weaving objects were more than uncertain. Jesus did not weave baskets, but engaged in something similar, which we can hardly convey to the writer in particular. Neither did Jesus live by the water, nor were his parents influential people, but Jesus lived an unremarkable life in his community. The village where Jesus lived at this time was not large and what Jesus did as work to exchange for other goods, many villagers did as well. Jesus thought about the incident in front of his dwelling for a few days and wondered what this figure wanted from him, when once again a shining person stood in front of Jesus’ dwelling. Jesus was still wondering whether he should go out at all, but his curiosity was now aroused and the ascended Master did a lot in advance so that Jesus would not react so distantly when he met him again. Jesus stepped in front of the dwelling and looked curiously at the enlightened person. The ascended master did not falter long and addressed the Jesus with the following words.

“Jesus, why do you still doubt? Do I look like a normal person to you? Won’t you invite me in so that we can quietly discuss your task?”

The luminous figure pointed to the dwelling and Jesus was divided as to whether it would be the right idea to let this enlightened person into his kingdom. However, Jesus decided to do so and they both went to Jesus’ dwelling. The hut was not big, but a small family would have found room in it. The wooden benches were not very comfortable, but people were used to that. The men sat next to each other and looked at each other.

“Jesus, we have a lot to share with you and we hope that you will accept your task. If you fulfil the task, we will see to it that you can visit many places, because you have much to tell then, which we will teach you in the years to come. We are beings sent by your Original Father to help you understand how the worlds are created, because everything has its purpose in this creation, including you, because you will be the one to explain to everyone why your world exists in the first place. We will teach you and you will have many opportunities to pass on the knowledge you have acquired. But first we would like to give you the opportunity to make a wish, so that you can carry out the task without worry. Jesus, what would you wish for in order to be able to fulfil your tasks in the coming years?”

Jesus did not think long and spoke.

“I already have everything I need, I wouldn’t know what my wish could be. That is why I cannot make a wish”

The ascended masters knew very well that Jesus will react like this, that is why they gave him his first gift. From that moment on, Jesus was able to perceive the thoughts of other people and Jesus received many more gifts that he could use wisely. We will reveal how the story of Jesus continues in the next part of this series. Jesus experienced many things and he also performed many of the miracles that are said to have been performed by him, but you have completely misunderstood the death of Jesus. All misunderstandings are based on the fact that after the death of Jesus, the followers of Jesus were in competition with each other and many myths and half-truths were invented to separate themselves from the groups of other followers of Jesus. Judaism arose from the revelations of Jesus and all the faiths based on them are delusions that have almost no relation at all to the teachings of the ascended masters, even today’s Judaism is riddled with delusions, although current Judaism still has the most in common with the revelations of Jesus, even if not many of them are still preserved in such a way that we can say they are authentic. Judaism, just like all other faiths, is doomed to perish one day because it moves further and further away from the actual teachings the more time passes.

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